Court documents show off early kickstand iPad, skinny iPhone prototypes

Court documents show off early kickstand iPad, skinny iPhone prototypes

Apple experimented with an iPad with a kickstand, a super-skinny iPhone 4, and several other variants that have, up until now, not seen the light of day. The concepts come via court documents related to Apple and Samsung's ongoing legal dispute, and Bryan Bishop from The Verge has rounded them up for easy viewing.

Of particular note are multiple iterations of the iPad featuring different types of kickstands, what appears to be a 16:9 model with wide handles on either side, and an eight-sided iPhone with diagonal corners. Many of the iPad prototypes also feature "iPod" on the back, perhaps giving insight into Apple's early naming considerations.

Check out their gallery to see the assortment, then come back and let us know which are your favorites -- good, bad, and ugly.

Source: The Verge

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Reader comments

Court documents show off early kickstand iPad, skinny iPhone prototypes


Im glad they released what they did, because every one of those prototypes are UGLY!!! Oh did anyone see the longer iPhone? Like the one that has been rumored.

So it would be funny if the dialog went like this....

Judge: Apple, can you show the court how you came up with the iPad?
Apple: Sure. (pulls out list of prototype photos.
Judge: Samsung, can you show the court how you came up with your tablet?
Samsung: Uhm...sure. (pulls out a photo of the iPad).

LOL. Ok, I honestly don't care who copied the most. I really just wish the litigation would stop. But I thought it would be funny if the dialog happened similar to the above.

I agree. who cares who is copying who. But honestly, was there really any copying? You have a screen. You want to put it on a "tablet"( which is not new by the way. The tech just wasn't there until recently). You want to give it a "bezel" (which on paper is called a "margin") so you can hold it without covering the content. Screens are black when it's off. Paper is white when it's blank. So you made the whole thing black..
Guess how obvious decisions made it look? No one thinks this could have happened without copying? Let's say it was copied. Who cares?
I don't understand why people cheer on Apple in these lawsuits. The only ones benefiting are Apple shareholders. If Apple succeeds in litigating their competition away, you won't be very excited to buy the next iPhone. The features will trickle out without other options on the market. Monopolies hurt consumers.
I own both Apple and Android products. I would much (MUCH) rather they duke it out with increasingly better "copied" products than in the courts. That would mean we get more and better features; faster and at a lower cost. I love my gadgets. I'm sure many here do as well.
Apple needs to lose in the courts. Apple needs to stop with this patent nonsense so we, the non-shareholders, can win too.
Btw, the Ford Model T had 4 wheels and a steering wheel.

About 18 months ago a chap at the pub pulled out a strange folding metal gadget, then placed his Blackberry PlayBook on it to read an article. Yet, virtually every tablet designer on the planet left out this obvious facility.

Even a little company like Archos realise the value of an integral kickstand and different size options, they have been doing sane things like that for years. F*** me - Even Microsoft managed to integrate a kickstand into the Surface design (then made a disproportionate song and dance about it, as if they had just discovered gravity). Some of the technology worlds favoured sons need to go back and read design 101.