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How to deactivate Find My iPhone on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

How do you disable Find My Friends—and Activation Lock—on an iPhone or iPad? Here are the steps!

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Do I still need iTunes Match if I have Apple Music?

Not technically — but you should back up your library all the same.

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How to control which apps have access to iCloud Drive in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra

You don't have to let apps sync data in iCloud. You can revoke access and keep everything stored locally if you want.

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Now you can get 2TB of iCloud storage for $19.99 a month

What's the maximum amount of iCloud storage you can get? The answer is 2TB. As of now.

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What iCloud storage plan should you get?

Which iCloud storage plan is right for your needs? Let's look at the options.

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How to redownload previously purchased audiobooks

You can at last redownload audiobooks that were previously purchased, but you'd never downloaded or backed up. We show you how.

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Apple Music FAQ: Everything you need to know

Apple music has now launched in Korea and Israel. Free three-month trials are available in both countries, just like previously-launched countries. Here's everything you need to know, including what's coming up in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra!

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How to use iCloud Music Library with Apple Music and iTunes Match: The ultimate guide

Apple Music has now incorporated iCloud Music Library's iTunes DRM-free matching into its subscription service. What is iCloud Music Library, and how does it help your music? Here's what you need to know.

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No, your Apple Music library wasn't deleted if you switched accounts to get Pokémon Go

Why did your Apple Music library disappear after you switched to a U.S.-based user account to play Pokémon Go? It didn't — you just need to switch back.

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Hacker behind iCloud leak of celebrity photos faces five years in prison

Edward Majerczyk — a hacker who used phishing scams to gain access to celebrities' iCloud accounts — has pleaded guilty, and will face up to five years in federal prison. Majerczyk was able to access over 300 Gmail and iCloud accounts, and at least 30 accounts belonging to celebrities.

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