What was your favourite TiPb story of 2010? [Give away]

We've already chosen our editors' picks for the top 10 headlines of 2010, but now we want to know our readers favourites (that's you!). There have been so many stories that some of the best ones get lost in the mix. We have watched Apple take on Google, HTC, Adobe, Nokia, and pretty much everyone and their patent troll sue Apple. We've seen the releases of the iPad and the iPhone 4 and complaints about both. We got iOS 4 for iPhone and -- finally! -- iOS 4.2 for iPad. We've had the white iPhone 4 go missing and rumors of the Verizon iPhone hit the boiling point.

Okay. Bored now.

You know what my favourite story of the year was? I have to say it wasn't really newsworthy at all but was humorous in nature. It was the rumor that Steve Jobs was stopped at the Japanese boarder for carrying ninja stars. Yes it was later found to be only fiction (perhaps) but is still makes me laugh.

What was your favourite TiPb story of 2010? Post the TiPb.com link in the comments below, tell us why it was your favorite, and we'll choose three of you to receive some fabulous iPhone and iPad accessory prizes for New Years!

What are you waiting for, tell me your favourite stories!

(Valid email address required. We won't show it but we'll need it to contact you if you win!)


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A.J says:

My favorite one was with the ninja stars and Steve Jobs

MikeCTZA says:

Dataman app review here: http://www.tipb.com/2010/12/11/dataman-iphone-app-review/ - Cellular/3G data is very expensive here and with low caps on data it is essential to know how much you are consuming. Great app and essential for me to keep track that I don't go over my allowance and get heavy charges. All the best for TiPb in 2011

A.J says:

My favorite was the Steve and the ninja story, because it made my day.http://www.tipb.com/2010/09/14/steve-jobs-stopped-transporting-ninja-sta...
I had a post before but I didn't read the directions fully so disregard my earlier posts, please.

David Strom says:

I have followed closely the ongoing saga of the Verizon iPhone. It has so many dimensions: expanding competition in the iPhone space; the possible effects on Android adoption; the tug of war between Apple and Verizon over the user experience and its malleability; the anticipation of Verizon users to have expanded choices. Expansion of carrier options for the iPhone could have a dramatic impact on the whole wireless market in the US.

gjlowe says:

IOS 4.2 and the introduction of AirPlay!

mattoaks says:

My favorite was the announcements of the iphone 4 and the coverage of the event. TiPB does a great job of keeping it's readers up to date on everything Apple, making it easy for us to go to one site for all our info.

Jonathan says:

I got a new iPod touch for christmas with 4.2.1 so that guide helped me learn the secrets of iOS.

Trehman says:

My favorite story of the year was the iPad announcement. While everyone thought it was just a giant iPod Touch and the name "iPad" was a little funny, Apple once again proved everyone wrong and now the iPad is the leading mobile tablet world-wide.

Corey says:

iPad two guesses. I held off on the first generation iPad, and have was starting to regret it, but reading all the improvements likely to be made, well, it brought me out of my dark place :)
Not to mention that tipb has a pretty good track record with predictions of the improvements from generation to generation of Apple devices, so I won't be disappointed when the second iPad finally becomes introduced to the world.

Jeff brougher says:

The iPad so cool but iam waiting for the 2 one no money yet Steve jobs the iPhone 4 please turn off your phone when he is introducing the antenna problem

Jonnathan R says:

My favorite TiPB story or stories are all of the ones that have to do with the white iphone 4. Its funny how the iphone 5 will come out in several months and the white iphone 4 isn't released yet. Apple keeps on delaying the white iphone 4 but who knows if their even going to ever release it. :Dhttp://www.tipb.com/2010/10/27/rumor-apple-delaying-white-iphone-4/

MooPenguin32 says:

Anything about the iPhone 4 and iOS 4. I was all about reading those articles. Keep up the great work!

danny says:

I bought iphone4, 2 ipads (1 for me, 1 for my parents). And you guys always gave me useful informations. Above all things my favourite story of the year was functions of ios 4.2.1. cause I have both iphone and ipad, and ios 4.2.1 made great improvements (especially for my parents)

patcom8 says:

oddly enough it would have to be the Day light savings alarm warning... my Iphone is my only alarm and I wake up to get to work at 5:30 and there is NO WAY I wake up without my "strum" alarm ( i got bored of Marimba)... SO thank you TIPB!!!

JRF_1986 says:

My favorite blogs are the jailbreak ones. I just got my iPhone like two weeks ago and these have been very helpful. They explain everything I need to know. I still haven't done it, since all I ever wanted was multitasking, but I kind of want to for themes.

