German vandals deface new flagship Hamburg Apple Store with a Windows logo

A couple of cheeky German guys decided to have a bit of fun this weekend by defacing the under construction Apple Store in Hamburg with a Windows logo.

Now before we get too upset by this, when we say deface it, it was more a bit of fun with no permanent lasting damage. Posing as a couple of construction workers, they climbed a ladder and pieced together a poor attempt at a Windows Logo.

In fact if you wanted to be really mean, you could say that this is an excellent deterrent to any would-be thieves! Take a look at the video after the break!


.wav from .wav on Vimeo.

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Reader comments

German vandals deface new flagship Hamburg Apple Store with a Windows logo


"An excellent deterrent to would-be thieves..." Ouch, that's harsh, Chris! LOL
I think it might've been a bit funnier if they would've put a big green Android logo up there.

Did they do a half-azz job of installing it crooked to get across the fact that Microsoft products are also made half-azz?
If so, it works.

Now that is the funniest thing I've seen all day. 1/2 azz or not,
it is about time some one took a BITE out of Apple.

You apple Fanboys are acting like someone torched your "church" or house of worship.
Well.... Now that I think about it, an Apple Store is a house of worship to them... Amirite?
How come you never see Apple computers at places like JPL or NASA control rooms? But Mac's at Starbucks being used by hipsters thumbing around in iTunes? And then you have the nerve to say Macs are better?

Great comment. I like it! Good addition to the store. Don't get me wrong, my next computer will be a Mac but windows has it's strong points.

LOL The religious analogy is an interesting one. I suppose some of the most extreme and annoying Apple fanboys/fangirls might treat an Apple Store as a sort of "house of worship," but to me it's just a store which gets way too crowded, so I usually avoid it. And don't paint us all with the same brush, now; that whole stereotype of Mac/iPhone users being pretentious hipsters is getting really old and outdated, and hypocritical too, because for every "Mac snob" there's at least one "anti-Mac snob" with a pathological hatred for all things Apple, so the blind zealotry works both ways. I find all the factions in the fanboy holy wars equally silly and annoying (tho mildly entertaining at times LOL). ...And how do you know that JPL & NASA have no Macs? In the company I work at (a large, boring, bureaucratic aerospace corp.), we have both Windows and Mac PCs being used (along with some Sun OS & Linux servers). Sure, the majority are still Windows (mostly HPs), but now that we're allowed to bring our own PCs, I've been noticing more Macs being brought in and used by some pretty brilliant people (e.g. senior engineering fellows & scientists), some of whom went to CalTech and/or worked at JPL. So JPL & NASA just might possibly have some Macs in there as well... Anyway, I wish Microsoft had a real store like that; an equivalent to the Apple Store, so it would create more competition in the marketplace which would benefit us all. PEACE