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Why Apple's Notes sharing still has some work to do

Sharing a note in Apple's Notes is great and all, but it's still unpolished and needs more work before it can compete with the big dogs.

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How to manage your iCloud storage on iPhone or iPad

If you're limited on iCloud storage space, you can manually decide what app data you want, and what you don't.

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How to use iCloud Photo Sharing in Photos for Mac!

Using, sharing, and organizing your photos with iCloud is a lot easier than you think. Here’s how!

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How to recover deleted files using iCloud.com

If you delete something in iCloud on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, you can recover it within 30 days through iCloud.com!

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How to protect your private photos and personal data from being hacked

How do you protect your private photos and personal content from being hacked? With these security precautions!

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How to view and delete old iPhone backups on iCloud

You don't much for free iCloud storage (just 5GB), so don't let old device backups clutter it up and waste space! Here's how to delete old iCloud backups.

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How to save iCloud photos and videos so you can delete them from your iPhone

Here are a couple of tactics you can use to save your iCloud photos so you can finally delete them off your iPhone!

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How to access your iCloud Photo Library on the web

How do you access your Photo Library, and all your pictures and videos, from anywhere? With iCloud on the web!

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How to get lost iCloud contacts back on your iPhone

Why has my friend's contact info disappeared from my iPhone? You may need to resync your iPhone with iCloud.

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iCloud, App Store hit with service disruptions. Have you been affected?

An outage in Amazon Web Services is causing issues with a number of Apple services, including iCloud. Are you having any trouble?

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