Free version of MobileMe coming with iOS 4.2 for iPhone, iPad?

Free version of MobileMe coming with iOS 4.2 for iPhone, iPad?

MacRumors scores yet more evidence Apple might just be considering adding a free level of MobileMe service for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad owners on iOS 4.2.

The evidence comes in the form of a new private framework known as AppleAccounts.framework that includes a series of device-specific error messages referring to free MobileMe accounts. In particular, the error messages include alerts regarding having reached "the maximum number of free accounts" for a given device and certain devices not being "qualified for free MobileMe service".

It looks like email won't be going free but Find my iPhone, Gallery, and sync services just might be. Interestingly, that matches what we saw on a couple weeks ago -- Find my iPhone and Gallery being listed as no-subscription required apps.

Anyone starting to believe?

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Reader comments

Free version of MobileMe coming with iOS 4.2 for iPhone, iPad?


Agreed. Aside from sync and findmyiphone, what else isn't already done better and free elsewhere?

I'd probably give it a try. That is, if they can get MobileMe to actually work. I assume that's what the new data center is for. They have a way to go to match the other cloud services.

@fashion police. What are you talking about? MobileMe works flawlessly and is great. You obviously don't have it and are stuck in the initial release blogs.

No doubt. The 4.2GM drop hints all over the place, you don't need to go searching through hidden files lol

As with others, all I care about is find my phone. I dot use any of the other features as other options are available for free or lower cost.
Knowing that find my phone is going to be a part of this is awesome. I won't hold my breath, but if they make it free, a happy camper I will be.

I already have a few other email addresses, so I don't need the email anyways, yahoo syncs my calendars, I have my contacts backed up on my computer, and hardly use idisc. Find my iPhone is all I use mobile me for, so this would be great!

What nobody has asked yet is what will happen to the subscription fee for the full service? They can't continue charging the current fee if some/most features are available for free.

Could see Find My Phone and Gallery going free. The former especially as it is a great attraction for iPhone purchasers. But not the Sync function. The sync function directly involves Calendar/Safari/Mail Accounts/Notes (in, all of which involve the primary paid service of MobileMe. It would be more than a little confusing for both current and prospective MobileMe customers if they tried to pare off certain sync services for free usage.

Iphone V5G has gone thru final test and will be available for sale at Verizon January 3rd, 2011. Tip of the day.

oh, yay! that would be so great...considering i just bought it about 2 months ago and it's been one headache after another. one day calendars stop syncing, another day it's the contacts. idisk was down recently and took about 2 days to come back online. seriously, these sync services are out there already with most (decent) email providers or dropbox for storage or picasa/flickr for pics...oh, and they always have been FREE. if you only want "find my iphone", then i'm guessing apple senses that and will make that a "premium" feature you still have to pay for. :/

Just get to know someone with a family pack account and ask if you can have/buy a sub account from them. I did $15 for the year

Everyone who wants "find my iPhone" should look at the app Fonehome. $2.99 in the app store and without a monthly service fee. It can also remotely set off an alarm even if the sound is muted. This is done through there website. It does essentially the same services as find my iPhone with the exception of a remote wipe. It's a great app for the price!

Isn't the email portion of the mobile me package a benefit if it "pushes" the email directly to the phone in real time (like a Blackberry), instead of the current "fetch" setting for the other addresses that can take 15 minutes turn-around time? That seems to a big benefit to anyone who is busy and wants to stay better connected.

I don't understand why anyone's having problems with MobileMe. Maybe stop hurling their phones against the wall?
I love MobileMe. It's not worth $99, but I can't do without it so I keep paying it. I think $50 would be a fair price for what it does.

Been using this stuff for a decade, since the iTools release in 2000. Hmmm....I think e-mail should be the free part. It's just e-mail. The Find My iOS device piece should be the premium service. If part of MobileMe goes free, I'm hoping also the $99/year thing goes away. Before you all tell me I can get it on on the cheap, I do that every year. However, if the retail price from Apple drops, so will the cheaper alternatives.

I agree, make it free and a selling point of the iOS package. they are selling an integrated solution when the sell the phone, it would make sense to include it as the package.

@Brandon, kill gmail, what you smoking? Gmail can be used on any platform, mobile me services are just Apple. I'm tired of using proprietary services that lock you into a platform. Google has freed me from that.

Questions? On the iMac there is a App to create a website and when publishing it says use your Mobile Me account. Does this mean we will be able to publish a created website using the free mobile me?

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