Apple Making Smaller, CDMA-Compatible "World Phone" for Verizon, Launching Q3 2010?

iPhone Nano Concept

Is Apple making a smaller, CDMA-compatible "world phone" for Verizon, and readying it for Q3, 2010? Maybe. And TiPb's sure this "report" coming out on Droid Day is purely coincidental, given Google and Verizon's moment in the sun. AppleInsider, however, claims a new report, with the prerequisite "sources in Taiwan" (SiT) say it's so:

Qualcomm's new hybrid CDMA/WCDMA chip offers the potential for a single, global iPhone that users can take to any major carrier, solving the network fractionalization problem. It also solves other issues that had served as roadblocks, including the issue of user confusion that would result from Apple selling separate CDMA and GSM/UMTS versions of the iPhone.

And that it will have a smaller 2.8 inch screen to go with it. (We make fun in the concept picture above, because we had such lingering hopes for a 480p iPhone HD...) With the Android Droid, Windows Mobile HD2, and even the BlackBerry Storm2 going for bigger screens and pixels, however, we're hoping Apple doesn't trend completely the other way...

Since it's only a rumor, however, and a suspiciously timed one at that, we recommend you take it with a full iPhone-sized grain of salt... but let us know what you think!

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Reader comments

Apple Making Smaller, CDMA-Compatible "World Phone" for Verizon, Launching Q3 2010?


I don't approve. Smaller phone? Strike one. Keep it coming, Apple. The Verizon part I MIGHT approve of if they do not become greedy whores that want branding all over the phone and a huge cut of all the profits. We will see....

Would be a great move for Apple. 1 phone, all required technologies for all large carriers. Downsizing is a good move as well. HD on a screen that small is not cost effective and should not be the direction of a PHONE. Creating a smaller screen on the iPhone will gear it towards being more of a multi-functional phone and give room for the iPod Touch to be more of a gaming device, which is exactly what Steve Jobs said their plan was...Make the iPod Touch a gaming device. IMHO this would be a great move and would make me want BOTH an iPhone and iPod Touch, where as now the iPod Touch is really just an iPhone without the phone. Follow this with an HD video camera in the iPod Touch and then we will be talking! Do it Steve!!!!

I think if Apple was creating a phone or tablet for Verizon, they would have prevented Verizon from releasing the "map for that" commercials. Why would they let Verizon dis their future partner

A smaller iPhone will absolutley never happen. Ever. If anything they will go for a larger screen and make it HD. And I hope they do it too.

One version for all networks - sound OK
Smaller version - No way.
If it doesn't fit on a TomTom car kit it's not made from Apple. Remember, Apple helped TomTom design this accessory and IMHO it is the only "not cable" accesory in the world compatible without any adapters with all Apple OS devices. My guess is that it will stay that way

I hope they dont make it smaller. I already have a hard time not dropping it with my big hands. I prefer cases that are thicker so it gives me more to grab onto. Id say that a larger screen would be a better plan for iphone if any change in size at all. Now making the phone compatible with any network. That makes sense. Then maybe att would stop complaining about heavy network load from iphone users because iphone users would be more spread between the different networks.

guys.. why don't you think of the 2 iphones beside each other ... a large pro one with larger screen (maybe bigger than the current) with HD .. beside the smaller one which will have a big market for people not preferring a large screen, that's how we will start to see family of iphones , like that happened to the ipod ..

Not sure how I feel about this. Great it would be on Verizon's network approx. September 2010 but smaller? I've been waiting for an iPhone for 2 years and come to find out that it may not be a full sized one. Boo! I've used friends iPhones in preparation of getting one February 2010 and love the screen size. Plus, if this turns out to be a false report and I stay with Verizon with the hopes I'll see an iPhone I could be paying a heavy early termination fee.

I love the people waiting for the iPhone to come to another carrier. "Apple!! Pick me pick me!" lmao!! I'm gonna be so upset if I stay with Verizon and they don't get the iPhone.
If you live in an area with good coverage what are you really waiting for. I get 2,100 download where I'm at and I never drop a call. It all depends on where you live. And I'm 30 minutes from San Francisco. So yea there are alot of people here. The main complainer are people that got the phone with no cell towers within 20 miles of their house. These people love in a town with 5,000 people 1 gas station and 2 red lights and they want blazing 3G speed. AT&T you suck why don't I have 3G in my town that's not even on a map?

Yes. I live in the 98th largest MSA so AT&T does not work for me. Alltel did which means now Verizon does. I cannot wait until I can get the iphone on Verizon. This is GREAT news for me!

Where I live, AT&T's other way to put it...SUCKS!! I "test drove" Verizon back in the Summer and they blew AT&T outta the water signal wise.
An iPhone on Verizon's network would be my dream come true. I would be back with them and GLADLY sign a 2 year contract and wouldn't even give it a second thought!! That would be the best of both worlds for me!

@BZinIL doesn't apple constantly "dis" MS in all its commercial yet does business with them and allows its software to be used on Apple products. If windows is so crappy why allow macs to run it as well? Because it makes business sense which that's why.

omg are you serios cool it will be a lil wired but i gess thats smart lol i still like it but i love the i phone the originel one yup well idk

apple making a phone for verizon will never happen unless verizon switches over to gsm as long as they stay cdma it would be stupid for apple to tend to one phone company when they are doing just fine without that company making millions of dollars and selling millions of phones... why waste your time making a phone for the few companies that want to stick with cdma when the majority have already been smart enough to go to gsm...

Q: "Apple Making Smaller, CDMA+GSM iPhone for Verizon, Launching Q3 2010?"
A: No. Hype Article Fail.