Friday Fun Video Revenge: Apple SMASH BlackBerry Bullet!

Remember that rejected -- and highly physically impossible -- video a few weeks back that was preening over? The one where a BlackBerry "bullet" tore through what was obviously a fake, tranquilized, like Waterloo fabricated Apple in a bizarre attempt to make the BlackBerry Storm less... Apple pwnd?

Well, now someone has found the real video, and likely the reason RIM never launched the fake one (Oliver Stone would have found it and humiliated them, 'natch) and we bring it to you in full embedded glory above.


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Rene Ritchie

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Friday Fun Video Revenge: Apple SMASH BlackBerry Bullet!

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I love the spin off - but clearly, the look is nowhere near as good... why not just go for the jugular - if you read the press release on the spot, you'll see the entire thing was rendered on Macs ;) Sweet Irony