Daily Tip: How to create a multiplayer game via Game Center

Getting into iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad gaming and curious how to start a multiplayer online session with your friends? iOS has become a huge platform for gaming so it comes as no surprise Apple created Game Center to fill just that multiplayer need. Hit the jump to find out how to get in on the action!

Setting up Game Center

First you'll need to create a Game Center ID if you don't already have one. Simply register via the app. Now you're ready to add friends. You can search for them via their e-mail address too. If you want random opponents, you can choose that option as well. Or if you're looking for new friends, check out our TiPb Game Center ID thread in our forums.

Creating a multiplayer game

This is where some users seem to get confused. You won't actually create a multiplayer game via Game Center. You'll create it through the actual game app you want to challenge someone in. In Fruit Ninja, for example, one of the game modes is multiplayer. Once you select that, you can choose to play a random opponent or you can send an invite to a friend. It will load all your Game Center friends in-app. Your friend must also have the app installed.

You can see what gaming apps you and your friends have in common within Game Center. Simply choose your friend and see what games you have in common. If the game supports multiplayer, you can then proceed to the app of your choice and invite them to battle!

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Reader comments

Daily Tip: How to create a multiplayer game via Game Center


For some reason I can't start a game of fruit ninja with a friend, I select the person and then they accept the request but it stays saying connecting on my iphone and waiting for player to start the game on the other persons iphone. anyone have any suggestions?

Game Center definitely has its quirks. It isn't xbox live and the reliability just isn't there. it could be yours or someone else's internet connection causing issues too.
I connect with some people, even on Fruit Ninja, almost instantly, while others it takes forever or just times out altogether.

Yea, I think the Game Center is super flaky. I can invite a friend 10x's and it may work twice, the other times it just hangs at waiting for player to start game.