How to use a ridiculous workaround to get iTunes Extras to play on your Apple TV

How to use a ridiculous workaround to get iTunes Extras to play on your Apple TV

Apple, sadly, hasn't seen fit to release iTunes Extras for the Apple TV, despite it being wickedly obvious that's where they'd be of the most value. Instead, if you like iTunes Extras and you want to watch them on your Apple TV and big screen HDTV as nature intended, you have to use this ridiculous workaround.

How to AirPlay iTunes Extras to your Apple TV

  1. Open iTunes on the desktop.
  2. Click on Movies.
  3. Click on List.
  4. Find the movie you want to watch.
  5. Go to the iTunes Extras listing immediately beneath it.
  6. Click on the iCloud download icon.
  7. Once the iTunes Extras have finished downloading, double click to launch the iTunes Extras menu
  8. Select the video content you want to watch and double click on it.
  9. Once the video content starts playing, click on the AirPlay icon and select your Apple TV. (Apple prevents the screen capture of DRM content, so ugly photo we get!)
  10. Watch your iTunes Extras on your Apple TV. Finally.

Yup, that's what it currently takes to watch iTunes Extras on the Apple TV. Like an animal. Kinda makes you wish Apple execs were bigger movie buffs, doesn't it?

How to get more help with your Apple TV

If you need any additional help or have specific questions check out our Apple TV Forum!

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iDisturbia says:

That's cool. Thanks a lot Rene ... owe you one cold beer of your choice ... IF/WHEN this Winter is over! ;)

DravenX says:

This should be included in the next Apple TV.

Rene Ritchie says:

Should be included in the next software update :)

asuperstarr says:

Interesting! I will have to find something to try this. I don't have anything. But great tip!

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moroboshi says:

It's time for the Apple TV to become a real product. It's been a joke (or a "hobby") for years now.

An Apple TV with an app store, siri, universal search, and an all new iOS7 style UI could be very interesting.

escapedrift says:

For some reason I never cared about DVD extras or behind the scenes clips so this never bothered me.

If you didn't have to open the iTunes extra menu to view them, then you could probably view them easier by the home network option.

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Rene Ritchie says:

If you keep everything downloaded locally, yup. The point of the Apple TV is to stream, which I'd much prefer for everything, including Extras.

Becjr says:

I could not agree more. :)

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mistermort says:

What do you mean by "like an animal"? Sounds a bit malicious, and more like the stuff we read from Apple haters and not at all like the great stuff we read from I more.

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