What's the best band for Apple Watch? We have some thoughts on that one!

Apple has some of the most coveted, elegant, and just plain cool Apple Watch bands available, but it's not the only player on the field. If an Apple Milanese Loop is out of your price range or the Leather Loop just really doesn't do it for you, maybe third-party manufacturers are where you should look.

Check out our favorites!

Penom Milanese Loop


In gorgeous fashion, Penom's Milanese Loop band mimics Apple's own in a subtle and much less expensive manner. For around $13, you can get a black, silver, or rose gold (38mm only) band that fits your Apple Watch perfectly and fits comfortably for a contemporary look that's as great with a pair of jeans as it is with that little black dress.

Putting your watch on and taking it off is simple and quick, thanks to the magnetic closure — no annoying buckles!

If you want the Milanese Loop look for less, check out this band or our other inexpensive Milanese favorites!

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Back in the 1980s, there were few fashion brands as coveted as Swatch — which has maintained its bold, fashion-forward sensibility ever since. Casetify seeks to capture some of that Swatch magic with a variety of custom-created designs, including ones of your own making! You can also upload a photo or a design you've created.

There are a few designs to choose from, including the cosmic Galaxy Stars band, which is a super cool alternative to the usual solid-color bands you find. You can find Casetify bands to fit both the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches.

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FanTEK silicone band


FanTEK's silicone band is a dead ringer for Apple's Sport band, but it's way cheaper (around $10!).

You have around 25 colors to choose from and these bands come in all Apple Watch sizes, as well as small/medium and medium/large sizes to fit just about any wrist, so you can buy a few and mix and match daily!

Just make sure you choose the right size before you check out!

If you dig the sporty look but aren't sure about FanTEK's band, check out our other favorite sport bands!

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Mkeke vintage genuine leather band


No, this band isn't on the list because I like saying the manufacturer's name — it's a great leather band and perfect if you prefer the timeless and sophisticated look of a leather watch band.

This band is available for both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches and comes in classic black or brown, which go with anything, fancy dress or day at the park.

If things go wrong with your Mkeke band, you have a one-year warranty and lifetime customer service, so your band is backed up no matter what.

Make sure you choose the right size and color before checking out!

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Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro

We love their phone cases and their Apple Watch case/band is just as awesome, especially if you like to live the rugged life. The case surrounds and sturdily protects your Apple Watch and the band is comfortable, durable, and leaves all the buttons on your watch open.

The best part of this band/case is installation — you just slip your Apple Watch into it — no fiddling with lugs or any of that malarky. And don't worry; it's not slipping out! You won't even have to remove the Unicorn Beetle Pro for charging.

You have your choice of five colors, and this band is only for the 42mm Apple Watch.

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JETech stainless steel strap


Everyone needs a good stainless steel watch band because it's an elegant and sophisticated look that exudes maturity and style. JETech's black or silver bands are made of top-quality stainless steel and feature a snap-open buckle that's convenient and easy to open.

These bands are only available for the 42mm Apple Watch, but will look great with just about any Apple Watch of that size.

You get a 6-month warranty from JETech and installation is quick and easy, with all the necessary tools provided.

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Valuebuybuy woven nylon band


Looking for a great nylon band that looks just like Apple's version only way cheaper? Check out Valuebuybuy's band, which comes in eight colour combinations, including "Star-Spangled Banner", which is red, white, and blue.

Valuebuybuy's bands are available for both the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches and have eight size holes to fit just about any wrist. These bands install without tools, so you can change them up whenever you please without much effort. And for around $17, you might as well grab a couple!

Make sure you choose the right size before you check out!

If you like nylon but aren't sold on Valuebuybuy's band, check out our other favorite (and inexpensive) woven nylon bands!

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Your bands?

Are you using an awesome third-party band not mentioned here? Sound off in the comments below!