Fake Steve goes Android for fake reasons

There's a legitimate argument to be made for leaving the iPhone and going to Android, but Newsweek's Dan Lyons (aka Fake Steve Jobs) utterly, bitterly fails to make it in his recent column on switching from Apple to Google's mobile platform.

First, he feels the new version of Android 2.2, Froyo, "blows the doors" off the iPhone OS. Only Froyo hasn't shipped to consumers yet, just like Apple's next generation operating system, iPhone OS 4, hasn't shipped to consumers yet.

Flash is one of the first things Lyons mentions. Froyo will support it, Apple has said it will decidedly not. Apple's point is at least understandable given their usual behavior. Google's reeks of being reactionary and tactical. Apple is a controlling company exerting control by not allowing Flash. Google is a company that has championed open web standards suddenly throwing full throated support behind a proprietary plug-in which is not open. If anything, I'd of expected Google (and even more so Palm) to take the lead against Flash and towards HTML5.

But politics makes strange bedfellows.

Lyons says Froyo beats OS 4 because it supports tethering (which he lumps in with the separate but admittedly far more interesting mobile hotspot service), and Apple and AT&T do not. He's halfway right there. Somewhat. The iPhone has supported tethering for almost a year, since iPhone OS 3.0 shipped in June 2009. AT&T has chosen not to offer it. And guess what? AT&T could easily choose not to offer Android 2.2 tethering either and just strip it out. Or they could choose to offer it and charge for it. So could any other carrier. Case in point, mobile hotspot for the EVO 4G on Sprint will cost you. The pipes belong to the carrier, you can't complain bitterly about Apple's penchant for control when one of the issues you're complaining about involves an area where users suffer due to the lack of Apple control.

I use free iPhone tethering on Rogers HSPA 7.2 all the time. It's fantastic.

Froyo's ability to let you buy songs over the air (OTA) and download them directly to your phone is likely awesome. It's been awesome on the iPhone since OS 3.0 as well. Tap iTunes Store, tap the song you want, and it downloads directly. Apple thought it was important enough to give up the $0.99 price point for and it's nice Lyons finally learns about it via Google I/O nearly a year later. Streaming songs from your music library is also great in Froyo, and something iPhone OS leaves for 3rd party apps, which previously included Simplify, and app bought by Google, likely to power their streaming. Smart move.

Why doesn't Apple do this directly? I'd like them too as well. Now that Google has removed Simplify from the App Store, maybe they will. Maybe it will involve the iTunes.com service they're rumored to be working on. Either way, right now it's not there. Fair point.

Lyons lauds Google's tone towards Apple at Google I/O. The tone where Andy Rubin likened Apple to North Korea. The tone where Vic Dundotra said Google developed Android because they "faced a draconian future where one man, one company, one carrier would be our future." -- which was utterly laughable considering Google bought (not developed) Android 2 years before Apple announced the iPhone and 3 years before Apple announced the App Store (which Google CEO Eric Schmidt was on Apple's board of directors!). Never mind Google's position in search and online advertising is far, far scarier than Apple's tiny share of the smartphone market.

Google didn't come off as mature or professional in any of those statements. They came off as frightened and duplicitous, and it was disappointing given the strength and growth of Android.

A proud, straightforward Google would have admitted that both open and closed models have their good and bad points. Apple's control gives them a remarkable user experience but results in frustration for segment of their developer community and user base. Google's open platform gives them amazing diversity but results in fragmentation (not legacy) that also frustrates a segment of their developer community and user base. There's no magic model. Everything is about making choices. If that makes Apple North Korea is makes Google any of a number anarchistic, warlord strewn territories. Hyperbole is unfortunately just another double-edged sword.

He also trots out the Q1 results of Android outselling iPhone in the US. Where the iPhone is on one carrier and Android is on almost 4 (we don't really count that AT&T Backflip, do we?). Where the iPhone has been on the market since the previous summer and Verizon had just given the then-brand-new Droid a huge marketing push. Where users on Verizon desperate for an iPhone that still hadn't gone CDMA, and not willing to go Storm, had not competent touch-screen rival other than Android. (I'd be interested to find out how the Droid, known as the Motorola Milestone, is doing on Telus in Canada where it's positioned directly against the iPhone on the same network?).

Lyons finishes with a bizarre diatribe against Apple and Steve Jobs and another conflation of AT&T into his argument against the iPhone.

The reality is Apple and Google (and others) are giant corporations who keep control over what makes them money (Apple hardware and ecosystem, Google search and advertising) and use open, free offerings to compete in areas that don't make them money. Neither are good or evil, neither are better than the other.

