Get £100 cashback on a new MacBook from Currys PCWorld

MacBook Air

If you're shopping for a new Mac before heading back to school next month, UK retailer Currys PCWorld has a pretty decent deal going on for you. Until September 24 you can claim £100 cashback on the purchase of a laptop over £599 in value which of course includes the entire MacBook range.

Taking into account the cashback that brings the cheapest 11.6-inch MacBook Air down to £649 and the cheapest 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro down to £849 – which in this case is actually £150 less than the list price at the Apple Store. Apple does offer education discounts on its products, but with Apple Stores being less widespread than Currys PCWorld throughout the UK, it's a great chance to save yourself some money ahead of the new school year.

The cashback has to be claimed after the fact, but if you're interested hit the source link below for more.

Source: Currys PCWorld

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Get £100 cashback on a new MacBook from Currys PCWorld

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I bought my MBA in March. I called apple sales (UK), informed them I was a student and I got a huge discount. MBA with 8gb upgrade for £849, plus complementary apple care for 3 years. I was told that was the standard deal.

All I had to do to prove I was a student was screenshot my university student account.

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