Daily Tip: How to make a FaceTime video call

Daily Tip: How to initiate a FaceTime call [Beginner]

Just get a new iPhone 4 or iPod touch (2010) and curious how make a video call with FaceTime? There are several different ways to initiate a FaceTime call: you can do so from contacts or messages, during a voice call, or speak the command with Voice Control. One thing to keep in mind is that you must be connected to WiFi in order to use FaceTime. To find out how, follow us after the break!

Initiate a FaceTime call via Contacts

  • Open Contacts
  • Select the contact you would like to have a FaceTime call with
  • Scroll to the bottom of the contact info
  • Tap FaceTime

Initiate a FaceTime call during a phone call

  • Start a phone call
  • Tap FaceTime from the call screen

Initiate a FaceTime call via Messages (iOS 4.2)

  • Open Messages
  • Select the conversation with the contact you wish to have a FaceTime call with
  • Scroll to the top of the conversation (tap the time at the top of the screen)
  • Tap FaceTime

Initiate a FaceTime call with Voice Control (iOS 4.2)

Add a FaceTime contact to your favorite

  • Open Contacts and select the desired contact
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap "Add to Favorites"
  • Select the appropriate phone number/email address
  • If the phone number is not already on your Favorites list, then you will be prompted to select Voice Call or FaceTime. Select FaceTime.
  • If the phone number is already on your Favorites list, then it will automatically be added as a FaceTime call
  • FaceTime favorites will be marked with a movie icon

Bonus Jailbreak tip: My3G can let you FaceTime over the 3G network when you're not on Wi-Fi. Just keep an eye on your data usage!

There you have it! You are now ready to have a FaceTime conversation with your friends and family. Keep in mind that the recipient must also have an iPhone 4 or an Apple ID associated with an iPod touch (2010) or have installed the beta for FaceTime for Mac. Now go, have fun!

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Daily Tip: How to make a FaceTime video call


I do wonder if those new servers in NC would be used for a QIK like service where you could stream a facetime call over the air on to facetime.com (or a comparable website ) where ANYONE can view and not just apple iPhone owners.

Okay, since you guys brought up the subject here's a question I still haven't found an answer to:
I know that you can easily switch from a regular voice phone call to FaceTime -- but is there any way to switch back to voice once you're done, um, facetiming…?! There should be, but it seems that the only way to end a FT call is to hang up…?!
Am I missing something here or did Apple neglect to include the option to revert from FaceTime to voice call…?!

You can go to FaceTime, but you are not able to return to the voice call. Sorry. I have a question though. Can you FaceTime from an iPod Touch to an iPod Touch?

What is that little mail/envelope icon in the top right of the screen? Next to the battery icon?? I've never seen that before!

yes but it still will not work it just says SO and so is not avalibl when I now she is cus we talked on Facebook

It seems only my son can start a facetime call to me from his ipod touch to my iphone4.it comes thru as my email address. As long as my email address is in my recent calls i can start a facetime call back but when its gone i cant.Is there anyway to put that into my contacts.