There's a legitimate case to be made for someone switching from iPhone to Android -- deep integration of Google services, especially in the US where Navigation and Voice are included, CDMA options in the US, a less regulated application market, form factors that include a keyboard, etc.

Lyons just doesn't make that argument. He doesn't even try.

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, ZEN and TECH, MacBreak Weekly. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter, App.net, Google+.

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Ascaris says:

...I couldn't even finish reading this over the massive bouts of fanboyism. We know you are obsessively in love with Apple and Jobs, but at least TRY to stick to the middle ground sometimes.

Rene Ritchie says:

By that definition your comment is massive Android fanboyism, obsessively in love with Eric Schmidt, and then no one could ever talk about anything.
How about going beyond personal insults and providing a substantive comment, pointing out exactly what you disagree with and framing an informed response?

Oletros says:

" Google is a company that has championed open web standards suddenly throwing full throated support behind a proprietary plug-in which is not open. If anything, I’d of expected Google (and even more so Palm) to take the lead against Flash and towards HTML5."
What? Google, has to stop supporting H.264?

shaolinfinest says:

Rene, no disrespect but I visit Androidcentral, Crackberry, Tipb and Precentral and none of the writers react the way you do when someone speaks bad about a product you or they believe in. They may bring it up as news but never do they try to defend the product they cover like yourself. It is just sad that you get so riled up over people attacking Apple, as if you yourself developed the iPhone yourself.
Some of us like myself who visits these various sites to get the news on whats going on with each platform find this one lacking sometimes because you stray off. My topped two sites I visit is Crackberry and Androidcentral because of the news they deliver, sometimes I find myself visiting phonescoop before coming here because you care so much of defending Apple rather than bringing the news.
(these are my opinions and I am not here in support of any OS, just wish you would calm down some times. Every time some writer writes an article bad mouthing Apple, your comments are found throughout the article) I will continue visiting the site because I support people like Kevin from Crackberry, and I respect all of you guys on the various smartphone sites.

shaolinfinest says:

Also the 2.2 Froyo feature I think he was talking about in regards to OTA music downloads was the fact that I can download an app or song from my PC and it automagically downloads on my phone effortless. I don't think he would mention OTA from the phone which any phone can do these days.

Steve Woz says:

@Rene Ritchie
iTunes let's you buy OTA wi your phone yes. Google will let you buy it in your desktop and it will instantly send it over the air to your android device without plugging in apples proprietary USB standard plug and connecting it to apples proprietary music application.
iPhone tethering is not like androids mobile hotspot which can connect up to 8 devices at one time.. Even in Canada. You use a wire.
You calling it fragmentation, and google calling it legacy, is the same thing as me calling iPhone os 4 fragmentation and you calling it legacy. Some apps don't work well or even at all on iPhone 2g, multitasking won't be on iPhone 2g or 3G, 2g won't even get os 4, iPhone 2g and 3G don't have video recording, iPhone 2g doesn't have gps as the rest do, hell it doesn't even have 3G. You call it fragmentation but more than 95% of the apps on the android market work on every platform. If you can buy any android phone no matter what version and still use any app that devs. Than fragmentation is not an issue for consumers.
P.S. I don't blame you for being a fanboi. You write for TIPB. No harm no foul there. And the trolls here are nuts lol.

Steve Woz says:

@Rene Ritchie I also just want to state, I am not trying to be a Troll. Some of your points are perfectly valid, but the arguement can be made for any platform any time, and it almost doesn't seem worth putting in the effort to argue one side over the other. I think it would be easier and more beneficial for you to just point out the great features iPhone OS has and not try to bash other platforms. What happens 5 years from now if god forbid Android or Windows Phone 7 are totally dominant and people don't really use the iPhone anymore? If the iPhone goes the way of the Razr. If you recall Motorola sold some 300,000,000 phones (maybe more) and they eventually died out. All great things could potentially come to an end. Defending it till death isn't going to help. Apple just needs to keep iterating it's platform.

Me-ao says:

this was a response to claims made by someone that were not really put into context.
The Android sites defend their OS tooth and nail. Don't believe me.,,go to Android central and put up a post saying how the Nexus one and the Droids are crappy iPhone wanna-be lacking originality and see what happens ;-)

Mark Hernandez says:

Lyons is an entertainer. He says outrageous stuff all the time on purpose. Reason and better understanding do not matter to him, including what any of us think of the facts, or what we think of him for that matter.

