Former EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson, joining Apple reporting to Tim Cook

In talking up Apple's environmental policies at D11, CEO Tim Cook announced that former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator, Lisa Jackson, will be joining the company reporting directly to Cook. Jackson joins Apple to co-ordinate the environmental policies right across the company.

Cook also took the opportunity to point out that Apple owns and operates the largest solar farm and fuel cell of any non-energy company. All in the name of being kind to the environment.

While her official title escaped Cook at the time, and it's unknown if Jackson will be a vice-president, senior vice-president, or something else entirely, it's nice to see environment getting some higher level personification at Apple, and Apple's leadership getting some additional gender diversity.

What's your take on Apple's latest high-profile hire?

Source: Allthingsd

Richard Devine

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mike22 says:

If apple cared they would have NOT laid off 20,000 people in USA plate and close plant

iBlackdude says:

Lisa PEREZ Jackson.....
Finally a Latino @apple.

Now we need a black guy too !!!!!!