iFixit joins forces with Apple to provide aftercare for products...apparently

iFixit may never be the same again as today they have announced their acquisition by Apple. Yes, Apple. Famed for taking whatever hot new hardware leaves Cupertino and reducing it to its components, iFixit will now become part of the Apple family.

As part of the deal, Apple made a commitment to produce the most replaceable electronic devices and personal computers on the market. This is a clear win for the whole iFixit community.

Apple is working hard to make devices last long enough to be upgraded or irrelevant, making repairability an antiquated notion. iFixit will become a key player in the future of Apple device development, starting with the new Smartphone Replaceability Index.

Or, you know, it might be April 1...

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Richard Devine

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iFixit joins forces with Apple to provide aftercare for products...apparently


Fools. There is no Apple Press Release. If an acquisition is taken place, both companies do a press release, but this is only one, so Fools

This made me LOL. ... For like 30 seconds after I navigated away from the page. It's good to see some plain old humility on the internet. Good for you fellow Steve. And thanks for the chuckle.

Why is there no source link? You guys should put something like "Source: {link}" under the "More of: [link], [link]" line. Also, iFixit already took the prank down- couldn't find any mention of it on their site.

Not sure what you're looking at but ifixit.com is completely different - for the prank. try again. And didn't really think there was a need. It was an email "press release" - we always put source links when - you know - it's REAL news. This is a joke.

A funny one too! Apple would never acquire an outside company to help them make their batteries user replaceable or last longer than their useful life. Lol

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Scrolling down to the bottom of the e-mail I received from them is the statement: "(Before calling us to express your thoughts, please check your calendar.)"

I like iFixit and they gave the Macbook Pro Retina a repairability rating of 1 out of 10.
I am typing this on a MBP Retina I received last week. It is a beautiful device, but totally undeserving of the "Pro" label, because it is impossible for a pro user to configure, upgrade and repair themselves.
When I read the headline, I first thought that Apple had bought them out to shut them up!