Mark Hernandez says:

Oh, I forgot... Lyons capitalizes on the fact that so few Americans have adequate critical thinking skills to sort out the complexity of our world, including too many people in the tech industry, and it's so easy to get people riled, emotional, and unreasonable -- like taking candy from a baby. Suckers!
Mark Hernandez
The Information Workshop

Me says:

He makes valid points, you are just as uninformed as you claim him to be.
You can always root your Google device and install whatever you want, with Google's blessing. You can also jailbreak your iPhone to do it, but you have to fight against Apple's efforts to stop you. So his argument was right.
Flash is also a valid point, and is in HTC Android phones on 2.1 now (doesn't need Froyo). Also, you can already install Froyo on some devices (such as Nexus One). You will soon get OS4 I suppose, but we already know what it will support and version 2.1 of Andriod already beats the pants off of it.
PS -- I have an old 3G, I still use my 3GS, I don't yet have an Android, but I plan to get one shortly.

Lollipopjones says:

@Steve Woz
We have went through this before... The idea of "legacy" is BULL. Its Fragmentation. The fact that devices are getting released with 1.6 is fragmentation. The Apps being written on the android platform are being written for 1.6 not the latest OS.
So this is telling... this means despite OS updates people are writing Apps that support the features of 1.6 not 2.2.
Your use of the iPhone 2G is obfuscating the fact that the phone is almost 4 years old... Support for Devices ends every 2 years. This is like saying someone with a comp from 2006 should be able to run Crysis at MAX settings despite his hardware being WAY under par.

Me says:

That first point was about tethering.

Future says:

Great article Rene. Thanks !

davidcevans says:

I thought this was a nicely balanced analysis - good stuff.

Lollipopjones says:

How does Froyo beat OS4? We have not even fully seen Os 4 so i do not know how you can say a finished OS is better then an unfinished OS. BTW, go ahead and root your Android phone on VzW network as they will not warranty your device if it breaks down.
Read your warranty as Google may not mind your rooting the OS but the people that make the phone do...

Steve Woz says:

@lollipopjones You can sugar coat it all you want. Your argument only tells me one thing, iPhone OS upgrades far too slow to keep up with Android. the G1 and MyTouch, though newer than iPhone OS, both run just as crappy of hardware as the iPhone 2G and 3G. The iPhone is just as fragmented, but the iPhone is only being replaced once a year because Apple cannot keep up with all the OEM's working on Android. Your point about new devices selling with 1.6 is moot, AT&T still sells iPhone 3G at their online store.

Steve Woz says:

Also your example with Crisis and a PC from 2006 is irrelevant. I have a PC from 2004 that I have upgraded and kept up to date myself that still runs Crisis at a high framerate. You can upgrade your PCs, Macs, and laptops. You can't yet upgrade the hardware in your phones.

Tansen says:

It's true. Everybody had their allegiance and most people would stick up for what they believe in. I think this article simply points out errors and discrepancies in googles words, simple enough. Afterall, this is an apple related website, why shouldnt it offer a novel point of view?

kbduvall says:

Rene is not being a bias fanboy. He's presenting the arguments that have been made against the iPhone and providing logical, rational, counter arguments that are based on fact. A good journalist presents all the facts instead of just copy/pasting someone else's story. It's important for people to know the full story and all the facts. So when someone posts an Apple/iPhone bashing story that isn't accurate or doesn't tell the entire story, then it is Rene's obligation as a good journalist to set the facts straight and tell the full story. When people write inaccurate stories about iPhone, someone needs to step in and say "hey now, how bout you tell the truth".
As for fragmentation on the iPhone .. no, it's legacy. When you buy an iPhone you know that you will get support, and new features for two years. You don't have to worry about your device being obsolete in 3-6 months. All devices have to go to the graveyard eventually but at least with iPhone you know you'll get two years out of it. As it stands now with Android, you can buy a phone now that may or may not have navigation. It may or may not have OTA capabilities. It may or may not have the most current OS and even if it does, there's no guarantee that it will get the next OS when it's released. You can cite the one or two things that the 2G or 3G doesn't get now, but at least they had years each of having all the latest and greatest. That's not the case with Android.

Me says:

We can see the OS4 beta releases. We can also see what Apple claims to be the features of OS4. Android currently allows full multitasking, iPhone only via jailbreak (and iPhone OS4 will sorta support it).
Everything that is supposed to be in OS4 I can already get and more from my jailbroken phone. And jailbroken, an iPhone is almost as good as Android. But Apple fights you on that front.
You might void your warranty by rooting your Android phone. But you supposedly do that anyway by jailbreaking your iPhone. You can also un-root your Android, just as you can un-jailbreak your iPhone.
Also, Apple makes all sorts of claims about the "user experience" being the reason to reject apps... It's all bs! If a user doesn't like the experience, they won't purchase the app!

Tansen says:

And the idea of fragmentation is that different hardware runs different software. All recent iPhones (past two years at least) can take advantage of all new software. Android phones, meanwhile, could take months to get new software, or maybe never get it at all.

