Hey OS X 10.9.2 — where did the iCloud Keychain forced password fill go?

Hey OS X 10.9.2 — where did the iCloud Keychain forced password fill go?

It looks like yesterday's OS X Mavericks update removed the ability to force passwords to save in Safari when if a website requested that they not be saved. Previously, users could check a box in the Password section of the Safari settings that read "Allow Autofill for websites that request passwords not be saved". Why the setting was removed is unclear, and the release notes from the update only say "Improves AutoFill compatibility in Safari," with no mention of the removal.

Are you disappointed with this removal? Let us know below in the comments.

Thanks to Todd Mundt for the tip!

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Reader comments

Hey OS X 10.9.2 — where did the iCloud Keychain forced password fill go?


No, not disappointed at all. Security has become an issue that must be forced upon some people because they don’t care.

Not your (or Apple's) place to tell me how much caring is enough. Making the default "no autofill" is ok, but removing the option entirely is wrong.

Does this change break 1Password autofill?

Here is hoping I didn't use a Safari generated password on any site that I was forcing it to. My experience with the forcing was wildly inconsistent anyway. Perhaps that is why it was removed?

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I've had an inconsistent experience with iCloud Keychain anyway. Half the time it pops up to suggest a password, I say ok, only to get chewed out by the site that it isn't compliant. It seems a lot of them don't like dashes, or require a special character that the auto generated passwords don't use. I want to use it, but so far it's been hit or miss for me. When it DOES work, it's pretty nice.

Yeah, that too. It's a fantastic idea. Just not sure it is where it needs to be.

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I'm in your boat... I try to use iCloud Keychain when I can, simply because it is convenient for use on my iOS devices. About half of the sites I use however, don't like or can't use the Safari generated passwords... hence, I use 1 Password for those sites because they utilize a nifty tool that allows you to set the parameters for the password generator.

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I wish it were still there. It was so seamless when going to and from mobile devices. Make it opt-in, for security reasons.


That's annoying. Sites that don't let my save password data annoy me. I'm forced to create a password that I can remember - far less secure than an auto-generated one. It's one of those password policies that some sites force on you that just makes things worse. Forcing you to change on their pre-determined schedule, and it has to be so different, giving you a maximum length, dictating that you have to have so many numbers, or it can't start with a number, whatever. Just crap that makes people less likely - sometimes less able - to follow best practices, since it keeps people from learning to create and use good passwords.

If sites are going to be so stupid, we should be allowed to use an auto-generated password that can be saved and synced. Oh wait... They're allowed to be stupid in that way, too.


I'm sure Apple has their reason for removing the feature. I'm sure it'll be back when it's ready so I can wait.
What does tick me off is NOW pressing the Power button no longer sleeps my iMac - it did BEFORE the new update.
... Thanks for that, Apple, you bastitch!

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Becjr, I was equally as disappointed when I found out today that pressing the power button would not put the iMac to sleep, so I went to the Apple page listing the keyboard shortcuts to check if the feature was removed. It was not. Which got me curious.

So, remembering that if you press the power button for 1.5 seconds, you open a prompt asking you if you wish to put the computer to sleep, restart or shut down, I tried to press the button for one second and release it, in other words, I tapped rather than touching. And it worked.

Try to press the button for one second and release it. The action is slightly longer than touching (which lasts less than a second), admittedly, but the feature was not removed. If you press for 1.5 seconds, you will see the prompt.

I hope this helps.

I'm not necessarily disappointed to see it go, but I do think the option of whether users want to utilize it or not should remain, not just completely removed. However since I use LastPass, I'm okay but still like Safari's integration. I agree with above statements how shotty Keychain is though, especially when it comes to suggesting passwords however.

I loved the auto password fill, in Macerick. Finally I could save my passwords on sites that won't allow it. I can still so that on ios. I hope they don't change it their. I hate being given a choice, and then it taken away later. I hope a lot of people speak out about this!

This is very annoying. When I'm forced to enter a password, I always choose qwerty or 1qwerty or !quwerty or some variation. Because I can't remember them all the time. I hope we get that option again.

Maybe the removal was for security reasons! I'm sure there was good cause. I never used that feature anyway.

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I want it back. Even though I also use 1Password (which still works), Safari on it's own won't AutoFill on Paypal and such anymore.

Apple may have integrated that option so that it is on all the time and a separate toggle is not needed to turn it on.

I just have a simple comment. As the administrator of my IMAC, I think I should still have total
control over the OSX keychain, as well as what can, and cannot be stored on my system. I should be able to see any user's private, as well as public keychains, and Apple should not give users I allow to set up an account on my IMAC to hide anything from me. An example is the Apple push data with the iPhone 5s. This isn't because I'm
trying to be nosey, or get into everyone's private files... However, as owner of the MAC, I should be in control of my machine, not APPLE. I've paid for the privilege to own the IMAC. So, with that said.... APPLE, I think you need to rethink who is in charge of my machine! Thank yoyo!

I could see Apple's security concerns, but while a default 'No Autofill' would have been a decent proposal, doing away with the option is not only forcing me to remember my website passwords but also appears quite ridiculous!