For a good FaceTime call 1-888-FACETIME

iPhone 4 features: FaceTime video chat hands-on

Apple has set up a service for new iPhone 4 owners who want to taste the glorious future that is FaceTime, but whose Luddite friends won't cooperate by getting iPhones of their own. Just call 1-888-FACETIME and cheerful Apple service representative will answer, initiate FaceTime with you, and walk you through the feature.

If you give it a try, let us know how it works for you. Just don't keep calling -- it's not iChatRoulette, okay?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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Reader comments

For a good FaceTime call 1-888-FACETIME


Wow just called. That was amazing. I need to get some friends with a iPhone 4!!

I can't understand why they called the police on me. I was just doing the things I normally do at home.

That was so awsome. First time I used it and the guy I had was very friendly. Everyone has to try this

That was kind of neat, no hot girl though (damn you Guiness0514 for getting my hopes up).
Sucks I have to wait for my friends to get the iPhone 4 to use this, hurry up Skype!!

you have to wait for friends to get the iphone 4 and you have to hope your friends are at a wifi spot when you try to call them. to me this is more for if you have family or wife/gf and you know for a fact they are home and have wifi connection.

I tried it as well. It's pretty cool that they offer this service. Now I with some of my friends would hurry up and get their phones so I can use it with them.

Love the phone only network problem will recommend go to o2 as vodafone is to expensive and they dint give sure signal for free battery lifes not all that

I FaceTimed my wife across our local Barnes & Noble, and the quality was fairly reasonable. If it's a bit blocky, try connecting both peers' iPhone 4 to a 802.11n network on both ends.

I was the same, having no body to talk to on FaceTime so I started which is a site for people to find other people to FaceTime with! It's Free!

This 1-888-322-38463 was cool, Apple is always a step ahead, now with FaceTime customer service WOW!!. Thanks Apple for your innovation. However I would encourage you give everyone a free bumper because of the antenna issue on the left side of the device.