How to make a FaceTime call from your iPhone

How to place a FaceTime call from your iPhone

The iPhone was the first Apple device to gain access to their free video calling service, FaceTime. Since 2010 and the iPhone 4, FaceTime has been integrated right into the built-in iOS Phone app. That means you can make, or switch to, a FaceTime call as easily as a regular call. What's more, because your iPhone is with you all the time, and because FaceTime now also works over cellular data as well as Wi-Fi, you can make a FaceTime call at any time, from anywhere. That makes it perfect for everything from keeping in touch with family while you're on the road, to getting a second opinion on that jacket while you're out shopping! (Just keep an eye on your data cap!)

How to make a FaceTime call from your iPhone

  1. Launch the Phone app from the Home screen of your iPhone.
  2. Tap the Contacts tab at the bottom.
  3. Tap on the contact you'd like to FaceTime. (Keep in mind, they must have an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac capable of receiving FaceTime calls as well.)
  4. Tap on FaceTime near the bottom of their contact card.

If the person you want to FaceTime has more than one number or email address associated with their

If you have multiple phone numbers and emails for that person, you'll be asked to pick one. Tap on the correct email or phone number to select it. 5. The FaceTime call will connect and after a few seconds, you should see the person on the other end pick up. That's it!

How to switch from a regular call to FaceTime on your iPhone

If you're already on a phone call with someone and decide you want to FaceTime instead, you can easily do so by converting the call to a FaceTime call in just a few short taps.

  1. Look at the call menu and you'll see a FaceTime option.
  2. Tap on the FaceTime option. If it's greyed out, that means FaceTime is not available and you won't be able to select it.
  3. If the person on the other end is on a FaceTime enabled device, the call will now convert to a FaceTime call instead of a regular voice call.

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How to make a FaceTime call from your iPhone


I spend most of my phone call time on FaceTime audio only calls (start a FaceTime video call, then hit home button and then lock the phone, thus FaceTime audio call) I wish apple would let us use features like call waiting during this. When I am in this mode which can be for hours on end, I get no audio notification that there is another call coming in. (Most of the time the phone is in my pocket) I wish that FaceTime was treated more like a standard phone call in this matter.

Why FaceTime audio all the time? Quality. It is just a better sounding call.

For Sprint and Verizon users, the lack of simultaneous voice and data does not allow you to switch from a voice call to a Facetime call unless you are on wifi.

I have tried call thru facetime several time but no option of face time is displaying in contacts
Kindly guide me thru