How to buy more iCloud storage space

Backing up multiple devices or maybe you want to keep a copy of your Camera Roll and the tons of videos that come with and, and you're wondering how to buy more iCloud storage to contain it all? Well you the good news is, Apple makes it incredibly easy.

  • First off go to Settings on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  • Tap on iCloud in the left hand column

  • Tap on Storage and Backup

  • Tap on Buy More Storage

  • A new box will now open up offering your three options.

You can now select to increase your storage to 10GB, 20GB or 50GB per year. Once you select one, you will be billed for that year; although Apple will offer refunds within 15 days or purchase. The picture above shows the costs in UK Pounds. The US equivalent will be $20, $40 and $100 a year.

A point to note, before you go for extra storage. Any music, apps, or iBooks that you bought through iTunes is stored for free in iCloud, as is your Photo Stream. So make sure you really need more before upgrading from the free option.

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Reader comments

How to buy more iCloud storage space


idk if its me but all i keep getting is an unknown error occured. i am trying to purchase it through credit on my itunes account

Omg!!! How stupid can people be? Go buy a 2 TB external and manage your own backups fir crying out loud.
There is no such thing as "the cloud"!!!! There just 2 options (1) my hard drive and (2) some one elses harddrive.
Why would you trust your precious data on someone elses harddrive? If you do that, how about putting some if your cash in my bank account. Lol

Good lord was that rant ignorant. You might use that storage space to use the iTunes Match feature for music not purchased through iTunes to always have acccess to your entire music library on an iOS device.
Dude with a 2 TB external HD.

idk if its me but all i keep getting is an unknown error occured. i am trying to purchase it through credit on my itunes account

Yep, guess there isn't enough news or tips and nothing that they can pull from other blogs to report so they are taking each others postings and tips and copying those as well.
Suppose it makes it fills the screen with more of the same.

You're right, it's easy. But it's just too expensive to make me want to take all my songs (150 gb) and store them on the cloud right now. I like the idea just not the price.

that's why i put it on google. I don't even use google music but when i saw what apple was charging i figured screw it. In my spare time i'll upload stuff in hopes that in the future Google either grandfathers me in for free, or offers it to everyone for free. I figure how often do they take stuff away from people they let upload stuff? Funny though. i still never use google music. uploading is a pain though

they should give you 50GB free forever like
but honestly, i'm never gonna pay a monthly fee to access music i can get free locally or by streaming with audiogalaxy, subsonic, of google music.
I put about 70 GBs on google music and i still got 6K songs worth of space left. so far it's free. for that same amount on iCloud that's more then $100 bucks a year. The backsups are fine but i don't need it and the others services like bookmarks and contacts shouldn't take up a ton of space but for things that need all the storage i'm just not a big fan. I just don't have money to burn. Free is where it's at for me. And icloud is not free. I expect that when i get my iphone soon i'll use other more affordable services and whatever in icloud is free. But that's it.
Not to mention. i'm gonna get a 64gb version because i'd rather have a lot of music locally anyways.

They should give 64gb iOS device owners more free space in the icloud. Only stands to reason they'd have more to back up.

For me i use my ipod a ton so music is hugely important feature. I podcast daily rather then radio so that's big. I have about 130 GBs of audio but some of it are audiobooks, lectures, and some other stuff i don't need everyday. But i do want tons of music locally, plus i'll want a buffer for when i take videos in hd, for pics, and for apps.
The thing about cloud for streaming music is i'm not that fond of the idea of the data charges associated with streaming music. Plus i hit dead spots all the time so i'm not always getting data so i'd hate to be without. So i will always want local storage until i can stream cheap.
i just through out the 50gbs cause that's what the competition is doing.

lol. nothing. hey it's their choice to price it how they want and my choice to use it or not. I've had a PC for more then a decade cause i didn't find a Mac worth it. Just a choice.

You're not paying for ridiculously overpriced storage space, you're paying for the ability to boost your collective ego and boast about how wonderful Apple's latest 'innovation' ("strategy") is, which if you're even the most basic of 'average' end users means you will have had to pay for additional storage space because even my pet cat/dog use more HDD space than the default limit.
Oh, that of course is in addition to the reason Apple's significant shifts in strategy are always successful, everyone of the herd (myself included to some degree) wants to be 'in the band' and inline with the times.
Actually, can't say I see myself using iCloud anytime soon though.

Nope, you're just the only one that didn't read the part about it having to be purchased through Apple to not be counted.

I agree Diamond. Plus when I try to initiate my iCloud, it won't accept my Apple ID, so I guess I'll take that as a sign to look for a free or at least inexpensive alternative. Lovin' my 4S btw.

for me it's just about my money and my usage. Some people will find it excellent. It's just not ideal for me. Other's i'm sure it will be fine.

Another option is get a Network attached Storage hard drive hook it up to your network. Or get a goflex satellite drive that's transmits wirelessly to your device.