Daily Tip: How to remove Spotlight search from your iPhone or iPad using NoSpot [Jailbreak]

Don't use Spotlight on your iPhone very much and wondering how you can just remove the feature altogether? If you have a jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad there's a free and easy way to stop Spotlight from ever bothering you again, and we're going to show you how after the break!

To remove Spotlight search go into Cydia and search for an app called NoSpot (free). What NoSpot does is removes Spotlight from your iPhone homescreen completely. I personally can't recall the last time I actually used Spotlight for searching my iPhone or iPad, so this is a great way to stop it from always showing up when you swipe left or press the home button on the main home screen.

Installing this extension will not put a new app icon on your springboard and won't add any additional settings in the settings app. There are no options for this extension, it simply removes Spotlight search from ever showing up. Brilliant!

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Daily Tip: How to remove Spotlight search from your iPhone or iPad using NoSpot [Jailbreak]


Use to not like spot light but now I just search for my apps that way. It's much fast than sifting through pages. Cool plugin though

I am more often annoyed by Spotlight than I am finding it useful, so this feature I wouldn't mind. However, does it let you wrap back around the the last page of apps instead? If so, awesome. If not, I want credit when the feature is implemented.

Geeze, I make no sense.
Say you have seven pages of Apps. If a home button press takes you back to page 1; can you swipe to the right to get instantly to page 7 (instead of bringing up the Spotlight Search)? That's what I'd want.
Mostly though, I just wish I could disable Spotlight from popping up when I am just trying to get to the multi-tasking bar from the home page with my flaky Home button. I don't ever accidentally SWIPE to it.

I love this tweak, the spotlight screen drives me nuts. I wouldn't be bothered if it was some app I could shove in a folder to open and search that way if i needed it tho.

I'm still waiting for Universal Search to be updated and to work w 4.0.. good support there @ssho***

For me, the way I have my phone set up. Even just swiping over and typing to search would take me longer to find whatever I need on my phone.

Same here. If spotlight worked like the 'Just Type' in WebOS, it might be useful. And it shouldn't be tucked away to the left, which causes me to almost never think about it when it might even come in handy. I only have three pages of apps with folders for apps on page one, games/folders on page two, and cydia/winterboard/tweaks page three. Why search for my apps?

Spotlight is awesome!! I dont use it for finding apps, but for finding contacts this is great! Also, when trying to google something, just use this real quick. This reminds me of my old Pre when searching for stuff. I dont know why anyone would want to hide this. Its not in ur way at all...I love spotlight!

I hate Spotlight as well, but I found a jailbreak app called ListLauncher that actually makes it useful. It turns Spotlight into an alphabetical list of all your installed apps.

Okay, I get that some people don't want to use Spotlight for whatever reason -- but why on earth would anyone be "annoyed by spotlight"…?! Just don't use it, that's all…

Well, I can tell you that I'M annoyed by it constantly popping up when I'm trying to get the multi-tasking bar instead.
Or trying to go back to page one. Or quit an app. My Home Button is a little twitchy, I'm afraid. Either that, or I just can't learn the correct number of times to hit the damn button in all the different situations. Least intuitive thing about the phone if that is the case. Needs to be replaced with gestures (at least for bringing up the multi-task bar).

I think this jailbreak is foolish only because on all but the 3G Spotlight doesn't slow you down, doesn't get in your way, and the more jailbreak springboard tweaks you add, the more unstable your system gets. Doesn't make much sense to turn off something you can easily avoid using anyway,.

thats where blackberry beat apple...blackberrys universal search is a lot better and faster than apples... on my bb all i need to do is start typing and my apps, contacts, messages emails etc....will pop up....shouldve thought of that apple

I've used this tweak since the first day it came out. I never use spotlight, and I hate how the page will always pop up if I hit the home button on accident when I'm already on the homepage; then I have to hit it again or swipe back to the homepage. Sure, not horrible, but still annoying.
Also, there were claims that removing spotlight would help speed up the iPhone 3G when it was plagued with issues on iOS 4.
The one thing I'd like to add to the tweak is the "Bounce" feature that is part of most areas where you swipe in a dead end.

This is just the tweak I have been looking for. And that is because I -do- own a lowly 3G. That is why this tweak is useful. Thank you so very much for this.