Google takes shots at Steve Jobs and Apple, forgets rubber and glue rule

Google used their Android 2.2 Froyo launch today to bring the fight squarely to Apple and Steve Jobs, saying in essence they created Android because they feared a future where one man (Steve Jobs) and one company (Apple) controlled the mobile space.

Now I'm not going to call that cake a lie (because it's technically a chilled desert this time), but let's be clear -- Google created Android because they feared any future where any company -- be it Apple, Microsoft, or some unforeseen upstart to lock them out of their cash-cow, advertising. (FYI - That's why Microsoft built Bing and why Apple is making iAds: so that one company -- Google -- doesn't control online.

That's smart business. But to claim any form of benevolence or greater-than-thou community spirit is disingenuous-to-insulting. Google, like Apple or Adobe is as open as suits them and as proprietary as their revenue generation demands. As much as Apple controls the iPhone, as much as Adobe owns Flash, Google's crown jewel of advertising is theirs and theirs alone. AdWords isn't open source.

So they can make fun of Apple curating the App Store, or that at any one time any of a dozen high-end Androids can perform certain tasks well, or that they can put Flash on a phone but not Silverlight or ActiveX, or poke at iTunes not yet being cloud-based. But they can't and don't talk about the Android Market's enormous selection of keyboards, fess up to the battery problems as a platform issue, come to grips with the inconsistent user experience, deal with the reality that is recent devices have unclear and fragmented OS paths, and acknowledge those users burned severely by the still immature cloud who want local solution options as well.

Google pushed out a lot of tech this week. A scary, wonderful, crazy, beautiful amount of tech I don't think we've seen in such volume in such a short time before. It will be challenge enough for them to realize most of it, much less all of it. It's just plain gutsy.

Even gutsier was poking Apple before the much better spoken Steve Jobs takes the much bigger stage at WWDC 2010 to announce the much more attention getting 4th generation iPhone.

[Android Central]

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Google takes shots at Steve Jobs and Apple, forgets rubber and glue rule


You forgot to mention extremely limited app storage space. One of the main reasons I left my G1 for an iPhone.

Actually, Android will soon be able to use SD cards for apps. So much for that theory..
And Steve is not better spoken. Not even close. He says things a bunch of people laugh at.
All-in-all, the potshots are annoying. Why can't we all just get along?

Boy the grapes are sour this time of year.
Did Tipb post this much snarl when Steve said you need to go to Android to get port?
Keep beating that Fragmentation Drum. Everywhere else its called diversity and ubiquity and multiple price points. Here, its just called fear.

Yes, we as consumers, are feeling fear right now. You hit the nail right on the head man! Seriously? People that don't like the "amazing OS" that android is are not afraid of anything. The android OS still has a way to go to be better than the iPhone OS. Its not called fear its called being appreciative and pasionate about the products you purchase.

MintOreo: It wasn't a "theory" at the time when Isaac65 switched from Android to iPhone. The future is a nice thing to talk about. but we are not living in the future, we are living in the here and now.

Wow, so when Steve is on the receiving end for once, instead of dishing it out you get quite upset. Don't you?

Yeah, apparently, it's okay that Steve can say idiotic things like "Android = porn" but it's not okay to say "We basically don't want a mobile monopoly." And of course, Rene has to get butthurt about it.
I love the Iphone, but seriously.. enough is enough.

Looking at the linked article, every one of those points is a statement of fact, except for perhaps the statement about "draconian" future where "one company" and "one man" controlled the mobile space.
But isn't that -- the singular focused vision of Steve Jobs, and policies that explicitly ban anything not concomitant with that vision -- exactly what Apple is trying to do, and what tipb cheers for?
This post really does seem like sour grapes.

So where did Google take a shot at Apple again?
When you stat something in your article as "in essence" can be understood in so many different ways. Let's read on Tipb where the actual poking and shots took place. Otherwise it's business as usual for the fellas at Google to be releasing a new update to their OS..... is it not?

The more and more you post the more and more it become evident that you have no idea what your talking about. Is the Android market fragmented? Yes, thats not diversity.... thats not anything. Its a Fragmented platform. Have you not noticed that the VzW Android phones get the latest OS vs the android phones on different carriers? SO with Android the your experience doesn't vary from device to device but also carrier to carrier...
You and the idiot brigade can try to sit here at talk up Android like its the best thing there is but here is a reality check. Every Carrier in the US would ditch Android for the iPhone if Apple was to offer them Exclusivity. Even VzW wishes they had the phone because every attempt they made to beat Att in each Quarter has failed. VzW was hopping that Android would be their answer in beating Att during Q4 because they lost Q3 handily to ATT. They brought Android out and still got creamed in Q4 by ATT due to the iPhone.
You can drink the Google Koolaid all you want but even in the cellphone biz the Carriers that sell you your nice Android phone consider it junk compared to the iPhone. And you don't have to believe me... I was only a technician with VzW for 2 years and watched me and friends with Moto Droid given to us for free leave them at home as we played with our iPhones...

Do you understand the word "evolution"? Seems like you are afraid of change and living in a world where Apple is not the king anymore. My friend, I think its time to wake up. Android is here to stay and it is WAY better than the iPhone. Wireless tethering, apps2SD, live wallpapers, multitasking, widgets, Flash, Diversity of networks. Anything else? Now tell me one feature that the iphone has over Android? 180k apps, Actually.. can you install more than like 50 on your phone? No to mention that 150k are all garbage anyway...

I love how any post that isn't bashing Apple or Steve Jobs is shot down as stupid, irrelevant, or just some "fanboi talking out his butt".
I guess the only way to please all the other posters is if we started just bashing Apple with every post. That's the only way to keep from getting flamed for liking Apple ... on an Apple related blog.

After all 3 iPhones and a terrible AT&T experience enough was enough. I switched to Verizon and an HTC Incredible. It's no iPhone but close enough until the iPhone shows up on Verizon.
Google is about as full of it as can be but people want to believe them because their stuff is free and everybody likes free. It doesn't occur to them that Google is monetizing their personal information without their consent or share in the profits. Google shouldn't poke the bear though and it makes them sound insecure and immature about their own offerings.

You mean Apple controlling their App store? If you really want to talk about controlling the mobile space i do not see how throwing Google in there is helping.... Here is a company that has been trying to become the only Search Engine for the web. They can bash apple but in safari its the default search engine for the browser. If anything the Android phones are far more Draconian due to you having to have a Gmail account to use the phone.
I do not have mobile me to use my iphone but you have to have a Google account to keep you phone. Then your phone is locked into its OS and its OS updates by which carrier you are on. Google did not make Android to save the mobile internet from one company. They made Android so to ensure their Search Engine will maintain it dominance. If Android was made for open use then the phone wouldn't require a gmail account during activation, it would require that the browser be defaulted to Google, and it would have an Android market controlled by google. It would be an OS that the manufacturer used to do with as it pleased and create App stores for their said devices...

These last post summarize things quite a bit, don't they? We have the 'features lovers' on one side and the 'perfomance lovers' on the other. In my job, mainly showbussiness, content & perfomance are kings. And I do have a hard battle against anyone tryng to trade those for anything else. I think that's the key: Some people just don't get it, no matter how engagging or well performed content is. Well, they have at least find their space for mediocrity in disguise of 'features' in all these platforms. For the rest of us, there's iPhone OS.

