Inside App Camp for Girls with lead developer Natalie Osten

Live from WWDC, I interviewed Natalie Osten, lead developer of App Camp for Girls, a new effort to get school-age girls interested in programming as a potential career choice. App Camp for Girls will kick off in Portland, OR this summer. The non-profit is raising funds on Indiegogo, and has blown past its initial goal of $50,000. Find out why App Camp for Girls is important what inspired Natalie Osten to get involved.

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Peter Cohen

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Inside App Camp for Girls with lead developer Natalie Osten


This is a great thing. Getting girls more interested in tech careers is a must for the US economy (and every industrialized nation's economy as well, come to think of it.)

Great concept, getting girls interested in application development -- though I have to chuckle at the irony that the lead developer is an apparent lesbian that looks and sounds like a boy. If there wasn't a name tied to interview and I didn't read the synopsis... I wouldn't have known it was a girl.

Why is that ironic? What difference does it make if she "looks like a boy". That has nothing to do with the story.