iCloud Drive brings cross-platform cloud storage

iCloud Drive synchronizes files between OS X, iOS, and Windows devices

At WWDC 2014, Apple announced a new cloud storage utility called iCloud Drive. iCloud Drive will show your files and folders that are stored on your Mac or iOS devices complete with tags and will allow users to synchronize their files between their different devices.

Apple says that files stored inside iCloud Drive will synchronize across all devices and users can upload any file that they have. The service will work with iOS, OS X, and also Windows as well.

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Reader comments

iCloud Drive brings cross-platform cloud storage


And SkyDrive and any other file syncing service outthere. I don´t care though, I welcome it.

Finally- access to my photos! (I hope? Maybe I'm understanding it wrong)
If only they increased their free storage space; would have been icing on that cake out of many cakes served today.

Great feature, maybe but how much of that is going to eat into your data allowance with all that constant syncing!?!?!?!?

Yes, but if you don't have a landline or you're not lucky enough to have a broadband wifi connection at home, then what??? I don't think people are going to be to pleased to find out that every time they edit and change a document that downloads to their iOS device automatically!!! Obviously then people will have to make a choice between iCloud drive and another like Dropbox which only downloads docs and takes up data allowance when you choose to download them

I thought we were still in 2014, but there we are ; ) no seriously I think Apple could've worked it better making it Dropbox esq,

Do you have it yet? Probably not unless you're a developer. So you'll get it pretty close to 2015. ;)

They will probably continue to refine it. I have no problem with Apple going slowly when it comes to services, which is arguably one of their weaker skills in the past.

Absolutely hit a nerve. 100% of my current emotional status is based upon random comments on the internet.

I'm sure Apple did think of it, and purposely left it out at this point. I think most people who use this would rather have everything syncing instead of partial documents everywhere.

I also haven't gotten a look at the APIs yet, but I'm guessing that CloudKit will handle this automatically. You won't get the document unless you've requested it by choosing to work on that document somehow (either a file picker, or acknowledging the "Handoff" icon in your OSX dock or Lock Screen).

This is how Microsoft does it with OneDrive and it's superior to how Dropbox does it.

Edit: Additionally, with the new extensibility framework Dropbox can integrate itself with apps (or vise-versa) much more deeply. So if you still don't like the iCloud way of doing it, it's still 2015 and you'll have even more choice than before.

I think we're be better off leaving your nerves alone lol.

Of course apple thought of it, who is to say they didn't! And in fact who's to say they did, I' could carry on like this all night, but I shan't

But I'll leave it like this...
Onedrive better than Dropbox anyone???

You should probably look "sarcasm" up on Wikipedia.

Also, to quote you a couple of comments ago, "If Dropbox can think of it, then why can't apple???". ... So you said they didn't.

I'm up for a holy war with OneDrive vs Dropbox. I'd much rather iCloud Drive work with a feature set closer to OneDrive than Dropbox.

However, I was specifically pointing to the deep integration OneDrive performs on Windows 8 in which you can pick (on a per-device, per-file or per-folder basis) if you want it available offline. And double-clicking a file (or otherwise opening it) causes OneDrive code to transparently load that file on your device.

Bam. Your problem. Solved.

Edit: And again, I would be pretty surprised if the Apple cloud APIs don't function this way. (And if they don't, I would hope they would eventually make them work transparently that way.)

When I can access them on Android, Chrome OS, and WP/Blackberry 10 let me know. Otherwise I'll continue to use other cross platform options

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This brings me in mind of Rene's document picker. For me, this can potentially get around the multiple email attachment problem.

Can anyone who can access the iOS 8 beta tell us if multiple files can be selected from Pages or Numbers in the Cloud and then shared?

The details of the interface were a bit sketchy at the keynote-probably because of the sheer volume of stuff that had to be covered.