Daily Tip: How to do FaceTime over 3G via iPhone personal hotspot

Have an iPhone and and another iOS device like iPad 2 or iPod touch 4 and curious how to use personal hotspot to place a FaceTime video call over 3G? We showed off the feature in our TiPb TV iPad tourist video and mentioned it as a bonus in our how to connect your iPad to iPhone personal hotspot tip, but enough of you wrote in to ask about it we figured we better feature it in a tip of its own. And we're doing just that after the break!

While you can't do a FaceTime call on an iPhone 4 or iPad 2 over 3G, for some flummoxing reason you can turn on personal hotspot on iPhone 4, connect to it on another iPhone 4, iPad 2 or iPod touch 4, and make all the FaceTime calls you like. Here are the steps and each one is a link to previous step that gives you more info.

  1. Turn on personal hotspot on your iPhoneWireless Hotspot feature in iOS 4.3
  2. Connect your iPhone 4, iPad 2 or iPod touch 4 to the personal hotspotDaily Tip: How to connect your iPad to iPhone personal hotspot
  3. Launch FaceTime and start your video call!

The quality is good, better in fact than I remember it being with Jailbreak 3G enablers for whatever reason (though Jailbreak doesn't require a second device). Just remember to keep an eye on your iPhone's battery life and data cap!

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