SoCo_Jon says:

@ Steve Woz--> Lollipop Jones is a bigger fanboy than Rene. He'll defend Apple til his death. I'd stop while being ahead if I were you. just a heads up.

JNGold says:

If rooting one's device is 'with Google's blessing' then why does it void the device warrantee?

Lollipopjones says:

Um... you can unjailbreak your iphone... I know because a buddy of mine at VzW Jailbroke his 3GS when he went over sees and then restored his device. I see no feature on Froyo that are ground breaking. Infact OTA OS upgrades are already done by Blackberries... and on VzW Vcast music does everything you said. A lot of the features are not even make or break.
As for the Apps. Cry me a river.. if you wanted Apps then you would not go to ANdroid... Even VzW employees think the Apps on Android are trash. The only people that want Android are the same people that use Linux

JNGold says:

I read your response above. However you are mistaken if you think you can unroot your device and Google wouldn't know. The are able to refuse doing any warrantee work as the vestiges of rooting remain on the devices even if you restore the device.

Lollipopjones says:

@ Steve Woz
Right you can update your PC via upgrades that you PAY FOR! You're stock 2004 PC cannot run Crysis... So you expect a nearly 4 year old phone to run the same OS as a phone that has Hardware specs that blow it away? You kind of MISSED the point. You have to upgrade a PC in truth every year if you want to enjoy being on Top and thats all money YOU have to pay. So to run Crysis at max you need to spend an additional 1000 grand due to how PCs in 2004 weren't using SATA and all the graphics cards that could run Crysis at max are only useable on Mobo's that use Sata.
Why should you buy a phone from 2007 and think it will be supported 3 years later? Blackberry doesn't even support their devices back year 2 so please tell me how there is fragmentation when i can't buy an iPhone 2g...

Lollipopjones says:

@ Soco_Jon
Aren't you the moron that ran here saying how the iPhone would be drowned out by VzW? You should go back to the Android forums where you belong and stop trolling.

Lollipopjones says:

Oh and as we sit here pretending on how awesome the features on Android are and act as they are new. Multitasking has been hallmark of Window's Mobile and blackberry for a while. Hell, copy and paste and MMS was standard on Palm, WM, and Blackberry.
So when you ANdroid fanbois come here and act like "OMG Android OS may have more features!" its like okay... You could run Quake on a HTC Touchpro Diamond before the iPhone 3G could. Whats your point? The Android market sucks... the apps are garbage and written for older software platforms. The games are terrible because not one of them are written to utilize phones as powerful as the HTC Incredible and Nexus One.
Thats the funniest part as you can make a super powerful Android phone and it will not have any app that will utilize its hardware to its fullest. The hard truth is an Android phone is an Android phone... App wise it doesn't matter if you run with a Droid Eris or a Moto Droid/ Droid Incredible. So really the only benefits to them is the camera...

shaolinfinest says:

@Lollipopjones I think you are mistaken about VZW Vcast Music. When you download a song on your PC it does not download to your phone automatically, you have to plug your device to your pc and drag it over.

Jimbo says:

Wow...this bit of ill-informed fanboi gibberish was enough to make me throw up in my mouth a little bit

zeagus says:

I remember the days when reading the comments on this site didn't make me roll my eyes until they hurt. I miss those days.

Johnsen says:

Iphone's End is near, Apple's End is near. 2011 will come the stab with the dagger for Mr. Restriction.
Steve "Restricto" Jobs HAHA
It's time to move on....to Android :)

iDavey says:

I actually agree (partially) with Rene on this. That's very rare.
But it does stand, the same way people speak nonsense over the iPhone G4 being better than any phone already is just as nonsensical as this unreleased stuff being reason Android is better than iPhone.
Only points I am against in this article is mainly the fragmentation (I do agree it is a "form" or legacy), Google's jabs at Apple, and the Flash/HTML5 standpoint.
With the frag...I believe it is legacy. It may be a little bit faster than, lets say the iPhone's "legacy" fermenting, but it is the same. The first iPhone can not properly run all of 3.0 and can not run 4.0 altogether. At some point and time a phone gets cut out. Yes it is ridiculous that a phone you bought 2 months ago might be stuck at that, but lets face it...as far as US selection, any Android phone you bought within the last past couple of months...you're okay...for now. And the main thing is...most of the changes that the official Vanilla Android is getting, versions such as Sense and Motoblur have already had it. And the normal consumer really wouldn't care as much. If anyone brings in "well apps don't work" I'm pretty sure that I've noticed the Market excluding apps that are not meant for your OS version/phone/carrier from that market. Skype, Twitter, and Epicurious (on my early upgraded Nexus One) are prime examples of how they keep wrong apps from appearing on wrong phones.
In regards to the jabs...Rene...really? Apple takes jabs. Google takes em. Palm...Microsoft...Sony...Nintendo...everyone! To say someone seems frightened or whatever would stand to say every company is. Which is admittedly true in some respects.
Last...Flash/HTML5. The main thing with that is...Android supports Flash. Android supports HTML5. You have a choice. That's the MAIN point of it. You don't have to reject one to support the other, that's insane. Google is using what is mainstream now and building upon what will replace it in the future. That's a smart business move if I do say so myself...but then again, I'm not a CEO am I? So eh...
But as I said, the rest of those points were ridiculous to mention by Lyons. The iPhone is amazing. Android phones (that aren't on AT&T, lol) are amazing. Palm and upcoming WinPho are also. Lets just choose what we want, be happy, and not care about any numbers. But that'd be asking for FAR too much.

