Cast of Disney’s "Lemonade Mouth" flash mob Los Angeles Apple Store [video]

Over the Easter weekend, some of the cast of Disney’s Lemonade Mouth decided to turn up at the Apple Store in The Grove, Los Angeles and flash mob it. Flash mobbing is a newish craze that involves a group of people turning up at a location and performing an unusual act or performance without permission.

The routine, lead by Chris Brochu and Hayley Kiyoko, two of the film’s stars, organised the flash mob with 15 other friends and decided to capture the whole performance on video. They performed the song Determinate from the Disney Channel production Lemonade Mouth.

The video is after the break, take a look and enjoy the looks on the customers faces and Apple Store staff gently escorting them out of the building!



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DA BOSS  says:


Ethan says:

Naw, hipsters are critics who don't put themselves out there. All they're capable of is hate. Credit to those who try. This group did a great job, they look like professional dancers; wouldn't be surprised if they were.

B0o says:

No, hipsters and what's wrong with the world. If these were hipsters they would just start there and talk about how great the atari was and that it's outrageous that apple makes computers now.

scott says:

Some time later today, all of these people will suffer some form of "accident"......nobody does this to the Jobs......NOBODY!!!!!!

Antone says:

I actually thought this was awesome. Haha! Looked like fun. Guess I'm a stupid hipster. ;)

AK says:

Same, I think it's bangin!

Caballera says:

Yeah I think that would be pretty cool to have happen at just about any store.

mattglg says:

Were flash mobs ever funny or have they always just been a group of attention whores being annoying in public?

Gulli says:

this is what life is all about .... having fun
Well Disney and Apple store what should Jobs be mad about

Darkstar says:

Isn't "Lemonaide Mouth" one of those EPIC Super-Awesome college games you'd play on your passed-out drunk college buddies??? I'm fairly certain it is.

kirbini says:

Dude, I just spit coffee all over my keyboard. Now I gotta go to an Apple store. Thanks for that.

websyndicate says:

That was pretty cool. Cool that they would do it at the Apple Store.

George Lim says:

Am I the only one that really wanted to walk in the middle of the dance routine? "Sorry....I need to get to the iPads."
Notice, Apple gave them a good 3 minutes.

chris.lenderman says:

This is definitely staged. Blue shirts NOT being surrounded by old people asking them questions? What sort of Apple store is this?

john says:

the apple store didn't plan this

Scatabrain says:

Wow, some of you are so cynical. Just ignore the post if it's not for you. Silly trolls need to get a life - or go back to crackberry if you insist on flaming.
My kids love Lemonade Mouth and the Apple Store. I can't wait to show them when they get home tonight.

Samyuel says:

Yes ecause the term "hipster" needs to be used at all. Your hypocritical if your trying to label someone a hipster.
"Hip" in it's definition is nothing new. If your trying to be wholly unique don't, humans at the base level are very identical. But at small points they diverge and hold some individual uniqueness.
Anways sounds like they were having fun and put on a show for the kids.
Big whoop. Were you one one of the jailers back when the kids were "swinging?" @ Da Boss

DA BOSS  says:

No, but I heard you mom was! 

derrythe says:

I also thought this was pretty awesome. Nobody got hurt, and honestly it probably brought more people to the store than it may have driven off.

autumn says:

im a good actrus if you want to hirer me you can