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Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple iPhone 5s

Jurors in the latest legal battle between Apple and Samsung will be allowed to see a video that demonstrates the patentability of different elements of Apple's products, despite objections from Samsung. The video shows people in various situations using features of iOS devices in ways that demonstrate a feature's novelty. Judge Koh overruled Samsung's objection without a stated reason. A similar video was shown to the jury in the original Apple vs Samsung trial in 2012. FOSS Patents:

Samsung had objected to Apple's proposal to show to jurors a Federal Judicial Conference video that shows people using Apple products and highlights Apple products in the context of patentability criteria such as novelty. Samsung argued that the previous version of that video, which was shown to the summer 2012 Apple v. Samsung jury in the same district, should be used because it can serve the same purpose without being prejudicial to Samsung. But late on Sunday, Judge Koh overruled this objection, without citing any reason.

Do you think that this video should be shown to the jury, or do you feel that it is prejudicial? Sound off below in the comments.

Source: FOSS Patents

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Taz89 says:

I do think it's a bit silly to show a video to the jury which highlights 1 of the companies as innovative.. Surely that will play in the back of the minds of the jury panel.

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Oletros says:

PErhaps it is better not to show it, it is one thing less to use in an appeal

Dev from tipb says:

Of course it is prejudicial - it shows one of the claimants an example of how the agency under consideration operates.

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