Fox News: AT&T Outbid Everyone on iPad, Verizon Still in Talks over iPhone, iPad

Fox News is reporting that AT&T outbid all other GSM providers in offering those reasonable $14.99 and $29.99 data plans for the iPad, and while Verizon and Apple are still discussing both the iPhone and iPad, there's still nothing approaching an agreement in place.

What about all those rumors of Verizon getting the iPhone like, now?

the two companies are still "very much talking and plan to bring an iPhone and an iPad" to the CDMA network this year, following the expiration of AT&T's exclusive agreement with Apple.

Still talking? These guys have been talking since 2006 before the launch of the first iPhone! Stop talking already and consummate the darn relationship -- or walk away. When asked for comment about these on-going talks, Verizon spokesman Jeff Nelson said, "no comment," so officially the company isn't talking about the talks.

Bottom line then, it still could be later in the year, could be as far away as LTE next year or the year after.

[Fox News via Apple Insider]

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Reader comments

Fox News: AT&T Outbid Everyone on iPad, Verizon Still in Talks over iPhone, iPad


What do you mean outbid? apple is selling these unlocked. VZ problem is that they selected the wrong tech, CDMA.
I would say this is true, only if it was exclusvie or ATT was buying gazilions of these. Apple has always been usin GSM which is supported in most countries (if not all). Why TMobile chose a mHZ that most of the world does not use is beyond me.

If they stay with AT&T,I have no problem. I had dropped calls and all that other stuff with Verizon and still thought they gave me good overall service.

The heck with both AT&T and Verizon. I live in an area of North Carolina where we have 4G Wi-Max service (Clear/Sprint service) which is less expensive per month than either AT&T or Verizon. Why settle for AT&T 3G when you could have 4G speeds that rival DSL/Cable? Sure, it does nothing for me if I travel to places other than Texas, Atlanta, DC, Baltimore, Philly and Portland but I my company has locked down travel and I'm not going anywhere. 4G is what will make these devices shine.

@the reptile- a good 3g network makes these devices shine. My jailbroken iPhone can stream full quality youtube videos, among other types of video no problem with 3g unrestrictor. Back in my home town I get 3mbps regularly which is quite astonishing for a cell network. I think the phone does something to make your internet usage less or it's just slow to parse data or something because when my iPhone is tethered to my computer 3g is really fast (albeit ping sucks).
In regards to the article... I fail to see how AT&T bid anything for this. The iPad is unlocked, but they got a sweetheart deal with Apple on the data. $30 for unlimited 3g data is a pretty damn good deal though. Also I think this goes to show you that Verizon really isn't taking these iPhone talks seriously. I'm sure Apple is willing to make a CDMA iPhone that is Verizon specific, but I would be willing to be Verizon isn't going to budge on pricing, especially since they have some pretty nice phones for themselves. imho Verizon doesn't need the iPhone and the iPhone doesn't need Verizon.

Lol is sprint still around.
@cardfan And they will never have it. And as it looks neither will verizon anytime soon. No matter they have bad coverage where I live anyhow.

I betting Verizon wouldn't budget on the data rate price. Verizon probably wanted to gouge the customer on data which would make the ipad less desirable to the masses.

Are you guys dumb? Yeah its unlocked but where can you go? Nowhere, you still have to use ATT. ATT came up with the best unlimited price, that's what it means that they outbid everyone. All other bidders (VZW) probably wanted $50 a month.

You can take the AT&T out of the iPhone but you can't take the iPhone out of AT&T.
I was really hoping for a Verizon iPhone by this summer when my AT&T contract runs out on my 3G but it's not looking too good. Fingers crossed that they work it out.

I keep telling you, there will not be an iPhone on Verizon. I know everyone wants it, but the tech is wrong, and I can't think of anyone who is going to be willing to buy the exact same phone again JUST to change carriers.
If I can't pop in a sim and go, I'm not interested.

Michael I would have agreed with you back a year ago, but thanks to competition, I'm not so sure about that any more. Apple with the iPhone did wrest some control from AT&T, and is actually doing good by the consumer. Those data plans are very nice. However, the two main perceived problems with the iPhone right now are #1 limited to only one carrier, and #2 lack of flash. Android exists on all the carriers in one form or another, and supports flash right now. I think flash sucks and I think CDMA sucks, but Verizon appears to have better coverage, and their customer service is great compared to the other companies, including AT&T. You have to weigh all the important factors, and if Android makes enough dent in the iPhone sales, expect Apple to release a CDMA version. Then expect AT+T to finally get a small clue.

