Fair Labor Association reports on Apple partner facilities, Apple responds

Fair Labor Association reports on Apple partner facilities, Apple responds

The Fair Labor Association (FLA) has just released the report on its audit of two Chinese facilities run by Apple manufacturing partner Quanta, where they found a number of issues. The audit found that the facilities, located in Changshu and Shanghai, had a number of compliance issues. These include 62% of employees at Changshu not receiving the mandatory rest day at least once every three months. Apple says that improvements have been made to Quanta's facilities in the year since the FLA's visit in a statement to TechCrunch:

In the year since the FLA's visit, we have worked closely with Quanta to drive meaningful improvements in areas identified by both the FLA and Apple. Apple conducted four follow-up inspections on top of the annual audits of both facilities, to ensure the needed corrections are in place.

Apple originally joined the FLA back in 2012 to increase transparency regarding the conditions under which their products are manufactured. Do you think Apple is doing enough to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for the people that make its products? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Fair Labor Association, TechCrunch

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Fair Labor Association reports on Apple partner facilities, Apple responds


A whole lot more than Samsung, HTC, Dell, HP, and others in the tech industry that use sweat shops basically. Not that there isn't a lot of work, but conditions in many asian run market suppliers is horrid in general.. It's an up-hill battle.. Hopefully this is a lead by example battle where Apple and hopefully others that join FLA can make a difference...

They do, there was just a report not too long ago about how bad Samsung was. I'm sure you could do a quick search to find a bunch of stories.

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