It is endlessly refreshing to see people being honest about what Android really is. I'm getting really tired of these fandroids swarming all over the place shouting "open source for teh w33nz!".

@Keith I agree with you. It seems lately people post here that seem to not like Apple or it's products. I dislike the Android OS so I don't go to their websites/blogs. Apparently we are all just stupid Apple Fanboi's here on an Apple/iPhone OS related website/blog.


Is the android market fragmented? Yes.

Wrong. It's 'legacy,' not 'fragmentation'
You got just as much Legacy in the iPhone market. iPhone 2G won't even be able to use OS4.
Somehow its OK for Apple, but its fragmentation from everybody else.
Somehow iPhones can Tether in Canada, but not in the US. Fragmentation? Or simply carrier decision?
You are wrong about requiring a google account to keep an Android phone too.
In fact you are wrong about so many things in you tirade I'm not sure you've ever handled an Android phone.

Lol be real people. Android 2.2 is leap and bounds beyond iPhone os 4.0. I'm willing to bet the iPhone 4th gen won't meet the real iPhone puts limits in a phone I PAID for, that's like buying a bike but saying: hey, you can ride it but only in this 4x4 foot box

Can we get some honest journalism on here, and less of an editorializing slant. As someone who works in the journalism industry, stories like this one are embarrassing. I love this site, and realize it's an iPhone site, but how about reporting the news and letting your readers form their own opinions instead of beating it down their throat with a sledge hammer?

Also to help the iPhone people, Ive had an iPhone since day one, and I'm typing on one now, which is why I visit tipb blog. I've been waiting for yours for something to excel beyond the iPhones OS. I'm switching to the EVO 4G, 80 bucks a month with 4G coverage in my city....unless the iPhone is somehow better

lol talk about bias ..ok so you don't like Google or your supporting apple and the iphone, but at least give credit where it is due, froyo is a great leap forward for android OS. Apple' iphone 4G will most likely resonate more with the consumer mindshare, but it does not make it superior, maybe on some factors (size of appstore)it outstrips android. But android has listened to its users, the new froyo elements show this and more. Unfortunately device manufacturers really need to support the OS timeline, so it can benefit the most amount of users, not just the latest handset owners.

I haven't found a way on my Droid Eris, but I have not found a reason to. I do know that on the Motorola Backflip, ATT set Yahoo as the default.
I do agree that there are some things that Google does control on the phone (Gmail, Google Maps, Market), but I think that Google has done as much as they can to make Android open. I do agree with several of the points that both Google and Rene Made, but I like that I can do what I want with the phone that I paid for. In my experience, Google has never tried to prevent me from using any of the potential of my phone by rooting (equivalent of Jailbreaking).

I've had an iPhone since day one. I got a Moto Droid about 2 months ago. The app store and it's apps are a joke. The best app in the Android market... actually it's native is the Google Maps app but everything, especially if compared to it's iPhone counterpart SUCKS. The OS lags. It's very slow and choppy and sometimes un-responsive. Verizon voice quality compared to AT&T SUCKS!!! I bought the Droid as a phone for my business and EVERY SINGLE TIME I'm on with a customer they ask if I can call them back from another phone...every time.
I waited for Android 2.1 and is the reason I decided to keep the phone because I thought there'd be improvements and there weren't any. So I'm stuck in this god awful 2 year contract with this crap phone. It's so dusty now because I never use it. Also, I've never been able to entertain myself with the Droid the way I can with the iPhone...3 years later.

Oh no Icebike i am not wrong at all. Its you who is wrong because you have never activated an Android phone. BTW you have to have a google account to buy apps of the Android Market FYI.... please dispute it man and prove you have never had the device you claim you know. It is you who has never once done anything but post articles you never fully read. As for your "Iphone can't tether" in the US nonsense that is all carrier and you know it.
Plain and simple you are a fool. The iphone 3G is 2 years old... which means like all device support for the device is cut off after 2nd year. This is not like Android which phones are being released right now that will never be able to upgrade to 2.2. You can bring in the original iphone but then your proving your ignorance again as every 2 years device support is gone..
This is different then Android which a Device released in 2010 will not always be available to upgrade to the most current Android version of 2010... Thats fragmentation moron.

Android os is ok but it's still fragmented and not consistent enough across devices/carriers. Google is doing the same thing they would claim apple to be doing. They want all google services to be the answer to all your needs just like apple wants everyone to have an iPhone. But to me android stl is t polished enough. They try to get people by putting the same fragmented sometimes laggy os on a different device with beefed up specs but at the end of the day, the os is the same. Android is like windows. An os that's highly customizable, can do a lot of things but still not fluid enough. Whereas everything the iPhone does it does it well. Apple doesn't care about doing everything. They just want to perfect everything they do.

BTW if you own a Droid Eris (released Nov 2009) and the Sprint Hero (released Oct 2009) you will most likely will not be able to get Froyo.
Thats fragmentation. The ability to buy a current device but be locked into an outdated OS all because Google has decided that only certain models will get current updates. So people that bought devices back in 2009 are looking at having their device unsupported after their 1 year manufacturer's warranty is up vs people that own the iphone 3gs who will see their device get dropped in July 2011. SO... each iphone has 2 years of support and then by the time their contract is up and they can do the 2 year upgrade.

Guys its all personal preference. if you want simplicity and a buttload of apps, and iTunes go iPhone. If you want customization, a decent open app store, expandable memory, 4g (with Sprint), different price points, every major carrier support, widgets, live wallpapers, tethering (soon if those darn carriers allow it although there are USB tethering apps currently), option for physical keyboard, The fastest browser on mobile devices (froyo), different UI's to choose from, emulators, different homescreen apps, installing apps not from the app store, TRUE maltitasking, freedom to hack root and whatever without google on your tail, etc.. go Android. Its just that simple. I'm not going to sit here and say NO THIS IS BETTER, ill let you decide.

@Peter Mikhail:
Could you be any more of a fandroid? Seriously.
There are a ton of areas where the iPhone OS excels tremendously over Android. UI consistency, smoothness, reliability, upgradeability, app quality, developer interest, gaming, media, browser accuracy, typing and text editing (software), multitasking efficiency, GPU-acceleration, build quality, community and support (both jailbreak and vanilla)... I could go on and on, seriously.

I'm on Sprint. Do I have an iPhone option? No. My attraction to Android is the openness of the system. My daughter bought herself an iPod Touch with her Christmas money. I immediately jail-broke the device and have not updated it. Why does Apple do eveything in their power to try to keep the end-user from doing what they want with the device that they paid for? If I like the apple UI i MUST follow Apple and Job's rules to the "t.' Then the icing on the cake came when I heard that Apple/Job's had a stupid rule in place that one could not buy an iPhone or iPad with cash! What?!

I know a guy with an eris, a guy with a droid, and a guy with a nexus one. I also know they all wish they had iPhones. We'll see what happens with 2.2, but I'm going to guess that all of those new features are on the same unpollished, frustrating user experience.

Sometimes I think Rene writes these articles this way just to elicit fiery responses. Instigator! :) (j/k Rene)

I just have a funny story to tell, I was in front of a Sprint store yesterday and I saw one of the Sprint employees coming back from his break, I guess, he started to open the door and stopped, he put his hand in his pocket and got his iPhone out and checked his email or text messages and put it back in his pocket before he could go inside. I thought this was funny.

