First Brazilian Apple Store to open in Rio de Janeiro on Feb.15

After months of speculation, Apple has confirmed that its very first retail store in Brazil will be opening soon. The Rio de Janeiro store is set to open on February 15, and will be located in the city's luxurious VillageMall shopping center.

The February opening leaves plenty of time to get up and running properly before the massive influx of people heading to Rio later this year for the FIFA World Cup, which in turn likely played a part in getting it open so early. Opening hours for the VillageMall store are set to be 11:00 to 23:00 Monday to Saturday, and 13:00 to 21:00 on Sundays.

So, the date is set, and we all know how Apple likes to celebrate the opening of a new store. Any of our Brazilian friends planning on heading down? We'd love to hear from you!

Source: Apple

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First Brazilian Apple Store to open in Rio de Janeiro on Feb.15


Glad to hear this is finally happening. I'm sure Apple has wanted this one for awhile but trade barriers in Brazil don't make it easy for them.

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As a dream, I cannot wait it! For sure, I'll be there to greet people and enjoy the first apple store around Brazil. I am Brazilian but my big dream is living abroad! Far far away from this disrespectful country!

Great news for Brazilians. I think this is the first in Latin America. I hope Apple open, at least one in Argentina.

Yes, first one in Latin America and second country in the southern hemisphere to have an Apple Store, after Australia, to the utter chagrin of our coleagues from São Paulo, the business heart of Brazil that always took for granted that the first Brazilian Apple Store would open there.

There are 14 countries with brick and mortar Apple Stores, Brazil will be the 15th.

I imagine Mexico City would also be a candidate for a store. There are lot of MacStores and iShops in Mexico, but no official Apple Store.