Geo Coldz says:

Get a black turtle neck and some jeans. Now your Steve Jobs. :)

JD says:

Typical Android crowd coming out quickly to bash this well written article.
BTW: for those who continue to use the term fanboy - you are ignorant... read, digest, find a better term. http://www.tuaw.com/2010/05/29/7-anti-apple-cliches-that-need-to-die/

Wacko Jacko says:

@ Lollipopjones, you knowledgeable freak. Calm down.

JD says:

P.S. Android freaks... why don't you go back to Android central (aka engadget) and stop trying to make up for your bad purchase by posting here. You blew it, we know it, you know it, posting your anti-Apple tirades isn't going to help. No really, its not... but nice try.

Bingo!! says:

Nice work on the article - you know its a good one when you get the Android crowd's panties in a bunch like you apparently did here. Nice work!

Mac says:

Hitting all the SPE sites has become a daily ritual to me. Rarely, however, does TIPB motivate me about upcoming tech. It seems to be the Scientology branch of SPE; subordinates of America's so called tech Plutocracy defending little scraps of features and shreds of specifications that some exhuberant pimple faced youth could use to justify their personal choice in playing for the Apple team.
Meanwhile, the true winners are the spectating consumers. Because someone felt that the Apple playbook was limited and took their business to HTC, Motorola, Blackberry, or Palm that person brings choice and value to the market. Any theories on how this system or that system is inferior due to limitations is just another argument against a free market. Google can and did. Palm can and did. Blackberry, believe it or not is still in this. Tomorrow, LG might dominate smartphones. Certainly, very few of the bloggers here have the broad type of horizon to read the landscape. We're still arguing a two competitor contest. That's like the foolish belief that one political party or the other is somehow truly different and therefore superior. Rubish!

Sausage Party says:

Its funny how tech geeks are turning this into a Ford vs. Chevy type of thing. Honestly its more BMW vs. Chevy but still... bust out the wife beaters ye Android geeks, that Chevy might get you laid yet.

Aerimus says:

@ Steve Woz
First off, I love both Android and iPhone's for different reasons. I love to tinker with, mess with, and change things with my gadgets. For me, Android works better for me. However, my father, wife, and mother are not techies and if they got android phones, I would have to be answering a lot more questions all the time than I do with their iPhones. I love the iPhone for this simplicity....it just doesn't work for me.
My problem is that there is a lot of misconception of both iPhones and Androids. The reality is that neither is as bad, or as good as it may be portrayed, they both have issues.
Now, i'm "@steve woz"ing because of a comment google made that kinda boiled my nerves a bit. During their presentation they showed us the ability to download music in our web browser that automatically was also downloaded to our android phone. This seemed borderline false advertising to me. Everyone has taken that to mean that in froyo we can download music directly to our phone from the web.
However, in a video of the QA period that immediately followed the android presentation, the panel is asked about this part of the presentation. Vic answers that, "we are not announcing that as something you can do, just that froyo has the capability to do that" (very loose translation).
iPhone is the more refined of the two systems, and that serves it's customer base well. Android is more of a sandbox that allows us techie folks "play" with it a lot more. However, as surveys have shown, apple fans are happier with their phones in general than are android fans. I think this is mainly due to non techie's with android phones on verizon because they do not have access to the iPhone. I know, for example, that my wife would just get more irritated with an android phone than her iPhone, and there's nothing wrong with that.
Choice is a wonderful thing. I really don't want anyone to "win." I'll take 2 awesome choices any day of the weak over just 1 choice.
Just some rambling thoughts.