So....I think you mean DESSERT, not DESERT...if we're talking about Android 2.2 being called FroYo...
Desert is the place filled with sand...Dessert is a sweet after dinner treat. Remember, two "s"s because you want more dessert. It also stands for "Strawberry Shortcake" which is a type of dessert.

Somebody here hasn't used a Droid (not quite as good, but still damn close.. the pros outweigh the cons considerably), an Incredible or hasn't read up on the Evo 4G as well as the Samsung Galaxy S.
But, hey! Why not go on? Because all of those issues you listed as superior for Apple easily fits the profile on the devices I listed.
By all means, please go on and on. Seriously. I'd love to read that.

Tipb is drunk off that haterade. There is nothing the 4th gen. iphone can do to leap as far ahead of the pack like they once were.

I love it when a great deal of the podcasts deal with we would like and welcome the competition to step up, but when some one finally dose like android just proved by spanking the iPad, the iPhone community decries the action and turns their noses up at the competition. I have been a faithful to your blog for two years and counting yet it is time to know when the benchmark has been raised as for the numbers they don't lie and the nexus one with 2.2 is going to most likely be faster the iPhone g4, sure there elegance to the iPhone UI but sense UI on top of 2.2 will add some seriously stiff competition.

"Haters are just fans that have nothing nice to say."
Why else would Android users post comments in an iPhone blog?

You will find most people that work in the cellphone business will go for an iphone. Android is a nice system but its like comparing a Hyundai Genesis coupe to a Nissan 370z. Yes both are sports cars and yes you can get more features on your Genesis Coupe... however that 370z is still the better, faster, and more beautiful car.
The people that arguing that the Android system is the wave of the future garbage are the same people that argued the first iteration of the storm was better then the iPhone 3g. Also there seems to be a misconception... You can hack the root file of your Android phone and do whatever you like to it... it however still does void the warranty.

Actually I've seen and used a Droid, and a Nexus One, and the Incredible and Evo aren't much different from the Nexus. All of my claims are still extremely valid, otherwise I wouldn't have said them. Please get your head of of Eric Schmidt's bum canal.

Couldn't agree with u more Lollipojones...don't u just love it when "links" are used to justify crap? Who the hell clicks those stupid azz "links" anyways? Stupid.

Because they are insecure about what they buy. When people go jump on another enthusiast site to argue about their product its a sign of insecurity. They are trying to convince themselves more then they are trying to convince us.
The App quality on the Android is terrible.. The Sense UI is bloated and slows down the Android phones it is on. Android owners are just like the Blackberry Storm owners rushing on here trying to scream about how great their device is.

I hope this post doesn't set the tone for future updates on this blog. I would only give a damn about commercial battles or corporate bigmouthing when Jobs, Ballmer and Schmidt take their differences to an octogon, MMA-style.
I'm quite happy with my iPhone right now. I was
quite happy with my Nokia a few months ago and I might be quite happy with a dessert-named Android in a near future. Yes, I'm promiscuous, and this kind of blog post annoys me.

the difference between the iPhone "legacy fragmentation" and what we are about to see on android is; the original iPhone has been out for 3 years, the 3G 2 years. The droid has been out for 8 months? There are many android phones less than 1 year old that will never see froyo.
In the imortal words of Mosspuppet,

WHy? everything Rene said was true. Android wasn't created to fight Apple and make sure one company didn't control the mobile space. Its all about Google ensuring devices are made that reinforce their business.
There is nothing wrong with that but the whole "We are good guys trying to save the world!" is a load of garbage. This is the same company that just got caught in germany for stealing people's wifi data. Thats right... the Google Streetcars were running around and data mining people's wifi.
Sure i am gonna trust a company thats willing to hack my wifi and steal my data.

You must be kidding. The Genesis Coupe is by far the superior of the two cars. Better features, better ride quality, more comfortable... The 370Z is faster, but that's about it. Overall car, genesis coupe > 370.

@Lollipopjones I agree with your 3rd sentence. After that you seem to sort of lose track. Google didn't 'hack' anybodies WiFi. The information they collected is the same information anybody in the world can get just by being near a WiFi signal. I am sorry you misunderstood that story.
Neither Apple nor Google are 'Good Guys'. What seems to be going on is Apple is putting effort into making themselves look bad, while Google is putting effort into making themselves look good. And for both, it is working. Don't be fooled by any company. Not Apple, Microsoft, Google, or even TiPb for that matter, they are all here to make money. That is life.

Renee you're such an apple fanboy. It's getting old though. I think steves kool-aid has done you permanent damage. The iPhone isn't as wondeful and godly as you seem to think it is. Each day I dislike tipb more and more.

I've used them, too (except the GS and Evo for obvious reasons) and to say that the Iphone is "tremendously" superior to them in said categories is seriously overestimating Iphone and underestimating the competition. (except GPU) So before telling me to stop defending Eric Schmidt, perhaps you should take your own advice and do the same with Steve Jobs. Between the two, who do you think has more diarrhea coming out of his mouth? (Hint, Steve Jobs)

If Steve jobs took a dump on a paper napkin and said it was revolutionary cause he was able to keep the corn he ate for dinner last night in tact and said it would give you magical powers if you ate it, I'm sure Adam would be first to take a bite.

Freaken apple lovers. U all act like da iPhone is still a revolutionary product, yes maybe back in 2007 but giving u "updates" dat have copy n paste, mms, os 4.0 has da ability to change da boring black background with an water drop background lol revolutionary I think not. I own a 3gs n owned da 1st gen iPhone too but I've always been jb to allow me to mod my phone. Apple had control of da market but now with htc releasing da evo apple has lost me as a customer n it's thrown in da market.
Oh n this is for u lzareus: Haha don't get all sore

Google Rewrites History
Daring Fireball’s headline of the day is a bold quote from Google’s VP of Engineering, Vic Gundotra:
If we did not act, we faced a draconian future. Where one man, one company, one carrier was the future.
Good old competitive potshots are fair game, but this one is particularly offensive when one recalls Google acquired Android in August of 2005. That’s nearly 18 months before the world even knew about iPhone, let alone its carrier model or prospects for success. And it’s nearly a full three years before the App Store went live on July 11, 2008.
Google is a publicly traded corporation that controls the flow of more and more information every day. It’s very troubling to watch them rewrite history in such a self-serving manner.

Haha, man, that's rough.
Seriously, though, to defend/try to justify Steve Job's comments/actions which obviously makes him look like an arse hole douche and then getting all antsy about Google doing something similar (though, not nearly as extreme) is a ridiculous double standard. I can understand that tiPB is an APPLE site, but come on, let's be real. When someone says or does something stupid, they SHOULD be criticized, regardless of platform. And from the past few months, Rene has been fanatically defending or condoning Job's retarded behavior and b!tching whenever somebody introduces a new device (which he coyly labels "competition" or says something that makes Apple look like it isn't outright lapping the competition.. which it isn't, no matter how much people want to think so.

I love the competition, its great for the development of both platforms. You can mock the late to the game-ness of Apple with some features, but on a N1 today you can't take a screenshot or copy-paste from an email or install apps onto the sd card. The UI is in desperate need of the kind of polish Sense brings to it, but its become cool to mock HTC for Sense in favor of the barely finished permanent beta look of an OSS desktop (think old school GNOME). And it most certainly is fragmentation when phones released this quarter may not get an OS update released next quarter. Being a fanboyism gets you nothing - that's why I'm open to pointing out Apple's failings as well and why I keep an eye on all the mobile OSs (to the point of owning multiple devices and having up to date SDKs/emulators installed. Whoever makes the best OS and experience is getting my money.