Dave01568 says:

Intro to iOS 4 walkthroughhttp://www.tipb.com/2010/06/14/ios-4-walkthrough/
Because it had a great story and video. Thanks

Sebastian says:

The announcement of the iPad!! Best "gadget you really don't need but must have anyways" :D

KekoaLani says:

Ha'ouli Maka Hiki Hou from Hawaii! It has to be the iPad: http://www.tipb.com/2010/01/27/apple-introduces-ipad-tablet/ for several reasons! First of all I am a " Mac addict" who had written a 5 page letter to Steve Jobs about problems with an out of warranty iMac. In that letter I wished Steve well as he was home recuperating. I had read he was working on a tablet computer during that time. I so wanted one and am using mine right now! Thank goodness he got better and the iPad is now tech history! Articles like yours got me so excited to buy an iPad and lucky for me my students gifted me much of the money to get one. The other reason I like this article is a techy friend made jokes about the iPad name. I told him he was way off base. He has had to eat his words and recently got an iPad. Keep up the great work with your site!

pink2 says:

I liked http://www.tipb.com/2010/12/31/2010-tipb-readers-choice-award-winners/ because I like finding out what the best apps are before I buy them.

Neil says:

For me it was Rene's iOS 4.0 walk through http://www.tipb.com/2010/06/14/ios-4-walkthrough/
I got an iPhone 3G on launch day and was signed into a 2 year contract so the buildup to the iPhone 4 announcement/launch was killing me and the walkthrough gave me every tiny little nugget of information for the new os, It made the wait much easier following the beta's right up to the final GM.
Thanks tipb! Roll on the iOS 5.0 walkthrough :)

napamplona94 says:

iOS 4.0 walkthrough
It made me more excited about my iPhone 4 I was getting and helped a lot

scabbard says:

Definitely either antennagate/ glassgate. It allowed everyone to see that although Apple makes great products, no one is truly perfect.

Ilovegeorgia says:

Angry droids was funny to ;)

Koot says:

Yea the ninja story was hilarious!

Hateboy says:

My favorite story was Antennagate. It demonstrated how big the iPhone and Apple's hubris have become. A complete non-issue dominated the headlines for months. Apple had to know about this problem before releasing the phone. The bumper case is seemingly designed to correct the "problem". Apple rightly decided they could weather the storm and so they did.

Tom-Tom says:

iOS 4.2 for iPad pretty much re-invented the greatest invention of the year: http://www.tipb.com/2010/11/07/ios-42-ipad-walkthrough-2/

kmiahali says:

My favorite was the leaked iPod touch prototypes as well as the iPod touch 4 in 10 minutes vid.

kain00 says:

Welcome to the iPad!
Because the iPad has changed the way we use computers & interact with content like books, music, videos etc.

emozdashietxp says:

i thought this was funny because..i mean read it. apple beat's themselves in their own game?..does it matter?! THEY'RE STILL MAKING MONEY FOR APPLE! hahaha.

SockRolid says:

No bout a-dout it. My favorite TiPb story of 2010 is the review of the Aquapac, with Georgia's swimming pool torture test:
She's smart, athletic, cute, tough, and even slightly vulnerable. Tougher than any underwater case, for sure. Can't wait for the Aquapac for iPad 2 underwater torture test!

Clive says:

The run through on iOS 4.2. At my age (57) I need all the help I can get. This article was informative and I could call it up on my PC and then follow the step by step instructions / walk through. the iPad has not been officially released in South Africa yet so there's not too much help available locally.

caseybutt says:

BestBuy employee making a video of HTC Evo 4G vs iPhone 4
That was very funny of course.
Person in video was again and again saying 'i need an iphone' although he can full fill his requirements from the Evo.
But i think that is to what we call the difference between a Product and a Brand.
iPhone is a brand and people are loving it and so am i

GeoffD says:

Angry-droids haha Rene helps me put those guys in check, functionallity vs usability!

Ames says:

When iP4 prototype went missing

Vhaos says:

my favorite was with Ninja Steve Jobs haha

pivale says:

your iphone4 review was awesome and made me by one as soon as it hit Portugal. multitask ftw!

Georgia says:

Impressive how popular my Ninja star story is.
Wait am I entered now ???

Rene Ritchie says:

No. You are disallowed. Silly editor.

Brian says:

My favorite post was about the existence of JailbreakMe.com. It was such a simple way to jailbreak, it finally got me to quit stalling and jailbreak! I haven't looked back. I have even jailbroken other people's devices for them. I believe I will forever be Team Jailbreak.