I know it's not required but why must I pay for an iPhone data plan and AT&T. It's like getting charge extra for have 2computers Hooked up to your home connection and getting charged twice. To me that's dumb gezz freaking Canada gets free tethering USA gets more devces and still no tethering

Yes, 'outbid' means that AT&T offered the most competitive plan for consumers, which is what Apple wanted to be able to position the iPad in this so-far failed, emerging market. AT&T really wants more stationary data devices; I imagine that AT&T outbid the other cellular companies for the Kindle as well, for similar reasons. AT&T also has, for its part, technology that is more consistent with world cellular networks, although I don't know how much that's worth in the grand scheme of things.
Of course, any device that sports a cellular modem wraps itself up in the cellular technology upgrade issues. There would be a good argument for getting an iPad without 3G and a 4G portable wifi router/modem. Or, tethering. But both of those options involve twice the battery management. (It's also worth considering that the first generation iPad is probably skippable.)

I'm NOT skipping the first iPad simply because i want for it to succeed. I can't wait to see what the next iPad's down the road will be like.

Ok now that the ipad has no Calling + Data issues what possible reason would you have for preferring GSM over CDMA?
Its not a phone.
It uses a dumb pipe.
There isn't a reason in the world this thing couldn't have multiple protocol chips installed and you select the one you want to use this week.


Of course, any device that sports a cellular modem wraps itself up in the cellular technology upgrade issues. There would be a good argument for getting an iPad without 3G and a 4G portable wifi router/modem. Or, tethering. But both of those options involve twice the battery management. (It’s also worth considering that the first generation iPad is probably skippable.)

Why not a notch in the back where you slide in your Cellular Data card?
Realistically this thing has or needs NO GSM capabilities, and there is no real reason to even build in a modem.
Modems are small. Just make a slot for it and let the user decide.


I keep telling you, there will not be an iPhone on Verizon. I know everyone wants it, but the tech is wrong, and I can’t think of anyone who is going to be willing to buy the exact same phone again JUST to change carriers. If I can’t pop in a sim and go, I’m not interested.

Thanks for that info Steve Jobs.
But who said anything about someone "buying the exact same phone AGAIN"? Who said Verizon iPhone buyers would be ex AT&T customers?
Its not like Verizon has no customers of their own to up-sell.

"Coming from FIX News?"
And I suppose the Communist News Network is any better?
Sprint stil isn't profitable, not even after the restructure. You can't win bids if you don't have any money to bid with.

Can you name a phone that has GSM and CDMA on it? Can you name a phone used in Europe or Asia wtht both CDMA and GSM?
why would apple spend more for the handset? VZ should foot the extra costs at the very least.
Anyway, the point was, ATT did not need to bid anything. Apple is releasing it unlock. The bid thing is nonsense (making it appear that ATT is going to ante up something while apple looks greedy).
Apple went to VZ first with the iphone. Bet you the bright boy WS consultants advising VZ said that it would be a failure.

I just hope ATT has some type of discount on data for subscribers who already have unlimited data on their iPhones because I'm really not trying to give them another 30 bucks. Maybe 15 but definitely not 30.

Read my lips: This isnt a phone!
All these data modem chips are about the same size. All you need is a tiny slot to insert the modem you want to use. Just EXACTLY like the cellular wireless you can buy for your computer, which is about the size of a usb thumb drive. Strip the case off of one of those and its less than an eighth of an inch thick.

Why does verizon need the iPhone anyway?
They have the blackberries and droid phones that are doing fine... Why don't people bitch about the droid being verizon exclusive?

I am not "loyal" to any company (apple nor AT&T). I am loyal to the best deal/customer experience. IN MY OPINION... the iPhone trumps the competition. I mean the iPhone does not have half as good technical specs as some of the competition but apple manages grow their smartphone business way faster.
A lot of people hate iPhone for really dumb reasons. It's almost like they "hate" because they wanna be different. You should buy what YOU like rather than what other people like. With that said, Apple has the most loyal fans ever (I'm a pc guy and totally happy). Some people just hate this which is totally illogical.
This whole AT&T vs VZ debate is pointless. Both sides have good and bad things (customer service is way too subjective). It's important to understand that VZ does not have a device like the iPhone on it's network and you cannot compare these carriers apples to apples.