If you honestly believe the Genesis Coupe is better then the 370z you are an idiot. The Ride quality on the Z is better, the handling is better, the engine and TRANSMISSION is far superior, and the interior is far better then the Coupe. The Genesis coupe has worse handling then the mustang and only the 2.0T has handling on par with the 2010 mustang.
The issue with the Genesis Coupe is it isn't responsive. The manual tranmission has a rough switch no matter how good you drive it and the 3.8 is so nose heavy it feels like your driving a buick. Yes the car can drift stock but so can any car that it is competing with. The Genesis was made to be a mustang killer and unfortunately it failed... It didn't just fail but the base Camaro thats cheaper then the 3.8 has better features and quality interior then the Genesis. The genesis by the way has a god awful interior that is all plastic.
Sorry, but saying the Genesis is better then a 350/370z is a laugh.

I personally like the android interface better as of now...until 4.0 officially comes out then well talk...what people have to realize when they say iPhones they don't realize that there is only one phone running iPhone many android OS phones are out there???and iPhone still leads in terms of OS...what would happen if the iPhone had different versions like for example iPhone nanos on different carriers...yup there wouldn't be anymore competition if something like that happened

@Steve Woz
Google "collected" wifi information that did NOT belong to them. It doesn't matter in the least that anybody "could" have do it, it's stealing. Futhermore, Google has consistently made errors with consumers privacy. So whether its international or not is COMPLETELY clear, but i CERTAINLY would not dismiss it like YOU seem to DO. Im sorry you misunderstood this issue and the even BIGGER picture with Google's privacy SNAFU's.

If you're driving (or trying to) the Genesis Coupe as if it were a 370Z, then you, sir, are the idiot. Completely different market, completely different intention. Point being, your comparison of Android/GC to Apple/370 is asinine because one is clearly a competitor for the other while the other is in a different category of cars, altogether.
And while the Genesis has a sub-par interior, the 370 isn't something you'd be bragging about over it, either.

I agree competition is good for everyone. Lets be honest, neither Apple nor Google are saints. They both make great products, just enjoy what each brings to the table.

I think the best conclusion is.....
iPhone, over and out!
Ah, just kidding. But it will be a tough time for apple fanboys, hmm, the suicide-rate my rise in the next months....

Hyundia designed the Genesis 3.8 to compete with the 370z/Mustang GT/ and Camaro.
If you did not know that then you are the moron here.. (we already knew you are a moron.)
The 2.0T was designed to be a tuner crowd favorite but it was Hyundai themselves that stated that the 3.8 was designed to face down the Z/Mustang GT/ and Camaro.
And it failed. You can make excuses and try to lie and say it wasn't designed to compete with the 370z but again you would be lying. I suggest you watch the Hyundai video where they were saying the Genesis 3.8 would bury the mustang GT... Unfortunately, the 3.8 which costs more then the lowest end Camaro is outperformed by it. Yes you are lying because a rear wheel sports car that was designed to have 306 horse power is not made to compete with Civics. Oh and the Genesis Coupe was designed to be a drifting car as well.
BTW you do realize the Genesis Coupe was Hyundai's first attempt at a sports car right? How do i know all this? I own the Coupe and I own the 350z.

Um, I'm with Icebike, I honestly believe you'd never operated an Android device.
First, Gmail? No. Google account? Yes. Big difference. You don't have to use Gmail at all. Never. Ever. In fact, ever time I reset my phone to mess around, I'm giving the option to skip signing up. Of course that means no Google apps access, but that's the point right? But the iPhone...if I don't have iTunes and an account, I'm out of luck. I can't even turn on my phone without it. That seems FAR worse to me.
Next, fragmentation...laughable now. Most current devices (including Hero/Eris and MyTouch/MyTouch Slide) will get 2.1 and quite possibly 2.2. (nowhere did they say they won't, only that 2010 devices are assured an upgrade this year).
Last, this Google controls everything. From what we know, Google paid to have their search on devices. Any company at any time can say no and choose Yahoo or Bing, can they not. And the marketplace? Google controls nothing, hence why you yourself can create and install an app just like that. Have it in there in minutes. Then the home page, such a joke. Can you not change your home page. Heel even your browser!
So your whole point was all thrown to the side. You made no sense and made lies to try and reach.
Competition is nigh, people are liking what they're seeing. Get over it...

So, these people going on about "legacy" do realize only phones "confirmed" not getting anything is G1/MyTouch. All other phones are said to get whats with this? Isn't the G1 nearing two years? Then to add, no one really has a G1 anymore? Yet iPhone 2G/3G still have abundant users, and to take advantage of the BEST features, you have to buy a new phone the next year...yet nothing is wrong with that? Hmm...why not?

iDavey "Next, fragmentation…laughable now. Most current devices (including Hero/Eris and MyTouch/MyTouch Slide) will get 2.1 and quite possibly 2.2. (nowhere did they say they won’t, only that 2010 devices are assured an upgrade this year)."
most, quite possibly? Sounds like fragmentation to me. The iPhones that won't be getting 4.0 are at least 2 years old. How many android phones that are less than 1 year old will NOT get 2.2? I went to androidcwntral, there aren't anywhere as many douchebags there talking iPhone as there are douchebags here bragging about as yet undelivered vaporware. Step away from the nozzle dude.

You can try all you want to lessen the blow but the fact remains: Apple was owned today!
They get there turn but nothing leake so far says iPhone 4 will touch Froyo+Google services. Just saying.
Good try though. ;-)

Newsflash, dumbas$. Just because a car is a coupe doesn't mean it's meant to be a SPORTS CAR. It can be treated like one (judging by your obsession with drifting), but ultimately, the target market is aimed towards the coupes of the world. Would you try to group the G37 as a sports car comparable to the 370Z? Even though it is RWD/AWD? If you answered anything other than no, you are a moron. And judging by the likes of your response, I'd say you'd do just that.
And guess what. The Genesis Coupe is NOT the first attempt at a sports car by Hyundai. That goes to the Tiburon.
You don't own either cars. Go back to driving your mom's 95 Taurus.

I've not seen the same blinding Steve Jobs/Apple love from Rene that you claim to be so sick of. Listening to the Podcast and reading the articles over the last year or so, I've seen him call Apple out on many topics. The truth (in my opinion) is Apple makes a great product but keeps very tight control. The things they do let you do, they do well (some feel the best).If they were not doing such a good job, people would leave. And yet the Apple ecosystem continues to grow. I'm glad there is an Apple Google rivalry. It keeps competion going to generate better and better phones/OS.

