Dev Team Delivers a "Pwnapple" to Windows Users

Ok all of you Windows peeps, this is what you have been waiting for. And no, sorry, still no unlocking for the 3G yet, but you can jailbreak the 2.1 firmware with the freshly released Windows Quickpwn 2.1!

More on Windows QuickPwn 2.1:


blockquote>Supports 2.1 firmware with the unlocking and jailbreaking of iPhone 1st generation (2G) device. Supports the jailbreaking of iPod Touch 1st generation device and iPhone 3G. Does not support the unlocking of iPhone 3G or jailbreaking of second generation (n72ap based) iPod Touch.

So what are you waiting for Windows jailbreakers?! Head on over and grab Windows Quickpwn 2.1!

As always, TiPb takes no responsibility for any wrong doings to your devices, you dig? Please know what you are doing and have fun!

(Thanks Tommy for sending this in!)

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Reader comments

Dev Team Delivers a "Pwnapple" to Windows Users


Word to all jailbreakers out there. If you are running 2.0.1 or 2.0.2 (jailbroke) and upgrade to 2.1, your path is going to be a little difficult.
First, backup your iPhone.
Second, Install a fresh copy of 2.1 on your device.
Thrid, PWN IT!!!!!
Fourth, Install Winterboard.
Finally, Restore from the backup you made before upgrading to 2.1.
If you do not follow this process your phone will fall into a non stop loop or restarts.
I hope this info helps someone out there. It took me forever to find a combonation that would allow me to get all my old data back. ;) GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Never... Ever.... Restore from a backup when you are jailbroken.
Regardless of what firmware you are on restore via iTunes to 2.1. Then jailbreak. Simple as that. The endless loop the above post described is purely bad luck and will not happen to many. If it does simply restore and try again. Need more help, see me on the forums. (Bad Ash)

Umm thats bad advice friend.
But alrighty.
I upgraded to 2.1, and tried to restore (prior to jailbreaking), and all I got was a endless loop.
I did not post to make someones life hell, but to make things a little easier. After researching more this morning it seems ALOT of ppl are having this issue.
The only answers people get in forums is, "use the search button you n00bz0r"

I know what I am talking about "friend"... I've used the pwnage tools on a lot of phones have yet to have it get stuck... Take a look in the forums. Search is a wise tool that does come in handy but I am in there a lot to try and help out as much as possible. Our forums here are not like other forums out there. I do know what you are talking about.

I upgraded this morning and still had minor problems with it. I thought apple was fixing these bugs. Oh well I'm finally upgraded and jailbroke. Contacts is much snappier.

LMFAO emo bloggers...
FORGIVE ME for extending myself and trying to help those who might have ran across the same issue as I did, and apparently many others.
I restore from backups while jailbroken all the time.
My problem was restoring while the phone was not Jailbroken.
Jailbreak, winterboard, restore. SIMPLE.

@shON, Emo? ehh ok... Sorry you and some others have had issues. But telling people to use back up files while jailbroken is not the brightest idea... Anyone who knows what they are talking about will tell you the same. To each his/her own though. Good luck to you.
And to the rest of you please do not use backup files while jailbroken. You are just asking for trouble.

If anyone runs into trouble or has any questions feel free to private message me in the forums. Bad Ash.
I'd be more than happy to help out.

I've always restored after jailbreaking, and NEVER had an issue. I've restored from a non JB backup after I JB to 2.01. Then I restored from my JB 2.01 backup after JB to 2.02. And just yesterday I restored my 2.02 backup to my freshly 2.1 JB phone.
I'm also running Winterboard successfully, not issues whatsoever. So I'm not sure what the issue is or what the dire warnings are about.

@spinedoc, I'm glad you've had no issues while using backup with a Jailbroken phone. I've been using the iPhone since day one and the Dev Team have always warned not to use back up files while jailbreaking. Plain and simple. I think they know what they are talking about. Think of it this way. I know you've been around the WM platform... You must have heard that it is not a wise idea to use, say a sprite backup file after formatting to a clean install? It's pretty much the same here. Especially while jailbroken. Something could be corrupt while jailbroken in the backup file that you may not even be aware of, etc...
I think some of you are making this a bigger deal than it actually is. Is it that difficult to not use a backup file in order to insure a flawless install?

I have an iphone G2 running 1.1.4 unlocked. Nowhere could I find the procedure to update from 1.1.4 unlocked to 2.1 unlocked.
Can you help, so I do not end up with a dead iphone on my hands?