Because the Droid is just one of a million different Android phones. There certainly isn't anything special about it.

I've been with AT&T since the days of Cingular. I never had a problem. I think ALL cell carriers are ripping people off and I am not a fan of this industry. Sure we use it but they seem to be following the same motto of the big oil companies and I am not a fan of that.
I like the iPad and no contract plan, it is a brilliant idea and this should be the future trend of cellular pricing.

I just chef from verizon to AT&T. My reason. The 3g everywhere I went was SLOW. I might have always been in 3g but what good us awesome 3g coverage if it's slow? This I phone is the beat phone I have used simply because the ease of having a lot of devices in one. Sure my bb storm 2 could be used as a music and video player but the interface was slow and sucked.
By the way. The blackberry storm 9550 uses both GSM and CDMA. It runs on verizons CDMA network but has a vodafone/verizon sim card in it. So there's a phone that uses BOTH technologies.

Isn't North America the most expensive mobile rate area in the world? I still can't believe they charge for incoming calls!! I live in Asia and all incoming calls from any carrier including international incoming calls are FREE! How can they charge you to receive a call?!

@Federico, @icebike.
The BB Storm first gen is a CDMA-GSM combi phone. It has a SIM and SIM card slot but presumably locked to VZW's parent Vodafone. I don't know about the Storm 2 though.
I've had two BB Storms in 60 days. Glad to have disposed them for the iPhone. Whoever designed and approved those two phones should be fired by RIM.

Let's have a reality check:

  1. No iPhone on Verizon. Why, CDMA is dying so why R&D a phone for it?
  2. The myth of no choice for carrier. It's simple, if you want an iPhone fully functional and supported then it's AT&T. No one cries about the Storm being exclusive to Verizon or when the Pre was only on Sprint like they do about the iPhone. Kids, just because you can't have it the way you want (i.e. iPhone on Verizon) get over it.
  3. AT&T bid the lowest price plans for the data service. I imagine that Sprint and T-Mobile were not considered and Verizon was to high and possibly wanted restrictions(?)
  4. No phone is sold that allows a user to choose CDMA or GSM. They are locked.
  5. As of this date AT&T does NOT have an Android phone yet.
  6. I doubt there will be any discounts if you have an iPhone and want an iPad with data.

@icebike: I think the 3G modem is first of all a required offering (that is, it has to be an option), and secondly that it's where the untapped market is. Typical cellular data plans are holding back MIDs. And the iPad's always-connected OS means that a 3G connection is a big advantage for the iPad compared to, say, a netbook.
It would be nice if the cellular modem were modular, but that's not likely to happen.

Those phones havent been out for 2 1/2 yrs. It was known from the beginning that the PRE was going to be only on Sprint for 6 months, and there are unlocked Storms. The "world phones" vzw has become unlocked after 6 months I believe and then you have your choice of carrier if you choose to pay that crazy ETF.

Point 1: Dear Infineon: Steve Jobs here, please send Foxcon 4 million CDMA chips for Verizon. Not a Big deal.
Send from my Iphone.
Point 2: There is choice of carrier in EVERY country except USA.
Point 3: Why would apple gife a rats rear end what the end user pays for data?
Point 4: See Rene's post.
Point 5: Look at your watch when you say that
Point 6: Discounts from who? How much of a discount do you need from $15, when most of your usage will be on Wifi.

please find me somehwere on the internet where apple was in talks with verizon to have the iphone first and having verizon turn it down!! bc i cant seem to find it anywhere except for in the mouths of speculators. why on earth would apple make a cdma iphone just to make a gsm version for the rest of the world.. if you believe apple approched verizon first then youre just an idiot. and nobody expects an iphone to hit verizon before LTE so all the rumors should stop. its gettting old.

When did you jump on the bandwagon? It was well known before the iPhone was released that they had asked Verizon to be the exclusive carrier. But Verizon wanted to fill it with their own software and Vcast. Steve said no thanks.