Please, son. You agree with anyone thats anti apple. You are one of the most ignorant posters beside icebike. The only reason you two losers come on here is an attempt to troll and convince yourselves you two aren't the biggest morons on this site.
First, Gmail? No. Google account? Yes. Big difference. You don’t have to use Gmail at all. Never. Ever. In fact, ever time I reset my phone to mess around, I’m giving the option to skip signing up. Of course that means no Google apps access, but that’s the point right? But the iPhone…if I don’t have iTunes and an account, I’m out of luck. I can’t even turn on my phone without it. That seems FAR worse to me.
I said Google account which flaws right into GMAIL. You can take GMAIL off but the fact is you have a GMAIL account. Its OBVIOUS you have never set up a droid... if you want i can take pictures of one of my techs POWERING ON a Droid. Activating it and then setting up the device. You are forced to get a GMAIL whether you like it or not. As for the itunes comment how is that worse? Or are you just trying to find a reason to hate on the iPhone because the android systems blow?
Next, fragmentation…laughable now. Most current devices (including Hero/Eris and MyTouch/MyTouch Slide) will get 2.1 and quite possibly 2.2. (nowhere did they say they won’t, only that 2010 devices are assured an upgrade this year).
Where is the proof? Look how long it took the Eris to get 2.1 and you can't even say "YES IT WILL GET 2.2." You are guessing you idiot. God you and Icebike must be two of the most pathetic people. You two deal in guess work and maybes. You two KNOW NOTHING! It is so hilarious. I feel sorry for you feeling such passion for junk you make no money off of.
Last, this Google controls everything. From what we know, Google paid to have their search on devices. Any company at any time can say no and choose Yahoo or Bing, can they not. And the marketplace? Google controls nothing, hence why you yourself can create and install an app just like that. Have it in there in minutes. Then the home page, such a joke. Can you not change your home page. Heel even your browser!
Do you even understand half of what you post? Ofcourse google is gonna pay to get their way into the browsers. The more people that use their search engine the more they can charge companies to be priorities on their search engine. Actually no they can't. VzW when they had a deal with google could not set Bing to default until the contract was up... In the market place thats the problem.. They control nothing... Thats why the first case of Software Malware was on Android. Thats why Kaspersky said that Android will be one of the first OS's to need Anti-virus software. Already a banking app on the ANdroid Market was actually malware and all the dude did was take an existing app turn it into an trojan and then put it back on the market. It wasn't even google that caught it... it was VzW that caught the app.
So your whole point was all thrown to the side. You made no sense and made lies to try and reach.
You proved nothing but the fact you are an amazingly stupid person. The only thing you were able to do is make yourself look even more like a retard then you already are.

@ lollipopjones
Steve jobs said to go home n wipe his ass u are a troll a lost sheep n Steve is ur guide. What do u hve to say about froyo n it's new features. Stop talking about cars n back the facts on how 4.0 os is better then froyo? Multitasking? Notification? Syncing?
Thnx u troll

Newsflash, dumbas$. Just because a car is a coupe doesn’t mean it’s meant to be a SPORTS CAR. It can be treated like one (judging by your obsession with drifting), but ultimately, the target market is aimed towards the coupes of the world. Would you try to group the G37 as a sports car comparable to the 370Z? Even though it is RWD/AWD? If you answered anything other than no, you are a moron. And judging by the likes of your response, I’d say you’d do just that.
Except the company itself...Hyundai stated that the Genesis Coupe 3.8 was designed to compete with the Mustang, 370z, and Camaro. SO CONGRATS the company that made the car disagrees with you. As for your G37 statement.. My god you are a moron..
And guess what. The Genesis Coupe is NOT the first attempt at a sports car by Hyundai. That goes to the Tiburon.
Actually yes the Genesis COupe is as the Hyundai never attempted until the Genesis to make a car that was capable of facing down a Mustang. You can lie all you want but fact is fact. They went on Car and Driver and said their car could beat those three cars. They threw the genesis against those three and it got destroyed by them. Whats funny is only you claim that the Genesis wasn't made to compete with the GT, the Z, and the Camaro while Hyundai says otherwise.
WHo should i trust? This idiot named Mintoreo that knows nothing about the Genesis Coupe and probably drives his mom's Ford Taurus (sorry but your remark pretty much is statement of what YOUR are actually drive). Or Hyundai? Idiot on a forum that has no clue of what he is talking about? Or the Manufacturer of the car?
The 2.0T is what they should have kept.
In the end i feel sorry for your parents... Your dad probably wished you were just a stain on your mom's leg.

You nailed it Rene. This is Android's fatal flaw:
..."recent devices have unclear and fragmented OS paths"...
This is ultimately what killed off UNIX. All the different hardware manufacturers had different flavors of UNIX, with different GUIs and admin tools. Not even CDE and Java could save them.
And now we have LG, HTC, Motorola, and all the other Android makers littering the streets with handsets that run 1.x and 2.x, with varying screen resolutions, all manner of poor to terrible physical keyboards, and proprietary UI tweaks. This will lead to carrier lock-in but zero manufacturer brand loyalty.
Those who are locked into Verizon (the lock-in king) will just buy the latest Android phone, with the fastest CPU LG, Shmell-G, backflip, frontflip, whatever. Those who aren't locked in will just buy the latest Android phone with the loudest TV commercials and the coolest robots pushing holographic vaporware buttons.
And yes, folks, if you want to update your old HTC Hero to a newer version of Android, you are actually forced to re-download and re-install all of your apps again. Can you believe that?
So, remember these words:
..."recent devices have unclear and fragmented OS paths"...
In five years we'll look back, nod our heads, and, as a society, ask "What were they thinking?"

This thread is Hyundai vs. Nissan, Apple vs. Google...why stop there? Lets argue about what's better, Peanut Butter or Jelly?!
Some of you guys are really taking this phone stuff too seriously. If you like the iPhone is better, great go for it. If you like the Google Android better, fan-freakin-tastic! Buy it and enjoy it.
No Apple fanboy is gonna convince a Fandroid that the other is better or vice versa, its really just that simple.
I own a BB and the iPhone and the funny thing is I've very rarely (if ever) seen iPhone owners on other websites starting arguments about how great it is compared to Android/BB/Pre. As a whole, iPhone owners seem to be content with their device enough to not really care about other platforms...other owners do just the opposite. Just food for thought.

@Jordan Except for the iPhone not having flash et all since Steve says flash is not da future maybe someone should tell him dat today is da present oh wait never mind froyo came out today n it runs flash 10.1 nvrmind. Haha

Actually you are wrong. I am a 3 version's in a ROW iPhone buyer, the first 2G, the 3G, then the 3Gs.
I then bought a Verizon droid when the hype started growing, to check it out, i consider myself an informed and educated gadget buyer, THEN i bought a nexus one, when i started getting familiar with the droid, the nexus one came out and i bought it for the faster CPU.
Been on the nexus one since it came out now, and i am 100% SICK of android.
i'm not bias'd, I'm enlightened now. Why's that? because i've now tasted both fruits.
and I can tell you, the android fruit is rotten. Why's that?
Here's why- the APPS. Horrible, trash, garbage. Sometimes i get fooled into buying apps on android every now and then, and then i just end up deleting them.
As of right now, the only thing i use my Nexus one for, is Texting and making calls, that's it.
and i HATE, HATE HATE HATE, typing on it...
I also hate surfing the web on it. it's a complete joke compared to the safari browser.
Google did a demo on Java speed today with froyo? Who gives a sh@#@ it's the whole browser that has problems on android.
Anyone who has used both phones for LONGER then 5 minutes holding in your hand knows. And that's me. i've owned both platforms for a long time.
Android is a sinking ship- They came out with some Nice updates today with froyo- the geek side of me loves to see that stuff happen. But at the end of the day the android problem will never be fixed until they start placing HARDWARE requirements like the iPhone has, and NOW like Windows 7 Phone series has.
When windows 7 phone series comes out you're going to see the iPhone and W7PS competing and the android platform will get left behind because Devs are still writing APPS for the G1.

