iOS 8 might see TextEdit and Preview apps for iCloud, icons leaked [Updated]

Preview and TextEdit

iOS 8 may bring some improvements to iCloud, including the addition of TextEdit and Preview apps for the iPhone and iPad. On OS X the two have had iCloud sync built in since 10.8 Mountain Lion, but according to Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, Apple is testing mobile versions of both:

Apple is developing versions of the Mac operating system’s Preview and TextEdit applications that are optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The applications are said to not be designed to actually edit PDFs, images, or text documents. Instead, the apps are built to serve as tools to view Preview and TextEdit files stored in iCloud by OS X.

Gurman goes on to say that both are still early in development but are being considered for release later this year, possibly as part of iOS 8. PDF and document editing would still be encouraged through the iWork and iBooks applications, but the introduction of these new apps would at least offer yet more feature parity between iOS and OS X.

We'll have to wait until later in the year to see if anything does come of this, but if it does would you welcome it? Or would these be more apps you wouldn't use that much anyway?

Update: The below image is our first look at what the two app icons could look like, alongside an appearance of the previously rumored Healthbook. The image comes via Weibo from an unknown source, though Gurman has verified their current authenticity.

iOS 8 icons

Source: 9to5Mac

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Reader comments

iOS 8 might see TextEdit and Preview apps for iCloud, icons leaked [Updated]


Hmm. I love the idea of having the ability to open these iCloud stored files on my iDevice. But I am wondering if TextEdit (especially without the edit functionality) has become redundant. Yes, not everyone has iWork apps, and won't until everyone has bought a new mac and iOS device. But TextEdit is in between Notes and Pages. So now we will have three apps that do the same thing. On all devices/Macs. Maybe combine TextEdit and Notes into one, and have the toggle like in TextEdit for Rich Text/Plain Text.

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I seriously hope those are not the final app icons.... very ugly for iOS!

Also, I don't understand why they don't rebrand "TextEdit" as "Notes" on the Mac and give the "Notes" app on iOS the rich text editing capabilities of "TextEdit". That way the files would be available from either device and the "Notes" app might actually be useful for something. As it stands, I just bury that app in a folder, along with "Newsstand" & "Photo Booth", and never use it.

What Apple really needs to do is revamp Notes into the functionality of Catch Notes since they acquired it.

The preview and TextEdit apps don't really have the ios 7 UI. They both don't really make sense to me to have. I wouldn't use them.

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I notice this a lot on this site... Why do you guys upload the full size images to this site, and then resize them in the HTML? Takes too long for images to load. No reason to have a 1600 x 1200 image squeezed into a 640 x 402 space. The Internet has been around for 25 years now. You should know better.

Right, like Apple would just use the Mac OS X icons of the apps on iOS…!? Come on iMore, you should know better…

I say bring the apps on. But to take it a step further, I'd agree with above replies that Notes and Text Edit should be combined into one more useful app. No need for two.

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The 'Facetime' and 'Voice Memo' icons sure... since they are essentially already that, but otherwise... Nooooope.

The give away is really why Apple in their rush to flatten all of their iOS app ions (and increasingly OS X) would use the legacy OS X "photo" icons for Text Edit and Preview, plus both of these are pretty much redundant on iOS.

Also I don't see Apple, the "It just works" company, essentially saying that iOS needs a 'Tips' app for people to use properly.

Finally, I can't see Apple adding an icon with a flame on it for any of their apps given the negative press about previous incidents of products catching fire, no matter how isolated those incidents are.

As far as it being a "mock up": If it's being called a iOS 8 leak, it's not being presented as a "mock up". (It's 9-5mac calling it more than a rumor)

I think what Richard is trying to say is that the icons look like that because it is an early build. I think it is pretty common to use any icon as a placeholder during development. The icons will be replaced with new ones that match the look of ios 7 or ios 8 later once the apps are closer to completion.

The health book thing I get, since the first rumor was that iOS 8 was going to be "health focused." But there other apps have no use to me. Not that they wouldn't have use to others. But my point is, if apple keeps adding more of their apps to iOS then IMO one of two things needs to happen: 1) the ability to remove stock apps from the phone opening up storage to other things (music, pics, apps, movies etc.) or 2) ditch the 16GB iPhone as the entry level 199 and make 32 $199, 64 $299 and a new 128 at $399. Cause at this rate if they keep adding things that people may not want or need and that take up storage, pretty soon they'll be blog posts about apple products shipping with a lot less available storage just like there were about the Microsoft surface tablets.

Another pieces of the iPad Pro puzzle. Separate Tips app for first time users is ok but it's a bit confusing: Photos and iPhoto take care of images, now additionally Preview takes care of PDFs (btw iPhoto needs to seriously evolve and join iCloud family asap), we already have Pages on every iOS/OSX device, does TexEdit/Preview have to be separate instead of integrated with others (NO to the new Radio app) ?
Time for some cleaning and less unnecessary icons - Game Center in settings only ! FaceTime & Messages merged ! Photo Booth combined with Camera ! Notes + Reminders (or TextEdit) !