iPhone 3.0 Beta 3: Mobile Me Merge, Publish, and Share

We've now gotten a few reports and some screenshots of yet more new functionality in iPhone 3.0 Beta 3.

First is "merge". If you already have bookmarks, contacts, or other data on your iPhone (for example, if you synced it over via iTunes) and you enable MobileMe, a menu will slide up asking if you want to merge the data, not merge (i.e. replace), or cancel.

Next are "Publishing to MobileMe", which shows a direct upload status bar, and new options to view published items on MobileMe, or "tell a friend" (via MMS?).

More screenshots after the break, and for a far more detailed look at the beta releases so far, including WiFi Auto-Join also posted today, check out our massive iPhone 3.0 walkthrough.

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iPhone 3.0 Beta 3: Mobile Me Merge, Publish, and Share


I was at an Apple Store today and a Genius told me that 3.0 will be fixing the dreaded Calendar Color mismatch issue so many users complain about (even with MobileMe). I thought these guys weren't supposed to have any more update info than what the rest of us have.

Another new thing I noticed with beta 3, is the option to retain local copies of MobileMe Contact/Calendar items when you turn OFF MobileMe syncing (previously would just delete everything).

Aren't these people all violating the NDA and beta terms by letting this stuff out? I mean it's great stuff, but my developer agreement doesn't allow me to publish anything that I'm aware of. I'm just saying doesn't this give competitors, even though they are way behind - an even bigger heads up? I guess there is nothing to prevent them from signing up as a developer anyway.....

I have a question...
After the release of 3.0...does anyone think MobileMe will be worth buying?