Game Center limited to 500 friends?

Game Center, Apple's new live gaming network for iOS, seems to be capped at roughly 500 friends per account. A few days ago, after reaching 501, my account stopped receiving new friend requests. I didn't notice at first since I'd turned off popups and trumpets, and assumed it would slow down after the initial iOS 4.1 launch rush.

Then I saw this tweet from MuscleNerd:

So much for my not-so-secret plan to break GameCenter! They're capping my friend count at around 500 (as soon as I delete 1, I get 1 new request)

I tested this out and experienced the same thing. And since it seems like they're not just capping friends but friend requests at 500, if you get an addition 100 requests, you'll never see them. If you remove one, you get just 1 more request, so you can't even see the others and choose the one who may be your best gaming buddy ever.

This likely won't affect day to day use for most people but it's something to keep in mind. I'm curious as to what happens when you get a 502, 503, etc. friend request though. Do they just think you're ignoring them? Are they told your Game box is full?

If Steve Jobs signed up tomorrow, Apple has to know he'd get more than 500 friend requests so hopefully this is a temporary limitation and it will be given the ability to scale pronto.