Terravolt says:

(o o)
| Please |
| stop feeding the |
| TROLLs ! |
|| ||
ooO Ooo

jakej914 says:

@Steve Woz
Yeah, I was wondering how that OTA downloads like Rene wrote about were news at all--that would make sense. However, I have to disagree on a couple of points. First, while the iPhone in Canada may not be able to tether up to 8 devices at once as a mobile hotspot, it doesn't require a cable--you can tether using Bluetooth. The other thing I don't agree with that you wrote is about Android OS fragmentation. To this point, I just really hate the fact that you don't know when your Android device will be updated with the latest version of the OS. I may love my iPhone, but I can certainly see room for improvement. Probably the one thing that really keeps me around is the way I can plug it in via USB and everything syncs OOTB with my Mac.

icebike says:


Hitting all the SPE sites has become a daily ritual to me. Rarely, however, does TIPB motivate me about upcoming tech. It seems to be the Scientology branch of SPE;

Truer words were never spoken. Rene has lost his objectivity and now feels compelled to defend Apple every where, is the most Snide and Snarky way. None of the other SPE sites do this.
Note of the other Apple blogs show this much negativity and sniping about what someone says about an Apple product.
In return, the postings here on TiPb have gotten more and more negative. You don't see this negativism on other Apple blogs.
Yet we have been getting about one whiny post per week with Rene rushing to fall on his sword for Steve Jobs.
Rene needs to step back, and decide if this is what he really wants to do with his life. And Deiter needs to step up and decide if this is really what he wants Rene to do to his empire.

whsingleton says:

Android has traction because of the Verizon 'Droid' campaign. Android fans come here because they are afraid of the iPhone being released on Big Red. Don't worry, Droid fans! It is not going to happen any time soon, so there is nothing to worry about. Now move on...

SoCo_Jon says:

I just love how the iphone fanboys get all bu tt hurt about things hahaha you guys ask why all the Android trolling... maybe its bc this site post articles like this!! if you talk about android, wm, web os, blackberry of course youre going to get guys in here with different opinions but i have to say you iphone junkies are the worst. I dont have an android device and im labeled an Android fan boy hahaha thats great. Im content knowing my blackberry OS is dated but hey, it works for me.
@ Lollipop Jones--> I have no idea what youre talking about. you must have me mistaken. i've just come to know your character by reading the comments you post here. also, if you think Android has nothing new to offer or that any of their new features are ground breaking or worth disussing you must have not saw the Google I/O. As a blackberry user and former iphone OS user, im impressed.

shaolinfinest says:

@Mac I totally agree with you. I too visit various SPE sites and this site never really reports the latest tech, it is always Rene finding something bad that was said about Apple and defending it or a company besides apple coming out with something new and Rene shooting it down.

Pinny says:

I enjoyed reading this article. Thanks!

Mac says:

I don't pay much notice to who writes/edits. I do, however, notice that the commenters at Precentral and Andriod central tend to lean towards more of a support forum. I can get info on modifying and accessories very quickly. TIPB doesn't really seem like it will be the best source of info for me should I purchase the iPad as my tablet of choice.
This is very unfortunate for a couple of reasons. First of all Sprint is the best carrier for me. Secondly, judging from my wifes Andriod, I anticipate that the EVO may be many things but simple and easy to use is not one of them.
The bottom line is that I was really looking forward to owning an Apple product that I could jailbreak and customize. After finally seeing some of the potential mods that are out there for iPhone, it's clear that Apple is still one of the best at designing an interface.
Unfortunately, the average contributor to TIPB has useless observations like BMW vs. Chevy and which one gets laid more.

Anthony says:

For all of you who seem to think you make cogent arguments:
The heading this post is under is EDITORIAL not news you wackos.
It's supposed to be opinion not journalism. Sheesh.

timberga says:

Nope, you still sound like a tarded fanboy.....wake up and smell Steve J's ass planted on your face.

Steve Jobs says:

That's rite my Apple "Fagboi" minions...get these android studs with thier super phones...big show offs...by the way iPhone OS4 will have multitasking and it will be breathtakingly amazing, stunning...revolutionary it will be.

