iCloud suffering partial outage

iCloud suffering partial outage

According to many of our readers, iCloud is down for them -- something Apple's iCloud system status page currently confirms.

iCloud: Services - Users Affected: Some

11/11/2011 13:40 PST

Users may be unable to access iCloud services. Normal service will be restored ASAP.

Gives us some sympathy for a CrackBerry wielding If iCloud is down for you, let us know for how long, what's giving your grief, and when it comes back.

Source: iCloud system status

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Reader comments

iCloud suffering partial outage


And I´m finding it useless even for backup. Its much faster to backup with iTunes and backup the computer with a service like Carbonite.
All in all iCloud has been a major disapointment for me.

I got a couple of "rejected password" errors on the Mac, but just now opened the iPad and a @me.com email showed up in the notifications - first time push has worked correctly, so maybe they fixed that issue.

Mine is just supper slow. I was waiting for an email that was sent to me around 3 and it just showed up. I was using gmail in the meantime but its still just slow to send and receive mail

I called Apple and they didn't know about this. I just happen to be transferring songs to a new computer through iCloud tonight. Only had a few songs left that weren't on my last computer. Wish I would have read this post first. It all comes together in the end.