How to view leaderboards, achievements, and more with Game Center on iPhone and iPad

How to view leaderboards, achievements, and more with Game Center on iPhone and iPad

If you play a lot of multiplayer games on your iPhone or iPad and have a Game Center account, you can easily create matches and play against your friends. Game Center is also great for tracking achievements inside a game as well as leaderboard standings between you and your friends.

Not sure how to access them? Follow along.

  1. Launch the Game Center app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on the Games tab in the bottom navigation.
  3. Find the game that you'd like to view leaderboards and achievements for and tap on its name. Notice that some may not have any and that's typically dependent upon whether or not that specific game has support for them built-in.
  4. Here you can toggle between leaderboards, achievements, and who is playing that game out of your friends. Tapping into any of the leaderboards or achievements will show you how you rank against all your friends.

Achievements are also a great place to look to see what you've unlocked and achieved in different games. Sometimes I like to go back even after beating a game and try to unlock the achievements that I wasn't able to get the first time around.

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How to view leaderboards, achievements, and more with Game Center on iPhone and iPad


Good to know info, right here. I almost never use Game Center for anything. I mean, never! Only when an app or game needs to rotate through Game Center, do I actually open GC. But know that I can understand how to maneuver through this never used app, I might actually start playing around with it.

Game Center is actually kind of fun to use if you have friends that you know in real life on there. I never really used it either until I found out a few friends of mine use it and now I check it pretty regularly to see how I stand against them on some of my favorite games.

I just don't trust all of the data in the Game Center. I'm fairly certain that its being hacked somehow. The numbers don't add up sometimes. The achievements are good though.

This is most definitely happening. Every game I've ever played and checked the leaderboards for in Game Center there are impossible top scores. I'm not even talking about games where it is unlikely that someone could theoretically get that high of a score but games in which it is just impossible. The leaderboards are however a good measure if you have a lot of friends who play the same games though. I have no GC friends though so... =(

when am i playing games on my ipad i am not really concerned with game centre leader boards and achievements, it is not as well done as on the console

Would like to see a How to on the wireless router issue for iPhone 4, possible other iPhones as well. Only on my iPhone does it feel wonky with a horrible connection. My Razr Maxx has no problem, but push notifications are 'sometimes' delayed for hours on my iPhone only with wireless. Very annoying. While I like these How To's..they seem like filler posts.

Either I don't have enough friends with iPhones or Game Center really isn't all it's cracked up to be. I always try to find friends to add and play with in my contact list and they always have to install the app, set up Game Center and such forth. I don't know if people just really aren't that connected as Apple wants us to be through gaming or the platform just really isn't that appealing to the consumer.

Either way, I'm always looking for new competition in Letterpress. :-P