German court denies patent troll $2.15 billion of Apple's money

German court denies patent troll $2.15 billion of Apple's money

A German court has dismissed a €1.57 billion ($2.15 billion) patent-infringment case against Apple from IPCom GmbH, a patent-holding company. The patents at issue describe technology for giving priority access to certain mobile on a cellular network, for instance, during emergancies that might congest cell traffic. IPCom GmbH says it was surprised by the ruling, and plans to appeal. During the case, the arguments from either side came down to how many bits where used when communicating with the cellular network, according to the Wall Street Journal:

Apple's lawyers argued that the mobile communications standard has eight levels of network access priority rights for devices, and it requires three bits, rather than a single bit, to express the level. IPCom's lawyers said at the hearing that the patent description should be read in a "logical" manner regarding this, rather than literally, and that the technology is also being used when three bits are sent.

Did the court make the right decision in rejecting this claim? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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German court denies patent troll $2.15 billion of Apple's money


I personally use android, but these suits are ridiculous and rob money from development. I hope Apple pounds these thieves out of existence.

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What is "during emergancies that might congest cell traffic."
Where is your editor?

I hereby claim all the "air" on the planet! It was handed down to me by my great(to the 10th power) grandparents from days of yore. Everyone since who has breathed upon this Earth shall henceforth pay me the measly amount of $0.25 USD...

*Suck it trolls!