Michael Jones says:

Circumstances make strange bedfellows. I was a loyal BlackBerry Bold 9000 user until I broke a few keys on mine, two weeks ago (doing metal tubing work, with my Bold in my pocket, accidentally). Out of warranty. With no phone to use, I stuck the SIM into my wife's old v.1 iPhone (with EDGE). I'm starting to like this phone, even without a keyboard.
Anyways, on this Android vs. Iphone issue - my co-worker has the Motorola Droid, and he likes it, but there are things that he hates about it, e.g., the USB drive-mounting chore. And he never uses the keyboard, which is the reason he chose it over the iPhone - he uses the virtual keyboard.
In a week or so, I will have the choice of the 960x640 screen of the new iPhone or the 480x360 screen of the slider BlackBerry (if there is one), or maybe switching from AT&T to Sprint for the EVO. It is unlikely that I will switch from AT&T, but I might.

whsingleton says:

The Android forums are more like a support form because the stuff don't work. I researched Android with an open mind because Im tired that I can't customize my iPhone and the conclusion I came too is it is just not worth it. Many if those guys are Verizon guys just off the Blackberry Storm. Again... an iPhone on Verizon would seriously hurt Android. Sorry, that's the truth. Sure glad Android 2.2 allows apps on the SD card finally... The Sprint EVO limit is less than 400 megs without it. Sure hope those Incredible spontaneous reboots are solved soon. Sure hope the apps get better as many of them are
coded for the lowest level of hardware for the greatest target compatibility.

Steve Woz says:

I guess most of all, I feel bad for this guy lollipop. None of his points make any sense. To blindly say only people who use linux will buy an Andriod phone is just sad. 100,000 activations a day, millions of young kids and parents use the MyTouch 3G, Droid, and soon MyTouch Slide. These are not people who are even familiar or know what linux is.

WillT says:

I wasn't aware anyone actually read Newsweek anymore.

Dantv says:

Google IS EVIL....more so than Microsoft or Apple.

Ron says:

android has gotten to the point where it is just about even with iphone. One has advantages, so does the other. Now that they compete so directly, both are forced to innovate. look at the evo 4g!, and also android 2.2! let's face it, the 3GS was a measly update, but with the competition android is bringing, look at that beast of an iphone prototype thats been released!

Ray says:

Pathetic fanboi rene

Luis says:

Author made a point, deal with it. I find android so cheap without multi touch

Lollipopjones says:

@Steve Woz
Thats all you can say? Here is the truth no VzW or Sprint or Tmobile Sales person would say while employed with their carriers.... Most of the people that buy Android phones on the other carriers buy them because they can't get iPhones... Why do you think the iPhone is crushing android in Europe and Asia? Oh wait thats because when consumers have the choice they go with the device they want. The only reason why the Droid is selling like it is on Verizon is due to how they market it to their customers to be there iPhone alternative. However, what is EVERY Verizon user who buys an Android phone say? "Man when is the iPhone coming to the Network?"
SO yeah you cant take that retardation you spew and go back to Androidcentral. Noone hates Android its just the simple truth that 95% of the people that buy android right now will never root their device, will never back up there device, will go to there store wondering why there device has slowed to a crawl (not realizing they need to kill the apps), and will happily drop thier device for the iphone.
The fact of the matter is to the majority of android owners only bought their devices because they couldn't get an iPhone on there network. When VzW gets the iPhone they will not ever bother mentioning Droid and they probably will not renew their droid license. The only people that will buy android will be the tech nerds that try to argue that their crap is superior because they can hack their device and that it is customizable. And yes you guys are the linux freaks that cry out how linux is so superior to Windows because everything is open sourced while the vast majority of users wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

Steve Jobs says:

Get em my apple fagboi's. I'll have a treat for u later.

Nick says:

Come on Rene, really...REALLY? They are obviously not talking about downloading music on the phone OTA, they are talking about buying on the computer and letting it download OTA to your phone. OTA music downloads straight from the phone isn't anything special as a lot of phones had this for a while with Amazon MP3 store. Put down the kool-aid for a bit and read what they were talking bout.

thedave says:

Have you noticed that rene doesn't generally reply to articles after around about post 5/6. He will reply upto post 5/6-ish but after that no matter how good a point a post makes all you get is silence.
Do you think he doesn't read them?

visi says:

I think Lollipopjones is Rene

kayno says:

I agree with you 100% You sir are a scholar and a gentleman.. If the one iPhone was available on every network.. Android would be the second choice for most.. I know so many who have switched from Android to iPhone and only 1 iPhone to android..

Tallbruva says:

And yet, the iPhone isn't on every carrier. There have been comments made that the truth is that if iPhone was on Verizon it would spank Android. The only truth is that it isn't on Verizon and thus is not spanking Android.
There are pros and cons to each OS. But one thing that can't be denied is that for the first time, there exists an OS that has iPhone fanbois spitting venom. Prior to this it was just "we're No.1!".
Competition is good. If iPhone forces Google to step up it's game with Android, that's a plus (although even by Rene's admission, Android was being developed 2 years before iPhone). If Android make Stevie push the envelope, that's good too. As someone said, I'd rather have two choices ran than 1.
And of course, the one we pick is going to be the one we defend :-)

whsingleton says:

It's the Android "fanboys" spitting venom. They are the ones coming over here and bashing iPhone. Personally, I don't care beyond the fact that it is a fun debate. I'd love to ditch AT&T and move back to Verizon, and I almost choose Droid, until I researched it. AT&T in my area is not THAT bad though.

