Fleksy keyboard coming to iOS 8

Fleksy has announced that it is bringing its keyboard to iOS 8 as a plug-in extension. Right now, the company is offering users the opportunity to register their emails to get in on the beta program.

Fleksy uses an intelligent algorithm to predict what word you are attempting to type without requiring accurate key presses on the device's touchscreen.

"Fleksy is a new, revolutionary keyboard, powered by patent pending technology that makes typing on any device fast, accurate and so easy you can type without even looking," the company described its keyboard. "The power behind Fleksy is its unique technology based on Geometric Intelligence."

Basically, the keyboard "looks at where you tap and analyzes your typing pattern to understand the word you meant to type."

As part of WWDC, Apple had announced that a third-party keyboards will be supported as extensions in iOS 8. Swype was shown during Apple's keynote as a partner and shortly after Swiftkey announced that its keyboard will be coming to iOS as well.

Source: Fleksy

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Reader comments

Fleksy keyboard coming to iOS 8


Been using this in replacement of Swiftykey which I had been using for years. The text prediction on it is great and it allows for rapid texting with next to no errors. Great keyboard choice.

The floodgates will open now that apple allows 3rd party keyboards. Great, because the stock IOS keyboard left much to be desired.

This was one of the best keyboards I tested out... Now I can integrated to the OS itself... Things get awesomer...

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