CES 2010 Says Apple Zone Definite, Apple Itself... Dunno.

No sooner to rumors sprout that Apple may have abandoned Macworld only to show up at CES next year, than the CEA decides to pour some miracle grow on them. Says CNet:

Jason Oxman of the CEA confirmed Saturday that the group "dedicated a special area at the 2010 CES to Apple-related CE manufacturers." That immediately sets up an alternative for companies thinking about exhibiting at Macworld 2010, which will not have Apple present for the first time in 12 years.

No word on Apple itself actually attending of course (Dieter thinks it will never happen), but with Macworld sending out free early-bird registration offers already, this could be a way to try and lure in Mac- and iPhone-centric third parties very much on the fence about 2010.

Who would still go to Macworld if CES gets its Apple on next year?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

CES 2010 Says Apple Zone Definite, Apple Itself... Dunno.


What is apple upto? It better be sonething good. And sorry if I sound silly but what does CES stand for?

Of course, CEA is going to open an Apple Zone and try to snare some Apple exhibitors. Who wouldn't, now that Apple is leaving the MacWorld show.
As for Danny R, another misconception. MacWorld is owned by IDG, and NOT Apple. Apple does not sponsor conventions, never has, never will.

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