The Competition: Palm Releases webOS Mojo SDK to Pre Developers

palm webos mojo sdk

Kudos to Palm for getting a webOS SDK out to Pre developers so quickly, and for the sheer genius of making web 2.0 standards like CSS, HTML, and Javascript, ubiquitous all, the major toolset.

There's a long road ahead to catch up with the iPhone's 56,000 apps, 100,000 registered developers, and 1.5 billion downloads, but that road would have been infinitely has Palm gone with more complicated development model.

Sure, hardcore gamers may have to wait for native access to write their racers to the metal, but anyone familiar with the 80/20 rule knows that for this market, at this time, webOS and web standards development was smart play.

Bring on the fart apps -- I have dibs on flashlight!

background: #fff

There. Done!

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The Competition: Palm Releases webOS Mojo SDK to Pre Developers


There's one thing missing. Sales. The iPhone is successful as a platform because it has huge reach and reasonable market share. So far the palm pre had nowhere near that. I won't waste time developing for such a small platform.

If it's easy to develop for, developers will be there, even on a relatively small platform. Not ALL developers will develop for it, but it will be enough to drive some more Sprint customers to the Pre, like the App Store has done for iPhone carriers. I want to see the Pre succeed, the more success phones like the Pre, iPhone and Android have the more companies will open up their platforms and the more companies like Apple, Palm and Google will have to expand their platforms to compete making things only better for the consumer.