Google Instant Showing up for some iOS users?

Google Instant Search for iPhone, iPad, iOS

Google Instant appears to be showing up on the Safari browser for some iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users. I just checked mine and I've yet to have it roll out here in good old Michigan City (we don't even have 3G yet, so my expectations aren't that high). For those of you not familiar with Google Instant, you search on Google as you normally do but instead of having to hit the search button and wait for the page to come back, results populate as you type.

Rene's had it for a while but didn't see fit to tell the rest of us. Shame on him. It will definitely be interesting to see how this feature works on iOS.

If any of you have instant yet, let us know what it's like in the comments!


[via 9to5Mac]

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Reader comments

Google Instant Showing up for some iOS users?


Its actually working for me too here in Miami. But there needs to be a poll to see how many people actually go to on the iphone to do an actual search, I always use the search field in safari/mobile browser search field.

Working here (Lufkin, TX) both signed in and out of my gmail account. Dunno what turns the option on or off for you. I noticed Google Instant (mobile) options yesterday.

this isnt google instant the results dont show up the only thing that populates is what your typing to finish off what your typing google instant shows search results instantly...

Working here in Colorado Springs! When I start typing it shows results immediately exactly like on the desktop.

Working here in South West Florida, but it seems a bit pointless to me as you can only see a tiny portion of the page.

Got it here in PA. Works just like the desktop version. I always use the google mobile app, but this is nice.

I have it here in Atlanta but instant sucks on the small iPhone screen. The results populate fast but between the virtual keyboard and the input box on Googles main page there is no screen space left to see the instant results. Pointless.

Yeah this has been working for me, I noticed it today. However it kept resetting my search field and seemed buggy so I turned it off.

Not only works on Google's mobile site , it also works in the iPhone browser default search box (upper right hand corner of Safari). Nice, that means fewer "Did you mean" suggestions

I'm in the Cleveland area and I've had my iPhone 4 for a little over a month and as far as I remember it's always been there.

I have it in Crescent City, CA . Noticed it yesterday, it has an on/off
function. I wasn't sure what it was for so I Googled it.
I'm 63 years old and trying to keep up with technology.