Dear Apple -- Where's the iDisk App?


Hey, it's started to work with Push Notification apps, so who can blame us for taking a second bite at the Dear Apple. So...

Where's that free iDisk App at? You remember, the one on your What's New in MobileMe website:

The free iDisk app, available from the App Store in iTunes, lets you view your iDisk files right on your iPhone. Popular file types, such as Microsoft Office and iWork ’09 documents and presentations, PDFs, and more, are viewable in landscape or portrait. Just tap the file to access it and use pinch gestures to zoom in and out. And any file you’ve viewed recently doesn’t need to be reloaded. So if you start reading a document in the cab to the airport, you can quickly resume reading it on the plane.

One of the great features of iDisk is file sharing. Files that are too big to email can be shared easily by accessing your iDisk online at Now you can enjoy that same convenience using your iPhone and the iDisk app. Just tap the Share button, choose your recipients, and iDisk sends them an email with a link to download your file. You can limit the number of days a shared file is available and set a password to protect it. And you don’t even need to download a file first to share it.

Apple, you tease! It's labeled "Coming Soon", fair enough, but any hints on how soon "soon" is?

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Reader comments

Dear Apple -- Where's the iDisk App?


Amen! I want my iDisk app. I so, need to have access to my files on the cloud. I guess one step at a time with Apple... though some steps are wayyyy too longgggg.

I was really upset that it wasn't launched with 3.0. Like many others, I signed up to MobileMe for the added iPhone benefits that they were promoting with the 3.0 upgrade. But, like many others I am seeing why some have always griped about why it is 99/year.

yea I mean what's apple being doing all this time just launch the app other apps have this capibity so what could b so hard about it

Great! With that the push applications released, it's time to find another non-issue to endlessly exploit rather than work at finding hard news. The iDisk app isn't out yet. Let's see how we can turn this molehill into a mountain.
First the conspiracy angle has to be established: Apple is holding the iDisk app for some reason. Suggestions? Come on now, we need something really nutty like we did with the push apps. Maybe the threat of implosion if too many people try and access the iDisk servers from their iPhones. Or maybe we suggest that the servers can't handle the load like we did with push. Yeah, the silly readers bought that line before... let's try using it again. Think of the pages and pages of comments as these fools tell one another how 'this sucks'. And think about the other blogs quoting us. Woweee!
Then we have to keep this nonsense going for a week or so. Forget about facts, we need readers. Facts don't bring readers, hysteria works much better. Credibility? Please. Let's get serious here.

I love you Apple, but enough of this playing the waiting game. Put some pressure on AT&T for MMS and tethering and get this iDisk app out there. It's your service. I just renewed MobileMe too and was really looking forward to it. My guess is AT&T and Apple know AT&T's network can't handle any of it yet. Too much data across AT&T's crappy network. I randomly get good and bad service in the same places I always go. How does that even happen? One day 4 bars 3G, the next 2 bars EDGE, the next 1 bar 3G, the next no service. What gives! Ok ok so I started ranting... I'll stop now.

Here's the capability I'd like to see added: Let an iPhone share its music library over wifi, following the pattern of itunes and apple tv.
I could see not wanting that running all the time (battery etc) but how about a "media server" app. When it's running, you see the phone's library show up on your network. Then, you can control its playback or stream airtunes to it from another device. Say, another iphone.
This would be great for all those people like me who just got the new phone and have an old one that still makes a perfectly good ipod touch. Just jack it into one of those speaker systems with an ipod/iphone dock and make that its new home. Now you've got an instant stereo you can control with your new phone.
I haven't seen any apps like this. Has anyone else? Now that there's an api for applications to use the music/video library on the phone, it should be doable.

Ken... I think as iPhone users we are all a bit spoiled, but broken promises and constant delays I'm sure anyone would be upset about. If all an article like this does is get Apple's attention to give us an update than so be it. Some of us don't know where to go with questions like these. This is an iPhone blog and they do a pretty damn good job covering EVERYTHING iPhone.

It's really annoying that they keep promising things, and seemingly the simplest of all is the one they can't deliver.
That being said, I already have an app that does this, so I'm in no hurry, except that I expect Apple's version will look cooler and maybe(?) work a little better.

Maybe Apple is planning to release the iDisk iPhone iApp alongside those ".Mac only widgets" that were announced when the Dashboard was introduced to MacOS.
They're still coming, right?

I had the same question, but didn't know that Apple had even promised to deliver this app. Thanks for that investigation.

Ken, i think that the lack of an idsk app almost a week after apple releasing 3.0 IS news, especially when it was pitched as being "released with 3.0". I've been WAITING for someone to ask about it and im really glad that TiPB finally did...just the way i was waiting for someone to ask about the push notification apps.
Thank you TiPB!

I'm just really hoping that Dataviz implements iDisk into their documents to go because it's completely useless without being able to email your documents :(

For all we know this App could be in the App store this afternoon, or embedded in the next release.
You will never get a time line out of Apple.
New York times covered this today:
(This is the lead article in the Technology section in the FREE NYT app from the App Store, which is a pretty good news app, if you allow for the fact that the NYT has had some spectacular journalistic integrity FAILs over the last several years).

I still want to be able to print over my wifi network, and to use an external keyboard (preferably bluetooth).

I use MobileFiles which is a buck or two, but it works well and offers the feature mentioned above. I actually used it to show to CHP my proof of insurance certificate on the iPhone that I had forgotten to print out.

It looks like Mobilefiles has been pulled, but Mobile Disk is available for .99 and is pretty well rated

prining on wifi would be nice, hp released a photo printing app that works well but web pages and documents would rock

@ Ken,
Get out. Dont come back, kaithxbai
Now thats out fo the way. I'm looking forward to the idisk app, in principle. In practice however, as long as iDisk continues to be slow and rubbish from the desktop, i have no interest. maybe they are delaying the app until such a time that they can make it take less than 5 minutes to upload a 2mb file.

Why weren't we able to access idsk from day one on the first generation iphone? All the mobileme features should have been made available. I thought Apple was giving us a real web experience with IPhone. Um, flash? Um IDisk? Patience is wearing thin...

Odd... my iPhone ALREADY does everything they seem to be complaining about.
Streaming music from my Mac...Simplfy Music. Access to iDisk.... OneDisk.

Yes, but if you're already on iOS 5 GM there is no need to update to iOS 5 at the public release, unless of course an update occurs before then and now, which is very unlikely.