iPhone 3.0: MobileMe has "Find My iPhone" Setting?

BGR, who claims to have chanced upon the iPhone OS 3.0 developers beta via shinobi-affiliated sources, also came across an interesting looking new setting in the MobileMe account page:

Find my iPhone

They wonder allowed if this is a new GPS locate feature for iPhone (like an iPhone low-jack). That would be a very cool update to MobileMe indeed, though limiting it to MobileMe wouldn't be anywhere near as cool.

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iPhone 3.0: MobileMe has "Find My iPhone" Setting?


What I want from MobileMe for 3.0 is Notes Sync. Forget iTunes, if I'm paying $100/yr for MobileMe I want NotesSync via the cloud across all my phones, PCs, and Macs, plus a web interface.

Notes, yes. And tasks too. Heck, Apple should be trying to take down MS Exchange with Mobile Me. Stop screwing around, and take a run at them already. You can do it!

This is same for iPod Touch 2G. On iPod Touch 2G, the service is called "Find My iPod touch", I can confirm this since I tested it, and saw this feature, and decided to google it and found this article. So I doubt it is GPS unless the iPod Touch has GPS which I highly doubt.

Find my iPhone will be the feature that allows others to see all iPhones in one room or within bluetooth distance. To be able to share contacts, games, etc! Maybe?

It uses location services, which means it doesn't need GPS, but will use it if you have one. I can confirm its existence on iPod touch 1G, though I can't guarantee that it's there before Beta 3. Just got my MobileMe account. :D

does the find my iphone feature send a message to the phone at the time u r trying to located it? if it doesnt, can this feature be used to catcch a cheating spouse? hhhmmmmmmmm

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