On the eve of settlement talks, Samsung talks settlement with Apple

On the eve of settlement talks, Samsung talks settlement with Apple

With court-madated settlement talks between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung CEO Choi Gee-Sung scheduled to begin tomorrow, Samsung Mobile's JK Shin took a moment to discuss the potential for resolution. According to Reuters:

"There is still a big gap in the patent war with Apple but we still have several negotiation options including cross-licensing," Shin told reporters at Seoul airport shortly before his departure for the United States.

Asked about the prospects for Samsung's memory chip business, Shin said the 4G chip shortage was expected to continue until early in the fourth quarter of this year.

While Apple and Samsung are suing each other over patents, trade dress, and other infringements real and imagined -- Apple accusing Samsung of being mobile's biggest copy cat and Samsung fighting back on technology, and standards, grounds -- they remain massive manufacturing partners. Many of the components in Apple's mobile devices, and some in their computers as well, are made by Samsung.

Apple recently claimed Samsung was destroying evidence, while also trying to bar Samsung from entering Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs biography as evidence.

Although analysts had hoped Tim Cook might be a less fiery and litigious CEO than his predecessor, Cook turns out to be every bit as serious about patent disputes, and cold as ice.

For their part, Samsung has denied allegations that they're a copy cat, despite the uncanny similarities to Apple products that keep popping up.

Apple reportedly gave their manufacturing partner, Samsung, fair warning before going "thermonuclear" on their competitor, Samsung, in the courts.

Unlike Microsoft, which is seeking -- and in large part has obtained -- licensing fees from manufacturers in a bid to make Android as "expensive" as Windows Phone, Apple's goal doesn't seem to be financial -- they don't want Android looking or working like iPhone. They want to out litigate and out innovate the competition.

That might make it unlikely a settlement will be reached, unless Tim Cook does do things differently and shows a willingness to take money in lieu of design concessions -- or Samsung's patents force the matter.

Source: Reuters

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On the eve of settlement talks, Samsung talks settlement with Apple


lol what will be funny is if apple claim the s3 looks like the iphone even though its completely diiferent size and look...before anyone says that s voice is a copy of siri the s2 already had a voice assistant built into the s2 and the 4s came with siri which made it voice assistant prettier and added natural language(it wasnt a new innovation) and now s3 made its own voice assistant from the s2 prettier and added like the siri but it also added much more like it can open any apps,update fb and twitter status,turn on and off settings such as wifi and bt and more,it can also be activated with just voice so before before apple fans say its a straigh copy well its not,just as apple enhanced on voice assistant before samsung has done the same thing...if apple add all those features such as s voice,am sure all you apple fans will say its not copying because apple were fast but as we know apple were not first...

Have you seen the interface of S- voice and Siri side by side ? It's less about copying or mimicking features but more about showing a similar interface for people to confuse the two. Samsung unfortunately has been doing this for a while. That is why the write up mentions trade dress. Yes copy a feature and make it even better...sure, but don't copy UI elements...that is just laziness and unoriginal.

am not going to say the the ui dont look a lot alike but apple did the ui right and when someone does something good it is usually copied..take android notifiacation...

If you really want to go there saying that the S2 or what ever had voice control. The 3g s actually had voice control as well. So nana boo boo stick your head in doo doo. Samsung is just another Asian company trying to make knock off they have been doing this for years. I can get a folex/rolex for 20 buck in hong kong. I can get a Luis Vuitton hand bag for 100 buck instead of 600 dollars.

Apple has had voice recognition since they released the Mac AV Quadra in 1993. And PlainTalk, as it was called back then, became a standard feature of all Macs since System 7.1.2.

Doesn't matter. Google Voice was first with voice using a microphone icon interface on a mobile device. Samsung used this technology through a partnership with Google. Therefore, they invented it.
Remember we use Apple logic here on iMore.

Re: "...unless Tim Cook does do things differently and shows a willingness to take money in lieu of design concessions..."
Money? Apple already has all the money. Tim Cook wants blood, not money. And he'll get it.

There are a lot of differences.
1. Media is handled is different where on android you can manage all your files on it like you do on a traditional pc and don't need to sync. You can also download any attachment and store it on your device where as on iOS if you was to receive a email with an attachment you can view it but there is no way to download the file onto your device so every time you open it its going to need a data connection to stream the file.

  1. Android is more social friendly like if you had a picture and wanted to share it on ios you would only get a few options like tweeter and email where as on android when sharing it will have loads of options which are populated by the apps you have installed meaning that options such as whatsapp, skype, sms,dropbox ect would all show up if you have the apps on your phone.
  2. Another a more traditional multitasking like for some apps if you had them lets say downloading something and you started doing something else the apps would pause meaning when you go back no progress has been made. Android doesn't pause apps so they would continue in the back ground.
  3. On android you are able to use 3rd party apps as default apps. so lets say you set chrome as your default browser, every time you open a link from a email or anything it would load on chrome where on iOS there is no way to set apps as default so even if you have another browser every time you open a link safari would always open it meaning you have to copy the url then exit it and open the browser of your choice then paste the url.
  4. Notifications on android are better, for example if you was to receive a Facebook message it would show up then disappear and you would only know when you drag down the notification centre where on android after you receive the notification a little icon is at the top where the you see the battery, signal and so on. This is useful as if it as you can just take a quick glance at your phone to check if you have anything.

okay this is getting too long but yh those are some of the differences lol better go sleep now :/ got a exam tomorrow :'(