Hyundai said it was meant to compete with said cars in terms of PERFORMANCE, while still maintaining it's obvious design as a COUPE. That's akin to them saying "It's a COUPE, but it's still fast enough to beat whatever-sports car." Why do you think Hyundai makes comparisons between a Sante Fe and a Landrover? You think if the Santa Fe into Landrover's market (luxury SUV), it'd actually do something significant? Of course not. Same thing with the GC and the Mustang/Camaro. Different market, but they're confident enough that they're willing to challenge a sportscar in it's own game (speed). Think about this, moron. If someone were looking to buy a sports car (like Camaro, Mustang or whatever), do you think they'll turn to a GC to satisfy their sports car, mid-life crisis needs? No. Similarly, if someone were looking at a Nissan Altima coupe or G37 coupe, would they look at the GC and think "hey, that's a good alternative"? Yes, they would. Why don't you read between the lines, dumbass? It's not always what the company says.. it's what the people themselves think.
You didn't say first car designed to compete with Mustang/Camaro. You said sports car. Don't try to change your story, fool. And in that regard, the Tiburon was the first actual sports car.
Oh, now you're going to try and take what I said and turn it back at me? Wow, that's pretty sad. What are you, in the 6th grade? (Watch you come back and repeat that back to me like the @$$clown you are) No, the reason I mentioned the 95 Taurus is simple. That's the most common, most mundane and quite frankly, the farthest from what a supposed 370Z-owner would drive.. And since you clearly don't have one of those (370), I deduced that it's what you drove. But, don't worry, man. I'm not judging you! As long as you get from A to B, that's all that matters!
Ouch! I'm hurt that you'd turn to my parents because you were so butthurt! Eh, not really. I'll take a page out of your book and say your pa and aunt must be proud that their child is a cut above the rest of the inbreds out there. Congrats, Lolli!
Anyways, enough of that. =)

You make no sense. So lets say you HAVE to have a Google account (which I assure you, you don't need one to power up the phone), how is that different from having to have an iTunes account? Huh? You didn't explain that Einstein. You can't even set up the phone unless you hook it to a computer. That is a MAJOR flaw.
And you still didn't prove a point idiot. Google pays them. Nobody is FORCING then to use Google. They CHOOSE Google. How hard is that to get? Obviously pretty hard for you.
You once again bringing in lie. You strictly said gmail, which is different from google account. Whether you get one with the other is dumb point. You're not forced to use it. But please, since you are so bold, have your friend show a Droid booting up for the first time. Please do. I've never been forced to use a Google account on my Nexus One to turn on my phone. Can the same be said about an iPhone, iPod, or iPad?

I think the name suits you, lol. You yourself didn't even mention phones less than one year old that's not getting Froyo. From what I've seen...only "under one year" phones GUARANTEED not to get it wait, no phone was guaranteed not to get it, was it? So, like I'll wait on lollipopjones, I'll wait on you. Show me the statement where they have barred these phones please.
And also...I haven't hated on the iPhone in any way. I stated facts. The iPhone is still an awesome device. If I had the need for a second phone, I'd get it. Is it the best? No. Is it impervious to critique. No. no matter how much you wish it wasn't, it still is. Just because a device has shortcomings, don't mean whoever mentions them is the bad person.

so one man's opinion decides the state of the mobile playing field. I remember when everyone said Blackberry would be dead by now...
They also said phones like the HTC Touch Pro/Diamond and HD would propel Windows Mobile...
You see where I'm going with this? No one can predict this market (or any for this point). This goes for all brands!

I can't wait to see this picture!
Maybe I should go on Yahoo and search. (don't wanna use Google, they might alter the result, lol)

Do you know how to read kid? I said activate? Do you not realize that means activation? As in when the phone goes through the activation process the first time and is being able to access the network? When the phone is activating what does the Nexus, Droid, and every Android phone prompt? It prompts you to make a Google account... what does it force you to make? Oh thats RIGHT a GMAIL ACCOUNT! Please kid stop lying on this place. ANyone that has had a to activate an Android phone knows that you have to make a Gmail account during activation. You can delete it but you still had to make it on activation. If you skip it you cant use the Android market and if thats the case you are an idiot.
We both know you and your droid fan is lying. As for the statement... Where did they say the Eris and the Hero are? HTC said they could only confirm that their 2010 devices are LIKELY to get the Froyo. Which means it is up in the air on the 2010 models. Some may or may not get it on the whim of google.
Again fatboy your dealing in maybes. The other problem is you keep on coming up with their paying. Yes they are paying to be the default engine for carriers and phones like the iPhone. What is happening now? Microsoft made a deal with VzW that got google kicked off everything but their own devices and now their is rumblings that they maybe dropped from Apple eventually. So why are they pushing the market is to keep their mobile search share. You act as if they are benign but they aren't. and we all know that. It offends you and thats what is funny. Android is just another layer to keep their market share. If you do not realize that then you are an idiot.
Let me guess you think they made the Chrome Browser out of the idea to make a better browsing experience for users. To give people more choice.... The surely didn't make it so to reinforce the use of their search engine.... Not at all they just want us to have better browsers!
Where do you live? In a fantasy world? You are just like that idiot Go Android.... Next you'll probably argue that Google TV is so awesome and is gonna crush Apple TV when the idea of both are RETARDED due to anyone with a PC can already do what both can and far better...

This is how I see it, pc users use android phones because they are use to dealing with a buggy system and it makes them feel smart when they figure out how to fix the problem. Mac users and enlightened pc users use iPhone because it's a fast, snappy easy system to use just like OS X.
Apple has the right idea, perfecting an os on their own devices vs. Android going the way of microsoft, tossing out an os that anybody can use on any system which will give them different bugs to work out on each device. This we have already seen with every android device out there.
I think hp/palm will pass android up once they release their own phone in the near future because they will have the same business model that apple started with. Perfecting palm os on their own devices = superior user experience.

Do you even know what a Coupe is? A coupe is a term to describe a car that equals less then 33cubic feet. So, any 370z, Genesis, Tiburon, Camaro, Mustang, Audi TT and 2 door car is a coupe. The Tiburon is not a sports car its a coupe... It was never designed to race at all. This is what makes the Z/GT/Camaro/Genesis different then the Tiburon, Eclipse, Altima coupe and Civic Coupe. The Gensis Coupe was designed to race in the Formula Drift Professional Drifting Championship. Hence why it drifts stock and why i brought up drifting as it was designed for Drifting... =O
The Altima Coupe, Civic coupe, Tiburon Coupe, and the Accord 2d Coupe are just coupe variants of a sedan or in the Tiburon's case a dedicated coupe...
You are a retard. Congrats on not realizing the difference between a Performance car and how any car of a certain size is a coupe. BTW you may not know this but the G37 is a sports car.... Its just the Luxury variant of the Z rebranded under the Infiniti Brand.... If you do not believe me go to the Z/G37 forums on .
You are an idiot kid. I feel sorry for you feel like losing more arguments about cars?

I am an iPhone user and I love it...But I honestly do not have any fanboy loyalty to any friggin' corporation. Just give me an incredible product that friggin' works, don't make me have to know all the various OS's that are supported by one of thousands of applications, etc. etc.
Apple, Google, MS, etc. are giant corporations who are concerned about making profit at the expense of humans, whether that is at the expense of our privacy, comfort, etc. etc.

let's make it simple... who owns this market? apple. who does everyone want? apple. who revolutionized everything? apple. ;)

Wow what a bunch of morons! Well some of you anyway. Lol first of you got android fanboys on a iPhone blog. Stupid tardboys. Second you have morons talking about cars on a iPhone ,iPad and iPod touch web blog. Again stupid tardboys. Third you have your usual trolls. Stupid troll tardboys. Fourth good post Rene. I have a strong feeling that there a lot more that's going to happen on June 7 then what we know. The hammer will come down.

