The Daily event meta live blog

Apple and News Corp will be holding The Daily event today at 11am EST and we'll be following along, recapping the coverage and offering TiPb's unique color and commentary. We'll kick off a few minutes before the event. Join us!

The Daily Event live stream

Meanwhile, what do you expect? Any surprises?

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The Daily event meta live blog


I expect boredom. Lots of boredom. It may be profound, but it'll be boring.
The tech press don't find this stuff interesting. They want to be dazzled with silicon and cloud convergence type stuff. Newspapers and journalism, not so much.

How hard would it be for apple to give us some space to store files on our devices that all apps can access, I was playing with my old Dell Axim x3 with windows mobile 2003 and I miss having access to a file manager

It looks like just another magazine/newspaper app to me. I'm not bothered about all the whizzy multimedia and multitouch stuff.
I would like to be able to choose subscriptions or one-off purchases from an almost complete selection of national and local publications - newspapers and magazines alike - and then have it automatically download the content overnight as it becomes available.

I doubt you are going to be able to choose from a complete selection as you want, because of the way this appears stuctured. While it seems the Daily will download content overnight, as far as i know there is no public API for that, which implies that sort of functionality will only exist for apps co-written (or at least blessed beyond the regular SDK agreement) by Apple.