Cupertino posts rendering, plans for Apple's new "mothership"

Renderings of Apple's new proposed Cupertino headquarters/mothership has posted a bunch of PDF files pertaining to Apple's very Pixar-flying-saucer-esque new headquarters, planned for the old HP lot they acquired. The building, formed like a giant ring with apricot orchards, massive underground parking, and room for 20,000 employees, will make use of the same kind of leading edge design and manufacturing Apple has used for everything from their products to their Apple Stores, especially in constructing those huge, rounded glass panels.

It also looks like it might be able to detach and break earth orbit if our world ever becomes too aesthetically displeasing to Apple.

If you haven't already, watch the ( via @havvac]

[gallery link="file"]

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koolguy442 says:

Apple is putting it's hat into the proverbial and real ring to try to find the Higgs boson, I suppose?

Ben says:

Groundbreaking Apple well done. Take a look at GCHQ in Cheltenham UK.

d2globalinc says:

Good to see Apples HQ will reflect the ego's of Apple users and its leader.

Robert Wilke says:

The windows are actually transparent aluminum. On Dec 21st 2012 It will light up and levitate to our returning knowledge givers to bid them welcome. "All is prepared."

siddo_d says:

That Looks Like The GCHQ In The UK (Uk Version Of Pentagon)

Guest says:

Good to see Apple putting their cash to good use instead of wasting it on silly things like reinstate any charitable programs after Jobs axed them all in 1997 because money was tight.

Guest2 says:

Oh come on. Give money to Obama's election campaign would be considered......oh, never mind. :-)

Aaron Vorbau says:

just south of wolfe rd between homestead and 280 is where i remember reading. but i thought that was sunnyvale land.

Tina Vane says:

that must of been what that crazy ass Louis Farrakhan was speaking about...gags