Lol this is amazing! Look how much hate there is in this article! Wow, you guys made my day!
Android is taking over, just deal with it.

@ mintoreo
This is not the first time on this website that you Have proven yourself retarded. Your ideas about cellphones are as missinformed as your information about cars. We all beg you, please stop talking out of your butt.
@ lollipop jones
your long winded comments are just fuelling his fire.

Is Android more open than iPhone? Probably. But what's the cost. I only found out last week that when you use their directions you basically sign on to being tracked by Google. Don't Be Evil - yeah, right. Google speaks like Elsworth Toohey and is more like the commercial division of the NSA. Only a fool would take them seriously.

You're missing the flipside of the equation. Google created Android in order to provide a platform for their services in case Apple and Microsoft locked them out of their respective platforms. This was smart because Apple and Microsoft did just that. HOWEVER, even if this was one reason they created their own platform, they are still being open because they are not locking out anyone else.
Having options for the keyboard is a benefit, complaining about that is just petty.
Saying that they have to "come to grips with" or "deal with the reality that is" issues that are vague and relative non-issues is likewise splitting hairs and not related to the original topic.
The thing with putting out a bunch of tech is that you can see what sticks and what doesn't. It's nice to give the consumers a variety of choices from the get-go. Apple puts out one phone per year and if you don’t like it that’s too bad. This caused them to stay behind the game for quite a while technology-wise. The original iPhone came out with no GPS, 3G, or installable applications when phones that year came with all of that. It’s not as if the tech was too advanced to be included. Apple still has enjoyed great sales, but the iPhone was never something I considered before the 3GS due to how far behind it constantly was hardware-wise. I am sure you’ve bought every iPhone on release day, so you are blind to those factors beyond the fruit logo on the back which others take into account when buying a phone.

In case you didn't notice, but the built in search bar in Safari is Google, the built in Maps app is Google, and support for Gmail is built in to Mail. Google gets plenty of data from iPhone users as well.

True on Safari and Maps. They're legacy when Schmidt was on the board. No telling when Apple will end this. As far as using them is concerned one can find alternatives that work well and not use Google. I have both Bing and Cuil apps for search. For maps, I have Mapquest and driving directions I have a lot of choices. Which brings me to Gmail. It's only one option of many and wasn't push until very recently. Yahoo! was Apple's choice out of the gate and happens to be the email I use. So, it's interesting in answering your post I also negated Google's argument that that Apple is closed. It seems to me that there are plenty of choices if one has a desire to use something other than what comes preinstalled.

Can you provide any proof that there is a GUARANTEE that all android devices released in the last 12 months WILL get upgraded to 2.2? got any proof to back that up? I didn't think so...

This post is garbage. I like the discussion it started and some of the comments though, it's good to see some intelligent comments out there.
I'm getting really sick of these stories though. The authors on this site are looking more and more lazy. I'll be over at Tech Crunch for a while getting some real news.

Good points, and of course there are alternative options on the app store. I do happen to like the setup of the Bing app myself, and the maps look much smoother than Google's. Voice search built in is nice too, comparable to Android's built in voice search.
The difference with the definition of "open" is that while Apple does have plenty of alternative app options, they still only exist at Apple's discretion in the app store. Also the lack of customization in the iPhone limits user freedom. For example, addresses are automatically linked to the Google Maps app in the iPhone. You cannot redirect that to another app such as Bing. I am sure such a thing is at least 'possible' on Android, if it hasn't been done yet.
It is the same with Safari's search bar. I think a better option would be for Apple to allow users to change the search site, at least to a few other sites such as Yahoo and Bing if they don't make it fully customizable by URL.

Inconsistent user experience in Android? How about taking video on the 3G? MMS on original iPhone? How about all those people locked into another year of contract (at least) on a 3G who might want to multitask? I love technology, therefore I commonly visit several tech blogs dealing with iPhone and Android. I find this article to be full of BS, and some of the comments the same. Funny, people complain about Google gathering information about the people that use its (FREE) services, who has ever been harmed for this? I actually think that it's intuitive to be able to search for restaurants and find one that's actually near me, read user reviews and make MY decision based on that. They don't solicit me unless I REQUEST information. Funny, who wrote the original Maps for the the iPhone platform? Ultimately, its going to be an exciting 2nd half of 2010 and we will ALL benefit from the competition. Embrace it already.

All the clowns complaining about Apple bias need to STFU! This is the iPhone/iPad blog, what the hell did you think you where going to find here, Android bias?!

LOL @ Dragonfly...I agree COMPLETELY. Its like going to a NASCAR blog site saying its the most boring "sport" in the world...obviously people on that site love it, so your wasting your breath. Sometimes commons sense isn't too common.

@Drafonfly and Jordan: Excellent points!
I'm now an iPhone user coming from a Blackberry and before that, Windows Mobile. So I've been to all the major blogs that accompany the brand/software. Guess what people? Android blogs are biased to ANDROID! Windows Mobile blogs are biased to WINDOWS MOBILE! And Blackberry blogs are biased to what? BLACKBERRY! Yes TiPb is biased towards Apple products. Geez, what a surprise...

It's not as much as the complaints from the users, it is how the editor wrote a very unprofessional rant in his articale. I visit numerous tech sites and when visiting sites like, androidcentral or precentral the editors may disagree with a staement or inform its users of a remark another company has said about the product they use but never have I seen where when ever a product from blackberry or android has ben put down and the editor has to always rant about it in an article. That is why a lot of people are commenting.

I agree with Charles. Has anyone ever watched the Crackberry videos where they "nicely" compare Blackberries with other devices? It's collaborative; it's respectful; and, it's insightful. This rant from this editor, on the other hand, seethes with jealousy and bitterness.

yep, rene ritchie is a big apple-fanboy and speaks badly about any competition like google, adobe, flash, android etc or which doesn't reflect apple's philosophy..... maybe his aiming for apple's techblog of the year or something like that ^^

I have both and iPhone 3GS and the HTC Incredible. I barely touch the Incredible because, as stated before, the apps suck. I think anyone who touts the Android platform over the iPhone has never really owned an iPhone. Played with one maybe, but not truly owned and used it on a day to day basis. I have not had ONE application that I've either gotten for free or paid for that I'd take over the iPhone equivalent. I hear the trolls talking about what crap apps the iPhone has but I've never seen more trash in an apps store as I have the Android Marketplace. They seem more comparable to those I had on my Moto Razor.
I would be all over Android if the apps were decent but most of you haters don't know the difference because many of you are coming off of the Blackberry and dumbphone/featurephone platforms. I see a VERY small percentage of iPhone users switching unless it's for the VZW network.

Google actually purchased Android, didn't they? They just folded it under their "We're so open! Don't be evil!" umbrella. This GoogleTV thing looks like a completely useless Google service.. something that most people won't use and won't care about, like most of the other Google services. They're pulling out what is basically vaporware while making public digs at Apple. Not evil, but pretty immature, to say the least.
Most people won't think twice about what was said at Google I/O (if they even know it happened) but they will definitely know about Apple's announcements at WWDC... hoping there are any.

