Current Generation iPods Being Discontinued in Preparation for September Music Event and Next Generations?

Late 2008 new iPod Lineup

Ars Technica brings word that supplies of current generation iPods are running low, with no new deliveries in sight. How convenient, then, that Apple's annual Music Event, focused on iTunes and the iPod, is just around the corner, presumably on September 9th?

Just over a week to go!

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Reader comments

Current Generation iPods Being Discontinued in Preparation for September Music Event and Next Generations?


The new iPods are extremely minor to me as well. I'm hoping for iPhone 3.1 and AT&T MMS. I am curious to see if they put a camera on the iPod classic or nano (I don't like the idea) but none of that would influence me to buy an iPod. 16 GB is plenty for me on my iPhone, I just shuffle my music around so it's always different.

i'm looking forward to buying an ipod touch and i was looking though the rules for buy a mac get an ipod deal. and turns out you have to buy them before or on sept 8. if you put that with the presumed music event isn't apple trying to empty thier supply for the new ipod's on the 9th ?

@gabcas good point. Unless they pull now you see it, now you don't, until Who knows really, it could just be the cutoff day in general. Most schools have started, or will in the upcoming days. But again you've got a good point.

Does that mean on Sept 9-10 we'll be able to buy the new generation iPod touch? Because I was going to purchase a gift for a friend of mine, but if the new models will not be available anytime soon and if the current models will be discontinued within this week, then I will get the current generation. I will appreciate any feedback you guys might have.

@mikev: I'm sure your friend would apreciated having a late birthday present if it was a BRAND NEW IPOD that's only been out for like one day. So yes I would say wait.
I am getting the 64GB iPod touch!!! Camera (video too), GPS and compass are all things I want to see. Also where can I get live updates about the conference or a live video stream??? That would be great. Also I'm in the UK and 10AM america is like 6PM here. Will I have to wait until 10th for my iPod???? I hope not.

@BenPIckering: Thanks for the feedback; "Wait for the new iPod" it is then :)
With the 3GS almost in every Apple Fan Boy's hand, I'm sure someone will manager to do semi-live coverage of the event.

Target's inventory computer lists all models as discontinued and has for a while now. There's a rush of the clueless storming everywhere for iPods and I feel sorry for them when they buy what little we have available.