Mac says:

One of iPhones major plusses is that it helps to identify the juvenile techie in any crowd. Unfortunately, Android is starting to follow suit. Can any of you foaming at the mouth religious zealots repeat after me? My ________ phone is the most important fashion accesory that I will own for the rest of my life.

Lollipopjones says:

You really need to get your pic off the internet man.

kbduvall says:

Looking back at the past articles, I don't understand how you can say "it is always Rene finding something bad that was said about Apple and defending it or a company besides apple coming out with something new and Rene shooting it down". Less than 5% of the last 20 articles have contained much "opinion" at all.
And why is it OK for other sites/journalists/columnists to post their anti-Apple comments/opinions but it's not OK for Rene to post an intelligent, fact based rebuttal?
This article isn't even about bashing Android. He said "There’s a legitimate argument to be made for leaving the iPhone and going to Android, but Newsweek’s Dan Lyons (aka Fake Steve Jobs) utterly, bitterly failed to make it". He then said, "we have one heck of an Android team here at SPE, led by Phil Nickinson, and each and every one of them could have nailed a switcher article with style and grace — what Newsweek ran did just as much a disservice to Android as it did the iPhone".
It sounds more to me like he was saying that a good "switching at Android" article could have easily been written but Lyons failed to do so.
How is this anti-Android and how is this Apple Fanboyism? And how does this one article mean that every article he writes is defending Apple? If think you people need to actually read the rest of his articles... especially the ones where he is critical of Apple.

Yarrah says:

Nerd talk.
Cmon man grow some. That is not journalism!
I love iphone, in fact I am writing this from my iPhone. Its not about bashing iphone or android. This article has some serious flaws, half your statements are bull. Do some real research.

kayno says:

@Tallbruva "purchased 2 years before Apple ANNOUNCED the iPhone".. iPhone was in developement 2+ years before it was announced.. Get it right..

AndroidianSlip says:

Rene's response is lame and subjective at best. The best part of this is the reaction from the readers. "The Android forums are more like a support form because the stuff don’t work..." LOL. iPhone owners don't need forums because there is nothing to dicuss, you can only use the phone in a one dimensional way.

norris says:

It's an interesting article. There are parts that I agree with, for example the fake Steve jobs didn't really discuss the best reasons for switching to Android, that is, integration into the Google application ecosystem. However, the notion that Google is as closed as Apple just doesn't really track.
First of all, Google does not block access to third party advertisers. In fact, AT&T offers an Android phone that makes Yahoo the default search provider (the Backflip). It also appears that the open system model adopted by Android would prevent Google's ability from blocking this type of customization. While one could rationally ask the question about Apple's intention toward third party mobile advertisers on Apple's platform, the very question simply does not make much sense on the Android platform.

seb_or_sam says:

Good article Rene! You're right, neither apple nor google is evil, and neither of them are saints. And I'm glad someone finally brought up the million fallacies in the whole "why we made android" speech Vick gave. I respect Vick and google, and honestly think Android is on equal footing with iphone os right now- I could really go either way (but I'm loving my Pre and won't leave it :D ), and we'll see what the future holds for both OS's. I think fake steve doesn't know what he's talking about here and doesn't want to admit he's just bored with the iPhone. And don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with that. I just wish he'd come out and say it instead of the crap he gave.
Sidenote: Look at Palm. Have they ever done what Google did and compared a competitor to a brutal dictatorship? Nope. They've actually respected the competition, said it's healthy, and say they appreciate them and have even praised them. I just expected better of Vick, and of Dan Lyons.

Sandra says:

I would say you're sporting a blackeye if you're getting in the corner with Apple's iPhone. Apple's arrogance towards flash is unacceptable. I've used flash since it came out in 1998. I've created many things with this technology -- allowing vectors and interactive content to be easily published on the internet. Apple applied it's strict nazi-control, and in doing so, squelched the ability for artists like myself to see my own website. I had an iphone unfortunately -- giving my hard earned money to this evil corporation that also forces me to use itunes to manage my music and such, which mangles my mp3's into s secretive proprietary format that doesn't allow me to get the music out, once it has been put in -- not very useful.
I have a google Android phone now. Once Flash is on Android, coming very soon, it'll be one of the nails in apples coffin.
Apple had some good ideas, but ultimately, no one likes a bully. Nazi germany also invented the beetle car, which was a good piece of technology and idea that persisted for many years/decades. Hopefully Apple crumbles much like the nazis eventually did.

Beauregard says:

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