IDC data shows tablet sales slowing but Apple and Samsung still own the market

IDC posted their quarterly numbers of the international tablet market. They're showing a slight dip in iPad dominance and growth from Samsung. Apple dropped from 40.2% of market share in the first quarter of 2013 to 32.5% in Q1 2014, compared to Samsung who went up from 17.5% to 22.3%. According to IDC, Amazon, Asus, and Lenovo each occupy 5% or less of the current global market share, with the remaining 34% claimed by other manufacturers. The overall market has dipped 35% since the holiday quarter which isn't much of a surprise, but it's up 3.9% since a year ago.

Traditionally, Apple has dominated the tablet space, but the gap with Samsung is quickly closing. It's hard to say if the two will be on completely even ground come this time next year, but given these numbers, it's easy enough to imagine. How many of you guys have an iPad? Would you ever consider swapping it out for something from Samsung? Do many of you have Samsung tablets?

Source: IDC

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IDC data shows tablet sales slowing but Apple and Samsung still own the market


The gpad 8.3 is a really good tablet. My brother recently got it on a easter sale for only £119. Bargain of the year lol, I have the nexus 7 and I would pick the LG tablet over it if I had a choice.

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I'll stick with my iPad rMini for now, and no, I would not give up an iPad for a samsung or other device, but would consider a kindle, nook or android device as a secondary "play" tablet.

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I've heard deferent from a bunch of websites. Apparently Apple is still selling the most, samsung is stable and low and that Apple so far has reported there exact sales.

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