Daily Tip: How to extract Apple's default iPhone and iPad icons in Xcode

Daily Tip: How to extract default icons with UIKit-Artwork Extractor

Wondering how to get your hands on the PNG files Apple uses for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad interface icons? If you're a developer running Xcode and for some reason you can't use the default controls but want your custom controls to look just like them, you're in luck, UIKit-Artwork Extractor by 0xced will get you everything from the action button to the trash can, Emoji to the glossy effect.

UIKit Artwork Extractor extracts all the artwork and emoji symbols contained in UIKit into png files.

In order to extract Retina Display @2x high resolution images, choose the Hardware > Device > iPhone 4 menu in the iPhone Simulator.

The png files are saved into ~/Desktop/UIKit Artwork Extractor-version where version is the SDK version.

Really clever. Hit the link below to grab it, and let me know how it works for you.

[UI-Artwork Extractor via @marcoarment]

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Reader comments

Daily Tip: How to extract Apple's default iPhone and iPad icons in Xcode


Can you upload the png's or the names because I'm making a full theme and I need to edit the png's. With them, I can make an awesome newly themed iOS 400.2.1

if anyone knows how copyright issues play in here...im also interested.
very new to this and didn't know what to do once I followed the link to the extrator and downloaded the package
persevered and finally figured it out,
to use this:
-download the package
-open in xcode, once it is open
-run the simulator
-you will see the screenshot above.
works like a charm.