When u update to 3.1.3 look at the battery percentage remember it, then reset ur iPhone and when it turns back on look at the 1st intial lockscreen the battery percentage will be 8% lower then after a sec it will jump back 8 % to wut it should really be… Very very strange I thought apple was supposed to fix the issue not make it worse…. DO NOT UPGRADE PLEASE STICK WITH 3.1.2 FAR LESS BUGGY….

@ Blake....and you find this "well known" information where?? you read it on years back?? because i sure dont see anything that relates to someone from either side stating that.
Hey ummm the colts were supposed to get eli before the giants picked him up!! but eli turned them down and went to new york you see how that works??
there is NO BODY with any kind of credibility that can prove that true.get off that Bandwagon.
Read the entire article and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. Everything is speculation without proven official documentation. But USA today wasn't the only one reporting this.
All I did was a simple google search with the right key words and it was the first article that google pulled up. If you want official documentation, then you might need to ask Mr.Jobs for that.

Also SoCo, just because you're ignorant enough to believe that if YOU can't find it then it must not be true, then you're ignorant enough to discount everything you'd believe to be false. However, the truthiness (thanks Colbert) of anything depends on the person. So if you don't believe it, then that's fine, because most people were over it 2 years ago.

"Denny Strigl, Verizon's chief operating officer, decided to pass on the iPhone deal and says he has no regrets: "Time will tell" if he made the right call, he says."
From Verizon....
I think I made my point.

Point 1. Hello, you thin its just a chip hey. Wow, not sent from a CDMA iPhone, because there IS NONE.
Point 2. Really, thats interesting but you neglect to leave out one major point, no subsidies for phones, and pre pay rules. You comparing apples (no pun intended) to oranges.

  1. I try to explain it, from the OP it seems that there was a bidding process, AT&T won. Why would Apple care, if the data plan was say $50.00 or higher many people may not buy an iPad. They may want one with a data coverage or it's a no sale. It all part of the package and/or experience.

4.Yes they do cell them, but its locked to Verizon in the US and maybe Vodaphone in Europe. No real choice.

  1. Still no Android on AT&T, its coming but not here now.

Point 6. Desmond had said he wanted a discount for the iPad data plan, not you. I said it was not happening.
It goes back to my original point, no iPhone on CDMA it's a dying technology. No point in having a phone that will start to cause customer issues in a year. People will not be happy with their LTE iPhone on Verizon when they leave a major city and hit the highways and the phone does not work because its CDMA in rural areas and highways until the make the network LTE by 2014.

No at first no one but Sprint and Palm new how long the Pre would be exclusive. Yes there are unlocked Storms, but where can you use them in the US? Verizon, not Sprint, possibly on Cricket and Metro but no Blackberry features. As it is, the Storm is ONLY on Verizon fully functional. World phone only work on Verizon in the US, its locked. Unlocking is only for the rest of the world.
You want an iPhone without AT&T, buy one no commitment price, the put it on T-Mobile.

All the pre-release Storm2 videos I saw on youtube had it running on ATT. Go look for yourself. So you can actually get a Storm2 to work on ATT if you really wanted to. And if you recall it was said that the exclusivity deal with Palm and Sprint was from 6-12 months.

We are not talking about hacked phones here, the discussion is about a phone on a carrier and the desire to have it on another carrier.
The question of Sprint and Palm Pre was rumored after the release and for 3-4 months no official comment from Palm and Sprint said it was longer than 3 months. Most experts believe that the reason for the 6 months was the sales volume, it did well on Sprint, but not up to contractual agreements which freed Palm to introduce a similar product on Verizon.

Put it on T-Mohahahahahahahaahahahahhahahahaaaa........Make sure the device supports GPRS! For that rich content.

Well, regardless of who's your cell phone service carrier in the US, people still pay minutes for incoming calls !!!?? This really gets me..... So in simpler words if u call someone's cell phone from your cell, both people get charged minutes for the same 1 airtime !!! isnt this a ripoff? why this is only happening in the US? most cell carriers in almost all the other countries do not charge you for incoming calls!!! Where is the FTC when you need it?

Thanks for the info on cell phone unlocking. I love cellular phones and work at a little cell phone shop where we unlock phones and mod them for people. Add to your list of free cell phone unlock sites, I use the downloads there a lot to help me unlock phones for customers, don't be mad but hey I have to make a living some kinda way!! lol.
Anyways, I figured you could use that in your bag of tricks too :-)