Is iCloud Mail down for you?

Is iCloud Mail down for you?

Apple is reporting that iCloud Mail is out for some users. According to Apple's System Status page, the outage has been affecting users since just before noon Eastern today.

All other services and stores appear to be in working order. Are you impacted by the service disruption? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: iCloud System Status

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Is iCloud Mail down for you?


FaceTime Audio isn't working properly. I can't connect with my fiance. My iPhone just rang as if she were calling me and said "Connecting...", but she told me over a chat that she wasn't calling at the moment.

What are the advantages of using iCloud mail as opposed to gmail or out of curiosity? Do people use iCloud for their email address?

I use it to forward my gmail to it. That way, I get push notifications and the benefit of using an integrated service meaning better support. Also, I was able to set it up to not only forward my mail, but also send it from my gmail too.

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I use it for iMore mail and some important stuff it seems more credible than my Hotmail accounts

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