Johnsen says:
May 21, 2010 at 4:16 pm
yep, rene ritchie is a big apple-fanboy and speaks badly about any competition like google, adobe, flash, android etc or which doesn’t reflect apple’s philosophy….. maybe his aiming for apple’s techblog of the year or something like that ^^
Are you trolls really so stupid as to not realize that you are on a blog site dedicated to the IPHONE? Have you even HEARD of AndroidCentral? Go play in the that sandbox if you want to blow Google.

The interesting thing to me is that the open sourced tools that Google touted on the first day is open which means that if it is truly good all platforms including Apple will adopt it. You see what you sheep don't realize is that Google is feeding off of you. Sort of like giving monkeys toys an games before they experiment on them.
Believe me it's coming. Web apps that have direct control of your machine? as in the central functions of it. As in net neutrality that is enforced on your device where all your stuff is. Web Apps that can utilize the GPU to play 3D games(Food), So they can access your demographics, browsing profiles, as well as such precise metrics as how many times you turn your computer on and off. For guys who still enjoy privacy this is the scariest thing ever and they are like the Android and Google fan boys like to point out taking over the World.

@homer...i (still) own an iphone myself, so where's the deal. That doesn't mean that i say "iphone is the best fu** the rest". And nothing to do with Google, it's about iphone&competition, what's good, what's bad, what has a better future etc., what could apple do better, or are you or a fanboy which is 100% satisfied with the iphone...Guess Not! But i don't mind any fanboys, i wouldn't enjoy this tech-blog without them ^^

@Johnsen: I don't believe that Rene or any other official contributor to this site has said that the iPhone is perfect and we like it just the way it is. The iPhone has come under fire by Google and it's not being a fanboy to point out some of the hypocrisy of Googles statements.
Rene is an editorialist and as such, has the liberty of writing opinion pieces.

Battery problems? Umm. Nope. Sure people complain that their battery only lasts 7 to 8 hours, that's what happens when you are on the phone more than your desktop or laptop. Not for nothing but all you can get out of an iPhone is about 7 - 8 hours of heavy use too. Let's see what else... Fragmentation and user experience. The user experience doesn't HAVE to be uniform. Each user has the ability to select a device which has a form factor AND version of Android they wish. Also, please take note that Android 2.1 will be on pretty much EVERY device out right now by years end.
As for Android 2.2 (FroYo) and Android X.X (Gingerbread) they will be relegated to the higher end of the device spectrum when being pushed by the carriers/manufacturers. That doesn't stop either from being put on rooted devices. A good example is the G1 running Android 2.1 BEAUTIFULLY. So that argument for the most part is null and moot as well.

I used to have a 3gs and I loved it but I hated ATT so I went to Verizon and got the incredible and all I can say is wow, the 3gs feel slow. And when they showed froyo smoking the iPad I was sold again.

Rene shows his colors in these Android threads.. lol..
Google is not OPEN .. but ANDROID is ..
the debate is between Android and Iphone OS ...
The point Google is trying to make is that they support an Open platform..
But of course the more Open the internet is .. the more it benefits Google..

I just can't get my head around this, this is an iPhone enthusiast site, WTF are all you Android fanboys dong here?! Crawl back under the bridges you came from you retarded trolls.

This site is part of a collection of smartphone sites that link to each other and share their editorial talent. What's posted here isn't posted in some iPhone vaacum not likely to be seen by users of other smartphones. The thing about it though is thatbi done see this type of contempt towards competition on the other smartphone expert sites. They tend to focus mainly on the positives aNd negatives of there own platforms relative to others and give credit where credit is due. Both Rene and Chad spend a lot of time bashing other phones or defending Apple. Rene more defending than bashing, Chad is just off the meter with both. It's really unbecoming unprofessional. I'm a Android user but have three iPod Touches and a iPad. I really don't care much for the bashing and defending.

WebOS far surpases both Android and the iPhone... As soon as the new palm phone comes out it'll be heads above the rest. I just solved this debate. WebOS and Palm beat both Android and the iPhone. So there.

WebOS far surpases both Android and the iPhone... As soon as the new palm phone comes out it'll be heads above the rest. I just solved this debate. WebOS and Palm beat both Android and the iPhone. So there. You're welcome.

Thank you freaknasty, gosh I hate saying your name lol. People who are ignorant like dragonfly do not understand is that all of these sites are connected and people who are into all technology and who are not closed minded we tend to visit each one gathering information.
When most of us who have some sense come to this site and we see nothing but unprofessional rants as articles a question mark pops up. Visit crackberry and you will see well written articles informing their users. You come here and you see a so called writer who when seeing the competition doing something good will find a way to bash it. I think Rene fits well with the Xbox live community. If you have been on Xbox live you will agree with me.

@ Charles, I'm far from ignorant. I'm very happy with my iPhone, and therefore, content and secure with my purchase. I don't feel the need to troll other platform blogs (Blackberry, WebOS, Windows Phone 7 and Android) championing the iPhone. Unlike some people around here.

Well I do not go around trolling, I actually own 4 different OS so I visit each one seeing what is new for each OS I have. Problem some of us have is that when coming here to get info on whats new, we find the editors ranting rather than bringing us the news. Sorry if I called you ignorant but it upsets me when people think just because this is an iPhone website it is only for iPhone users to read. Granted I have one I still think it is ok to see what other OS offer because you may find it is something you might enjoy.

Wow. Vitrol, banter, philosophy, and tech all being discussed at the same time. 
I think this thread highlights how big the stakes are in the mobile space.
The editor could have couched the main points of his article with better language to soften his opinion, but that would defeat the whole point of an editorial article. No writer is perfect.  
Fwiw I'm a longtime phone geek that started out with Symbian, moved through the WM dark ages, dabbled with Maemo (WTF is that :p) experienced the iPhone age, and now am back in the Symbian fold with a side of iPad. 
The point is that most of us arguing back and forth on all these different sites represent a small portion of the population. The average user doesn't care about most of the details that irk us. They just want something that works for them whether it ends up being the software or network. So that is what the user will use to decide. So in the end I think both OS platforms will do well.   
On a side note I think the work Google has done is great, but it doesn't work for everyone.  Their overriding goal is to be profitable enough to continue to fund all their initiatives. Android is a way for them to keep that advertising edge. For them, information is truly power and bucketloads of money as well. The earlier analogy of how they take the shotgun approach to platform development is very accurate. 
Apple and the products they produce are a reflection of the singular and tightly managed vision of its founder(s). The people hired need to fit and believe that as well. Yes to some that is cult like, but any successful business, team, or group needs that. It's the only way you get commitment. 
So Apple's products are designed to served the needs of people who share a similar vision or situation in life as Jobs.  So those products will always be polarizing and very specific in nature. It may not be optimal, but it works because you are familar with it.
For me, I love technology. So I am glad there is more competition out there. I think Android and all the OEM phone companies encourges Apple to design better software AND hardware.              

want to know what I love doing?
I love reading through all The comments on Apps in The market from my nexus one and reading all the "crashes " , "doesn't work ", and "developer lied" comments.
if any of you brain washed android fans dispute this You're lieng period.
I'm seeing it first hand. front and center.

Re: "But to claim any form of benevolence or greater-than-thou community spirit is disingenuous-to-insulting."
Funny you say that considering two seconds earlier you claim that Apple created iads so google wouldn't control the advertising market. Let's make this clear. Apple created iads so they could cash in on a business that google made viable, and not for any other reason.

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