Cydia 1.1 update now live!

The new Cydia update we've all been anticipating for a while now is ready for your jailbreaking entertainment! Cydia 1.1 can be had by simply launching Cydia and letting the packages refresh. It should then notify you that an upgrade is available. Simply select complete upgrade and let it do its thing!

The new features of Cydia 1.1 are as follows:

  • Speed improvement, such as with “Loading Changes”
  • Memory usage has decreased
  • Much improved search algorithm
  • Lets iOS run Activator, libstatusbar, and SimulatedKeyEvents while Cydia is running

All you jailbreakers out there, get your Cydia on and let us know what changes you're noticing in the comments!

Thanks Dave for the tip!

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Reader comments

Cydia 1.1 update now live!


I'm worried cydia isn't showing 4.3 saved for me, I just thought it wasn't updating but it shows on my friends phone. Hopefully 4.3.1 will be sufficient!

It often doesn't show up in Cydia for weeks, don't worry. But with TinyUmbrella you can check whether Cydia's server has your SHSH on file.

Just installed on my iPhone 4. (iOS4.2.1). Running fast and it's smooth as butter! They also did some tweaks to UI! Love it!!

So I open Curia and don't receive any notification to update. Hopefully it will come later.

Installed. runs nice and smooth, i love the font while installing an app, so clear and legible.
very nice and fast. :) worth the wait!

OK : Answers to my own post earlier :I was scesucsful doing jailbreak of IpodTouch 2G finally. The Windows version did matter in my case. While trying to do it on Vista it did not work. I tried on Windows XP, it works. I did install the latest version of itunes on the PC where I tried jailbreaking scesucsfully (I am not sure if it mattered).Next for guys who had questions about rebooting at the final stage, it takes about couple minutes and you will not see blank screen but Jailbreaking process going on written with an image of a harddisk or something on you iPod Touch screen.Good Luck guys !!!

try this:
open mobile terminal
type su
then enter password when prompted (default: alpine)
then type:
apt-get update
Mine worked :/

If it is just taking a while let it do it's thing. Mine took about 10 minutes to do the whole refresh process.

I downloaded it and my phone won't get out of safe mode! I don't know what to do now :( Any suggestions?

hey can someone plseae help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE, when i download the frimware the is required by redsnow, i cannot find the ipsw file, just frimware folder9nothing in there except for im3 files) anditunes perferances the dont work, i downloaded this again from other sites and the same thing happens, WHAT AM I DOING WRONG??? I AM PEFECTLY FINE IF I DID SOMETHING STUPID, I KNNOW I AM =)